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Hi all, I thought that maybe it would be good to have a sticky for online science courses. I am currently looking for an online/distance learning-- 4-- credit microbiology course. Of course... Read More

  1. by   Lizard3
    Your post motivated me to search my state's(GA) board website and they do stipulate that all science classes must have a lab (something one school did not tell me) but not what kind of lab. I think it would be advisable for us all to find out our states board specs. Regards, Lizard3
  2. by   HikingNinja
    I took Micro, Chem, A&PII, all 4 credits with lab entirely online and they were all through Rio Salado. My school accepted them and every school I talked to out here (Nevada) said they were just fine. You're probably asking how you do a lab online. With Micro they send you interactive DVD's to do your labs. They use the ADAM interactive software for A&PII, and with chem they send you a lab kit that you use to do experiments at home. Rio's great! I couldn't have gotten these courses done without them. I'm finally ready to apply to nursing school this month because of these classes. The only drawback is how hard they are (you don't have an instructor right there to ask questions and most instructors do not curve or offer extra credit) and they grade on a straight system meaning if you have an 89% as a final grade its still a B not a B+. Still all in all I am very happy with them and they have classes that start every quarter rather than every semester.

  3. by   Lizard3
    Thanks! Apparently things are a bit tougher in GA--I am running into trouble getting a school to accept the A & P, although I did get the chem dept chair to sign off on the chem. Right now I am waiting for a decision after writing to the online profs for more detailed descriptions about the lab. If I cannot find a school in GA who will accept an online A & P lab and course--I do not see how I can work and get these pre-reqs. I would love to hear from those in GA (or anywhere) who have had this problem.
    If they say not to edukan and Iocc I will try Rio Salado next. Not giving up yet, Lizard3
  4. by   katulka
    I am currently taking Statistics online (in the Psych Dept) through City College of San Francisco. I very highly recommend it!

    Dr. Judith Roberts is extremely helpful and accessible, and the course is an adequate, but not excessive, amount of time/work for a 4-credit class. I am halfway through the semester and although I'm not a "math person," I am loving the course.

    The website is

    Good luck,
  5. by   Lizard3
    Finding schools that offer the nursing pre-reqs is easy--making sure your nursing school of choice will accept them is another matter. I have found some to accept the chem with online lab but not the bio. Others are leery of any on-line labs at all. The best advice I can give you is to send course descriptions to your nursing school (ususally they make you send them to the chem dept or bio dept head) and don't begin a course online without approval or you could end up with credits that will not transfer.
    From what I read here many have transfered credit-including labs, easily. I have not found that to be the case in Ga. Good luck to you! Lizard3
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  6. by   Mayberry61
    How was your experience taking science courses online? Did you take Chemistry and who was your instructor? I am looking to take Chem I
  7. by   Lizard3
    I have only taken one online science course from Weber. There are 100 students in the class and it is not really interactive-if that is what you are looking for. We simply do 8 units with homework and a test for each. I did not take the lab--my state of Ga is not too keen on online labs for micro.

    I have an A but I study all the time and do find the material difficult.

    I am hoping to take chem with Klepper from ICCC as many in the distance forum have recommended him. Hope that helps! Lizard3
  8. by   Batman24
    One school I applied to will not take any online science courses with labs. The Science Dept signed off on them as the Nursing Dept sent me to them. After I went back and said they approved them the new Nursing Director said she wouldn't accept them. It was very frustrating.
  9. by   HikingNinja
    I just find it completely odd that some schools won't accept science classes that have an online or hybrid lab. In many cases these classes are more rigorous and in depth than traditional classes. For example, one of my friends took micro at a traditional school and her labs consisted of lecture. They only had one actual lab on aseptic technique then never used it! I can kinda see if they want Anat & Phys as traditional in person classes but even then alot of traditional schools in my geographical area use the lab time for lecture anyway.

  10. by   futureRN2006
    I took a biology course at Patrick Henry Community College in Martinsville,Va. It was web-based with an online lab! If you can't (or don't want to) come to campus, you can have your tests proctored so long as the proper forms are filed. It was an excellent course.
  11. by   rachelv
    Anyone taking an online Pathophysiology class?

    I'm taking it at University of Iowa. I like it a lot so far but I am not sure how to study for the midterm and final. There is so much info and the test will only have 50 multiple choice questions.

    There is only 310 points possible for the course so every point counts and I want to do well. (90 points give for 9 written assignments based on lesson question)

    So anyone take this course and could lead me in the right direction for the tests? Any study tips recommended or that helped you in other patho classes? I have heard about concept mapping and it sounds really great, but we are not using that, I've heard that's the best way to learn patho- too bad this teacher is not using it! The instructor stated that the test questions will come from Ch. outlines that were supplied. But that is a ton of information and I have also filled it in will a lot of info too!!! Any tips that helped you study patho would be greatly appreciated!- Thanks
  12. by   Nursegal64
    I am currently deciding whether to take the AP and Chem classes online or at a community college. I am wondering how legitimate it would be to have a couple of transcripts from "out of state" community colleges as I am applying to Rush in Chicago and am a graduate of Northwestern University. I do not want to waste my time if realistically they aren't transferable. Has anyone whose applied or attended Rush taken online science classes?

    Thanks in advance.
  13. by   Free Spirit 1
    Hi All,

    Through the SUNY colleges there are online bio, chem, psych, stat, nutrition etc... available.