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  1. FYI https://www.biodefensestudy.org/
  2. This board needs some life breathed into it... https://disasternursing.org/ FYI
  3. Aggie RN

    ANCC and the APHN-BC

    Thanks all for your answers! Starting work next week with the state of Texas in public health and was curious about it. Figured it was not enough applying/not enough money thing too, but i Have no knowledge of the field yet.. Mijourney I think you're probably right as health care dollars get slimmer and slimmer the demand might return for more money shifting to prevention. Lets hope so at least. Ounce of prevention... pound of cure... blah blah blah. :)
  4. Aggie RN

    Question about Medical City...

    West Texas A&M University: Nursing (LVN) Program Just saying... Currently RN to BSN and I like how the school operates.
  5. Aggie RN

    ANCC and the APHN-BC

    Does anyone know why they decided to discontinue offering this credential?
  6. Aggie RN

    Hospital Emergency Planners

    Hello all! Been a while since I visited this site and just noticed this forum. I'm curious to know if you see hospitals adding positions specifically for emergency/disaster planning? The jobs I see here in Texas are mostly government and do not pay well at all. Just curious to see what the trends may be.
  7. Aggie RN

    What nursing specialty has the best work life balance?

    I worked home health and hospice for 6 years and I loved it (mostly home health). Good pay. Got to see the sun shine. I enjoyed going different places. Some days I was home by 12. I just got really bored with it.
  8. Aggie RN

    Drug Seekers

    I think the attitude should shift from "you're wasting our time," to "how can we help a person with a drug problem." However, how do you have that discussion in the ER? Also, what are the odds a drug seeker even wants our help? I have no answers, but I sure wish others would ask these questions. Then maybe we can get some resolutions that serve all equally we'll.
  9. Aggie RN

    Love, love, love the ER but hate it too

    I'll jump on the dog pile and say find another facility. Your description suggests a horrible corporate culture which ain't an easy fix. Good luck!
  10. How long is your internship? Maybe ask your preceptor to help with your load a little more so you don't feel overwhelmed and can process more. Not sure if that's a viable option but hoping this suggestion might work out for you. Just remember to be patient. It will come.
  11. Aggie RN

    Nurse burnout-How do you handle it?

    I took a six year break from the hospital. I was really burnt and crispy. Have since spent my time working home health and hospice. I've recently just returned to the ER and I'm feeling very energized being back, and raring to go. I've looked at emergency care in the past for me as kind of a codependent relationship. I love it while hating it. With that said, I'm no longer worried about the frustrations of the position as I now know I can walk away and find other compelling work. Essentially, the greatest aspect of nursing is it's diversity. There are tons of other fields to explore and keep in mind the ER isn't going away. Also, my time spent in home care has expanded and diversified my skill set. Most importantly it allowed me to find the "why" again. I now appreciate how much our patients detest being in the hospital. I can guarantee this knowledge will impact my nursing care in a positive manner. Cliffs Notes version: if you're that unhappy find work in another specialty for a while. It should recharge your battery.
  12. Aggie RN

    ENA Annual Conference

    Has anyone ever attended? Is it worth the time and effort? I noticed the ENA has made available two scholarships for members. Was curious if it's worth my time and effort to apply.
  13. Aggie RN

    Fake crying and bad acting in the ER

    This times one million!
  14. Aggie RN

    Good Read - Myths in Emergency Medicine

    I just learned something. Thanks!
  15. Aggie RN

    worst, most corrupt agency ever!

    I think with the coming changes in health care and continued cuts to Medicare these types of agencies will start closing up shop. At least I hope so.