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Hello Everyone, I will try to be straight and to the point.

I am starting nursing school (specifically to be Registered Nurse), and I am wondering what the salary to be expected can be when I graduate as well as hours etc.

Specifically what I dream of is working 2 days a week (12+ hours), consecutively (E.G, mon-tues, or wed-thurs, etc). And making atleast 25,000 dollars a year doing that (any more would be great of course!)

I want this because I plan on getting married and living in Monterrey Mexico which is about 2 to 3 hours from mcallen and just driving up here to mcallen to work the two days and head back. For example, if I got the mon-tues shift, I would leave monterrey monday early morning, get here and work, and head back home tuesday evening when shift is up. It could be night shift as well (not preferred), that doesn't matter. So long as it is two days consecutively.

I know I am just starting the nursing program next semester, but I am wondering if that is a feasible plan to do once I graduate? I dont want to hope for something to get it slammed against me later. . .

thanks for any help or tips, especially from RN's currently living and working in mcallen!

I know it may sound crazy! But I have figured that with approximately 20,000 to 25,000 dollars a year after taxes, I can live such a life in Mexico as me and my girlfriend have grown up with and feel at home in. (even though it is less than American standards, it dont matter). So I just really want to know if I can do that working 2 days a week. I would work 15 hour shifts if they let me.

IN a Nutshell, does anyone know by experience and solid FACT that this dream of mine CAN BE DONE?

Any ideas or truth shed on the matter is great!

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Sounds like an interesting life plan. I am assuming you are fluent in Spanish? If so, have you considered working for the CHRISTUS Muguerza healthcare system in Monterrey? It is the only JCAH accredited facility in Mexico - very modern and up to date. They have a large 'medical tourism' population because Americans can get quality healthcare there for much less than in the USA.

As for the commuting plan - many RGV (Rio Grande Valley) hospitals are open to flexible arrangements because of the difficulty they have in recruiting and retaining staff. It is a difficult transition for a lot of nurses because of the cultural differences but if you are already comfortable with bi-culturalism you shouldn't have any problems.

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you could easily make that money working half time after a couple of years of experience(2-3). I would recomend you get into working in ICU, ER, Cath Lab or OR. The ICU and ER are much more accomodating to schedules like that. Cath Lab and OR pay more typically. Either way the pay in these areas will get you well above that line working half time. Figure $30/hr after a couple of years.. that is $31,200/year working 1040 hrs which is half time or 20 per week. down in this region of the country I could not imagine making under $35-40/hr rignt now with my current experience in surgery.

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Free standing abuse/psych/ drug, hosp might allow the long shifts you desire.

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You need to consider the fact that the highway from McAllen through Reynosa to Monterrey is 100% unsafe to travel at this time. If you're not aware, Northern Mexico is in chaos. No one I know in McAllen ever crosses into Mexico anymore. Bombings, shootouts, carjackings, kidnappings, etc are common occurrences along the border with south Texas.

Also, the immigration policies in MX are VERY stringent. If you're not a Mexican national, you cannot just move into that country. In order to qualify for residency in MX, you must make a fairly significant salary and be in a line of work that is attractive to the Mexican government.

As a new grad in McAllen, you will be offered from $21.00-22.50 per hour, depending on the hospital. IF you can find a job. The market here is becoming saturated, and I know many recent grads here who are unable to find a job in a hospital. Many are having to go into home health straight out of school (unwise and unsafe, usually) or to LTC.

I would seriously put more thought into this plan. Right now, with the situation down here on the border, this doesn't sound like something I'd do.

I currently live and work in McAllen.

My family and I are moving to the valley in the summer of 2013. My husband and I both graduated from Mission HS but we have been away for about 10 years. I will be a new RN graduate with my BSN. Can anyone tell me if the job market is still fairly saturated or if there is a chance I might be able to get a decent position? I was really hoping to make more than 22.50 when I graduate. Is this even possible? Thanks for your time!!

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Bortaz nails it.

This blog details pretty good some reasons not to live in Mexico right now...

Some scary stuff. And the violence is slowly starting to creep north too.

Hi! My husband just got a job thats moving him to rio grande city. We live in southern California and I am graduating my RN program in December. My question to you is how hard is it to find new grad positions in Mcallen? I currently have a guaranteed position at Loma Linda here in California, but I don't want to be away from my husband for a year +. Would you recommend that I tough it out and get my year experience in CA then move to TX, or are new grad programs available in that area so I can just start my nursing career in TX. Thanks so much for your time!

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It's over an hour drive from Rio Grande City to McAllen. It's not pretty in the valley, but you'll probably be able to find a (bad) job here as a new grad. There are no 'New Grad Programs'. You'll just be oriented for a few weeks and then thrown in.

Thanks so much for your reply. Would you or someone you know be willing to exchange email or phone numbers so I can ask a few (well a ton) more questions about the area and nursing in mcallen? Like how plausible it is to start in ER or in a step down unit?

It's over an hour drive from Rio Grande City to McAllen. It's not pretty in the valley, but you'll probably be able to find a (bad) job here as a new grad. There are no 'New Grad Programs'. You'll just be oriented for a few weeks and then thrown in.

I am new LVN that just moved here to Mission, Can you tell me any input on positions for new LVN grads?? Thanks!

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