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  1. Hey y'all! Just curious as to what everyone's preference is for shoes when working at the hospital? I'm graduating soon and want to invest in a good pair. I'm planning on going into either trauma or critical care, if that matters.
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  3. by   ThatBigGuy
    Your feet are unique to you, so you will need to find out for yourself. Folks on my critical care unit wear everything from Danskos to Nikes to Payless, and everything in between.

    I would start with a brand you already are comfortable with, a brand you may already own. If you run in Asics or crossfit in Reeboks, start with a pair from one of those brands.

    Personally, I have three pairs of the same Nike (different colorways). I rotate through the pairs, never wearing the same pair twice in a row. I feel like the shoes last longer this way, but I don't have any proof. Maybe I just like seeing a different color every day.
  4. by   Isakolistic
    As a dude, any Danskos/nursing clogs are pretty gross to me. I sure hope they're comfy, because they look like nursing crocs to me. I prefer just a nice pair of tennis shoes; currently, I'm wearing a decent pair of Nikes that I like. I would say that whatever you get, go for quality; chances are, you will be spending a lot of time on your feet, so don't cheap out or you will be buying a different pair soon anyways!
  5. by   jennylee321
    In my experience, shoe threads always tend to elicit a "danskos vs. everything else" discussion.

    im currently wearing nikes and they are alright, they were just my everyday runners and turned into my work shoes. My feet are tired/sore at the end of my shift in them.

    Before this I wore danskos for 3 years and loved them. I find them comfortable, particularly because I'd say I do a lot of standing vs. walking in NICU. I reckon this is why I see so many OR nurses in them. The walking I'm doing is mostly combined to a small pod. If I worked on a floor I might be a bit more hesitant about wearing them. Or if I was carrying a code pager and needed to run somewhere. This is because I have rolled my ankle multiple times in these shoes (usually if I'm running a across the street trying to make it before the red hand stops flashing). However for me this is not that often and makes their overall comfort worth it. if you get danskos, I recommend you wear them a kid around the house before working in them because they are hard clogs and will news breaking in.

    Ive also heard of some nurses who have two pairs of work shoes and switch halfway through their shift each day.
  6. by   roser13
    Do a search here and you will find tons of threads just on shoes.
  7. by   HeySis
    My first pair on Dansko's were just too tight!! But I had already worn them so I felt I was stuck, I took them to a cobbler and had them stretched, it helped some, but not enough. I ended up giving them away.

    I switched to a pair of Sketchers with memory sole and they were comfy for about 3 months. Then the memory foam went flat and they were horrible.

    I went into a store (VS last pair online purchase) and tried on a bunch of Danskos. Ended up getting the wide and I love them! There was no break in period for me. I kept a second pair at work for a while just in case, but never needed to use them.

    I work PACU, so lots of standing right at patients bedside, I can be on my feet for the whole shift. I "do hallways" only when transporting patients in and out of PACU.
  8. by   TheCommuter
    As a prior respondent mentioned, our preferences for shoes are as unique as our personalities.

    I personally cannot wear nursing shoes, although I have attempted. I preferred running shoes such as Nike Reax or New Balance when I worked the floor.
  9. by   AJJKRN
    I like my Nikes, Reeboks, and Skechers with some really good insole inserts. I liked a pretty specific pair of Nurse Mates a long time ago but they retired the style. I still put really good insoles in those shoes too!
  10. by   snoozin
    Brooks Addiction 12! Expensive, but so worth it! No more knee, ankle, or lower back pain since I bought them. They also correct your pronation, so they actual made me sore for the first week because I've been walking incorrectly for years! If you go to Trauma, don't buy Dankso's, Nurse Mates, Crocs, or any other clog type shoe or clog shoe with a platform as well, you will be running constantly and you will break your neck. I'm in the ER, we all wear sneakers.
  11. by   Future_GA_nurse
    I'm not a nurse but an anesthesia tech and work in the OR and run to and from other floors we support. I have plantar fasciitis if i'm on my feet all day and did some research and found asics nimbus (18) to work perfect for my feet. before I had regular new balence shoes. The insoles holds up well and it's worth the investment. I found cheapest on amazon.
  12. by   KatieMI
    The Walking Company sneakers worn with custom insoles, plantar fasciitis tight sleeves and high-level, hip-high compression stockings. The whole set was close to $200, but, being only worn at work, it runs already over a year and has no signs of wearing off whatsoever. It is kind of funny to realize that I am tired as a dog after a shift but my legs feel just fine.

    I also like personal service in store and the fact that they choose shoes and everything toward my individual feet. Overall, it was a temporary blow to my credit card but a visit to podiatrist and orthotics from there would be at least twice as expensive.
  13. by   quiltynurse56
    I wear an Asics gel. I had gone to a shoe store where they evaluate your and walk and your needs and match you up with a good shoe for you. For me, I would not trade them in for anything. I am due for a new pair.

    As has been said, it depends on you and how your feet fell in a particular pair of shoes.
  14. by   roboblazer
    I've tried Alegrias and Danskos and my feet and legs feel pretty good at end of a shift but my favorite shoes are my tennis court shoes (Ascics) and a great pair of compression stockings.