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HeySis has 25 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in PACU.

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  1. HeySis

    Holiday Bonus

    Yes, I got a $500 bonus. The company looks at it every year and decides how much they can "afford" based on your PT/FT status. Someone said it's actually about their tax liability and to give us a bonus at the end of the year decreases their tax liab...
  2. HeySis

    What do you do when your instructors are useless?

    Critical thinking is definitely a learned skill, and the more overall experience you have the easier it is to apply knowledge from one situation to another. There is a book that I used to study for RN-NCLEX that I think helped me a great deal... it e...
  3. So this is your first job as an LPN? RN? How much training/orientation did you get? how many people are you responsible for? are there other nurses working the same shift as you? Just looking to see more about the job situation before I offer any ad...
  4. HeySis

    Fentanyl Consent?

    And you most likely didn't give him his first dose of fentanyl... our anesthesiologist use it in the OR all the time. If my pt is awake I always ask if they'd like pain meds in their IV, I only chart when they refuse. I have been told by quality cont...
  5. HeySis

    Covering unexpected on-call shifts

    No this is not fair. The list would be fair if it reset to zero every quarter/year (depending on how many pick ups there are). That way each person would have to do the same amount of pickups each year.
  6. HeySis

    Resignation, What To Do With Accrued PTO??

    You can take the amount and place it into a a 401k.. that way it's placed in pre-tax and when it comes out during retirement it will do so at your tax rate then.. not some higher tax rate.
  7. If that's your hospitals policy, I would push it. But our hospital doesn't have that policy. You keep seniority as far as benefits (the longer you work there the greater amount of PTO and such you earn) but As far as asking for time off and such, you...
  8. HeySis

    Covering unexpected on-call shifts

    I work a small PACU with limited staff, we take call about once a week. If someone is sick they send out a group text to see who can cover.. one of two things happen, either someone picks it up with the condition of swapping their next day out, or it...
  9. In the first articles it says he was escorted, but later people that were there (including a patient that videoed it on their phone) spoke with Dog MD and he reported that the anesthesiologist just walked away and left... that the admins didn't even ...
  10. Do people know how many wrong doses of medications I would have given if I didn't question physicians? or how many times the wrong knee may be operated on.. sponges left in a patient?? How about the podcast Dr Death.. in which no-one questioned the c...
  11. When Doctors Attack! | Incident Report with Dr. Zubin Damania Here is the link. Dog MD went on to say that he has nothing to say off the news report himself without further info... so if you're going to send the article you need to have more info. He...
  12. HeySis

    Drug administration in PACU

    For fentanyl, I draw up the full vial in a syringe and give titrated doses from there. That syringe has to be labeled with the drug, concentration (mcg/ml) and the time it was drawn up because it does have a time frame it has to be used in. If I need...
  13. I work PACU and BLS, ACLS, and PALS are required, they were not upon hire, but were before orientation was completed and we are required to keep re-certified. Our hospital keeps track of all of our dates and has a page that we log into each quarter t...
  14. HeySis

    "My doctor told me..."

    I have seen that a lot, and I've heard doctors tell patient not to let anyone use their ports except the infusion/chemo team. It usually happens because someone has not properly cared for a port after accessing it and had it clot off and it had to be...
  15. HeySis

    Two weeks notice?

    Your resignation letter will go into your employee file, if you're ever back that way and you reapply, it'll be looked at. So put it in writing, if you can give more then two weeks, then do so... but give at least two weeks notice. Thank them for the...