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  1. Future_GA_nurse

    Chamberlain Georgia Campus

    I'm in the same boat as NeoNatMom. I want to start Jan 18, however it looks more like May. Do a search for Chamberlain Atlanta and you will find old posts about the school. There is also an Open house this month.
  2. Future_GA_nurse

    Application Process for Chamberlain Sacramento

    hi CCNstudent2019. I've read your posts as well as seen your IG. You stated somewhere you'd provide your honest opinion about the school and all I've seen is negative comments. Any positives? Also which location are you attending?
  3. Future_GA_nurse

    Chamberlain Nutrition Proficiency exam

    is this for the BSN or the RN-BSN entry requirement? I'm asking because I was thinking about taking nutrition at a CC to save some $$ and not take it at Chamberlain.
  4. Future_GA_nurse

    Atlanta NICUs, PLEASE HELP

    Hi SunnNICU, There are several in the Atlanta area. Do you want children's only..if so your only choice is Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Otherwise you have Northside, Rockdale, I think Piedmont is a level 3 (check though), and Dekalb Medical, and Grady.
  5. Future_GA_nurse

    GSU Perimeter College Nursing Spring 2018

    I thought I read they will not have Spring matriculation for 2018, only fall. I'm trying to find the link at the moment
  6. Future_GA_nurse

    Does your facility teach new grad RN's to scrub?

    PaulBaxter, I'd be interested in knowing which hospital you currently work. I'm an employee in a level 1 and in a compact state, though not in nursing, but i'd be interested in knowing if the facility you're speaking of is the same. I'm a tech and interested in advancing to OR nursing
  7. Future_GA_nurse

    Non Traditional Students

    I'm interested in getting different perspectives with non traditional students transitioning from another career to nursing. I would like to know how has the transition been? Do you find it easier (study and time commitment) with classes and clinicals? Did Chamberlain provide you the necessary tools needed to be successful? Once you passed NCLEX, how was the transition to working as a Nurse full time? Thanks
  8. Future_GA_nurse

    Chamberlain May 2017

    Congratulations DNursling. I'm interested in the ATL campus. I'm not sure if you started school yet, but could you tell me how is it thus far? I'm looking to apply next semester or push it out to Jan 2018.
  9. Future_GA_nurse

    GRADY Hospital

    I work there but not as a RN. As Pixie stated, it's a Level 1 trauma center and you will see everything. I consider it safe no matter which shift (day/evening). there is ALWAYS security around and if you feel unsafe walking to your car to the parking deck, you can be escorted. I can not speak for the nursing administration, but like any job you work, you have those who are content, so-so, and just plain miserable. My advise, continue to reach out and find nurses that work there or in the area you would like to join. You'll have to keep an open mind about opinions. Also, visit the hospital to get a feel of the general population. Good luck!
  10. Future_GA_nurse


    I know this is an old thread, but did you take your chemistry course at Chamberlain? If so how was your experience?
  11. Future_GA_nurse

    PCT orientation at Piedmont Atlanta

    Hello missyf1, I'm not a PCT at said hospital or PCT for that matter, but orientation *should* be paid. I recently started as a tech at another hospital and orientation for me was 2 days and paid. when in doubt, contact HR. Great for getting a PCT job!
  12. Future_GA_nurse

    Favorite shoes

    I'm not a nurse but an anesthesia tech and work in the OR and run to and from other floors we support. I have plantar fasciitis if i'm on my feet all day and did some research and found asics nimbus (18) to work perfect for my feet. before I had regular new balence shoes. The insoles holds up well and it's worth the investment. I found cheapest on amazon.
  13. Future_GA_nurse

    How's the Atlanta Campus Class Schedule

    i totally understand. I've accepted a role at Grady which will be a foot in the door for me also. It's flexible so I'm sure I can work around my school schedule until clinical start. I was seriously thinking about applying for May session but b/c of the new job, I've pushed it back until August. You know what's best for you and your budget! Good luck in your new role.
  14. Future_GA_nurse

    How's the Atlanta Campus Class Schedule

    so NNM, you're not going to apply with me this year ???
  15. Future_GA_nurse

    Switching Careers Later in Life

    I applaud you for your decision. I will be 38 when I start this year (fingers crossed). since you have your BS Degree, see if you can get accepted to an accelerated program. In Georgia, the competition is fierce and I did not get in my first try for an accelerated program. Luckily there are several other schools I can apply to, but may take longer. I've learned that sometimes faster is not always best. Good luck to you, and you are not alone.