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  1. Missy and MissingMyErica: That's wonderful! I am so incredibly excited and cannot wait to start now! MissingMyErica: Congrats, wow!! I'll be doing all my exams in York since I live in Harrisburg, that's so encouraging!!! Excelsior is really looking like the answer to my prayers now. Is the AN support group on the distance learning forum? :heartbeat --Rae
  2. Deteremine2b: God bless and thank you so much for sharing your experience. Wow, halfway done already, congrats!! It seemed to good to be true, but you're right- Excelsior IS a godsend! I'm sorry you had to go through so much at your traditional program but I'm so happy EC is working for you! I too am a victim of politics... but refuse to give up my dream of nursing. We can do this. Rae P.S.- I may very well be asking you for EC related help at some point in the future, thanks :)
  3. Lax Nurse, That's great! I'd love to hear more about your path through excelsior if you have the time. When did you graduate and how long did it take you to complete? Your words mean alot to me- I was scared shirtless when I heard the rumors about them failing people just to get them to retake tests so they could make more money... I don't know if I could mentally handle being bumped around by the educational system anymore. But everyone heere is so positive and encouraging! It really sounds like a go! Thanks!! Rae
  4. Hi all :-): I was enrolled in a traditional, brick and mortar program this year. Long story short, I finsihed most of my year 1 ADN clinicals, now have to wait another year before I can repeat 1 class and move on to my 2nd year. I'm really getting burnt out on all the commuting and poloitics of my traditional program, but love nursing to pieces! I am thinking about Excelsior's online ADN program. I'll be eligible to enroll by the end of next spring, and can go back to work and move out of my parents house with this option. It seems like a dream come true, but I'm scared. I am a good test taker, and prefer to self-teach. Are there any excelsior ADN student out there that can give me advice? Much love, Rae
  5. From what I heard they are, well, how do I say it...b*ll breakers? My friend was in their program and her grandfather died and she had to go to the funeral, missed a clinical day and thus failed her clinical assignment for the semester and had to wait and entire YEAR to retake it so she could graduate. She appealed and gave her reasoning and everything. Do not try to reason with them or argue with them, just play the game. Expect 0% sympathy or understanding..it's like boot camp!
  6. Not to mention the loans, ack! Go NP/CRNP. By the time you get there, the terminal degree will be the DnP anyways, which should satisfy the level of practice you are looking for. I think what you mean is that bedside nursing might be "too much" for you? :redlight: For god's sake, please don't tell any floor nurse to their face that bedside nursing isn't enough (read: good enough)! I know you mean well, but people take comments like that as an affront when you are describing their profession. I have a BS in Bio and still didn't have all of the credits needed to get into nursing or med school, so I had to take a few classes at a CC to plan to get accepted to either. I ended up accepting admission into an ADN program even though I have a BS, and will go from there to DnP after several years on the job experience as an RN(that is, if I can get a job- have you heard the new grad horror stories?!). I'm attending the "Suck it Up" school of Nursing. Yeah, I could be an MD by now (the ripe age of 31), but would I be happy? Would I ever see my son/boyfriend/family? There seems to be preconceptions and judgement implied in your language- nurses not getting into med school, minors being "a joke", bedside nursing not being "enough". As time ages you and whittles away at the thousands of possibilities that are open to us when we are young, we see that there are no "better thans" or "worse thans", just "good enoughs". Ex: I used to look down on single mothers until I chose to leave my son's abusive father. So what is good enough for you, but more importantly, what is best for your family/future family? Best, Rae:redbeathe
  7. merky

    Move Over, Norma Rae

    Eesh, makes me wary. I am just beginning nursing school. I am happy you are sharing your story, though. It needs to be heard. *No you ARE NOT Norma Rae!* I will keep this in my head whenever the powers that be attempt to treat me like an indentured servant!
  8. Thx to KeeperMom for sharing! If we have good reason to, are we allowed as nurses to tell the pt's mom to close the door herself?
  9. You're a motivator! Now I'm excited! Thx TG!!
  10. Thanks, That Guy! How has NS been for you? Are we expected, as students, to take as much crap (figuratively, LOL) as possible from the pts? Do you feel overwhelmed yet? Thanks in advance for answering my 20 questions :lol:!
  11. Thanks again, katebean. Feel free to email me as you go through NS and encounter problems like this or of any kind. It really helps to talk w/a fellow student. I almost dropped out of NS before I even began! I hope the knowledge we have of our reactions to certain types of people helps us immensely. The thing is, I find the best way to deal w/these types of ppl is, as you said, as little as possible. Meaning I don't "give" them very much of myself. Sometimes you have to be curt and to the point w/certain types of pts or they just suck the life out of you. I am wondering how my nursing school instructors feel about this approach and I'm wondering if I will have to "nice" it up while in school. Not that I'm mean or neglectful. I make sure they get what they need as far as care, but...you know
  12. merky

    ADN to MSN yay or nay ?

    Hey Moogs (may I call you that?). That's exactly why Im going the ADN to BSN to MSN track...money savings! Also, I need time to suss out what I want as an NP specialty. I think this is a great way to do things. Those pricey DE programs just want our $$, with little guarantee of a job after we get out.
  13. merky

    ADN to MSN yay or nay ?

    That first NP job may be just as elusive, esp w/out clinical experience. I'm going ADN instead of direct entry MSN so I might be a little biased I know someone had mentioned about PAs getting hired right out of school w/out experience, but they get way more clinical hours as compared to NP programs. No judgement implied, but that's just the way it is I don't care, my :redbeathe is still in being an NP! OP: Yay!!
  14. merky

    bachelor's in another field to NP in 3 years

    I'll be happy to step it up to doctorate level! Who knows, maybe they'll start an ADN to DNP program for 2nd degree students. There are so many different flavors of nurses, yet we all seemed to get lumped in with the lowest common denominator.
  15. Thanks katebean and Moogie :-). Youre both correct and katebean, you hit it on the head- I CAN'T STAND addicts. Most have a very "me-me-me" personality that I have a very hard time stomaching. I am sympathetic, but they often try to elicit sympathy/guilt on part of the care-taker. I refuse to take responsibility for their issues!! Thank you for sharing your experience and insight.
  16. Hi guys! Can you relate? I am about to enter NS in the fall and have been providing pt care for 7+ years now as a tech in various capacities. Lately the pts have really been getting on my nerves and I am wondering what the heck am I doing furthering my career in pt care??? I really love helping ppl and the practice of medicine, but it really seems that ppl do not want help, but just to exert their control on you, to vent on you, to complain to you, etc. etc. Ppl just do not seem respectful and I have a hard time not internalizing it I guess. I'm afraid that one day I am just going to explode and say "Shut up! Shut Up! SHUT UP!!!!!"