Leaving in the AM for Utica - round 2.....

  1. Well, I am almost packed and ready to go. I am soooo ready to be done!!
    Any extra positive energy you guys can spare, please send my way,lol. I have
    practiced, and practiced, and practiced, and Sunday I will be a GN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    Oh, ceb, good vibes comin' atcha!
  4. by   MauraRN
    Ceb, I will be thinking about you all weekend. You will do it!! If you need to chat pm me any time, I will keep checking this site for any messages from you. Remember to id the patient!!! GN on Sunday!

  5. by   JulesRN10
    may god give you everything you need to pass this weekend...you will do just fine! good luck, and let us know how great it feels to be a gn!
  6. by   Pixie.RN
    Go Ceb!! Go Ceb!!
  7. by   Ebony_RN
    Good vibes towards you

    Utica was a great testing site for me.
  8. by   docbkh
    I just passed my CPNE there last weekend (6/5-7). It's a nice site with some pretty good people working it.

    My recommendation is to relax. Remember to breathe! If you feel stuck or overwhelmed... stop... take a slow deep breath (or two)... gather your thoughts and move on. Slow (just not TOO slow) and steady win the race!

    Best wishes to you!
  9. by   caliotter3
    Wishing you good luck!
  10. by   fatcat0899 RN
    I can't wait for your post on Sunday! I have faith that you will win this race! I test there in July, so warm it up for me

  11. by   Raggedy Ann
    Strong positive vibes, calming thoughts and powerful prayers being sent in your direction. Good Luck and Best Wishes! Traci
  12. by   changeofpaceRN
    Good luck!!!!
  13. by   NC Girl BSN
    Sending postive vibes your way. Praying that things go your way!!!!
  14. by   KellyCCRN
    Good luck! Can't wait to hear the good news!