thinking about excelsior- encouragement needed

  1. Hi all :-):

    I was enrolled in a traditional, brick and mortar program this year. Long story short, I finsihed most of my year 1 ADN clinicals, now have to wait another year before I can repeat 1 class and move on to my 2nd year. I'm really getting burnt out on all the commuting and poloitics of my traditional program, but love nursing to pieces!

    I am thinking about Excelsior's online ADN program. I'll be eligible to enroll by the end of next spring, and can go back to work and move out of my parents house with this option. It seems like a dream come true, but I'm scared. I am a good test taker, and prefer to self-teach. Are there any excelsior ADN student out there that can give me advice?

    Much love,

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  3. by   LaxNP
    Excelsior could be a good option if you have a strong nursing educational base. You said you finished the first year of clinicals and if you have experience with IV's, IVP, and skills like this it will be of great help. There are a ton of resources on this board to help you along the way. I went through excelsior a while back and found everyone here more than helpful. The program is very doable if you can stay focused on your goal.
  4. by   merky
    Lax Nurse,

    That's great! I'd love to hear more about your path through excelsior if you have the time. When did you graduate and how long did it take you to complete? Your words mean alot to me- I was scared shirtless when I heard the rumors about them failing people just to get them to retake tests so they could make more money... I don't know if I could mentally handle being bumped around by the educational system anymore. But everyone heere is so positive and encouraging! It really sounds like a go!


  5. by   Determine2b
    I am from a Brick & Mortar program. I enrolled in Feb. of this year and I'm halfway thru the nursing exams. I had a similar situation like yours and wish that I had started Excelsior rather than moving on to 3rd semester which I failed by less than a point. Truth of the matter is, I don't believe that I really failed but it's their word and the politics, not to mention how juvenile adult students are treated. Excelsior is a Godsent. I believe that it is doable and if you practice your stuff anyone can pass the CPNE (clinical exam)! Heck, it's the same as doing "med pass" in traditional program. It's all about keeping your stress level down. I never failed any clinicals, lab or verification but mind you, they were all stressful. What I have seen so far of Excelsior is that they tell you exactly how to prepare and a lot of resources. In traditional program they barely show you a skill one time and expect you to "own" the skill and pass validation in like a week with not enough lab practice time.. Period!

    I say do Excelsior as soon as you have completed and pass 1/2 of your clinical in the traditional program. You will find your life less stressful. Trust me. Let me know if I can be of help.
  6. by   merky
    Deteremine2b: God bless and thank you so much for sharing your experience. Wow, halfway done already, congrats!! It seemed to good to be true, but you're right- Excelsior IS a godsend! I'm sorry you had to go through so much at your traditional program but I'm so happy EC is working for you! I too am a victim of politics... but refuse to give up my dream of nursing. We can do this.


    P.S.- I may very well be asking you for EC related help at some point in the future, thanks
  7. by   Missy77
    I'm also doing Excelsior after failing out of a brick and mortar school. I absolutely hated every minute of nursing school. I was so stressed out and the instructors were no help whatsoever. You pretty much had to teach yourself the material. Since doing EC my stress level is down and I can read and test at my own pace. I have learned so much from others on this site. The support here is amazing. Something I didn't get in a traditional school.
  8. by   MissingMyErica
    I'll be graduating from Excelsior with my ADN on May 20, 2011. I have nothing but good things to say about this program. I've had great support from my Advisors since day one. The CPNE is seriously the most stressful thing I've been through, but the CA and CE's at York Hospital were great and wanted you to pass. If you need any info just ask, Good Luck!!
  9. by   merky
    Missy and MissingMyErica: That's wonderful! I am so incredibly excited and cannot wait to start now!

    MissingMyErica: Congrats, wow!! I'll be doing all my exams in York since I live in Harrisburg, that's so encouraging!!!

    Excelsior is really looking like the answer to my prayers now. Is the AN support group on the distance learning forum?

    :heartbeat <--this is my lil heart right now! --Rae
  10. by   Italia23
    How much does excelsior cost? I have heard around 10k but then I hear it's more like 30k. Huge difference! lolll So I am curious as to how much it really costs!
  11. by   brown eyed girl
    Im SERIOUSLY READY to start my own journey with EC. The thought of attending a brick and morter program is nauseating! Im confused about what to do first after sending in app fee and transcripts. How is it that can you begin taking your pre-req's prior to enrollment, where's the best place to find study materials, and how much does it cost for the pre-req and nursing exams?
  12. by   BetterMeRN
    Tons and tons of post here about the program and what to expect, use the search field and search away. I paid less than 6K for the entire program. I got a scholarship that went towards three exams and some cash in hand. If you repeat exams and/or cpne of course these costs will go up. For every year enrolled you have to pay a fee so remember that.
  13. by   caliotter3
    Due to the nature of the EC program, it is best to exhaust your traditional program before choosing EC. EC is better used as a Plan B.
  14. by   BetterMeRN
    Caliotter, EC was my plan A never had a plan B. It worked out for me and for many. What's the "nature" you speak of? Please don't take offense to me asking.