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Hello everyone, It's great to see a distance /independent learning topic. Currently, I am considering Deaconess School of Nursing. Is there anyone else considering this school? I find I definately... Read More

  1. by   NICURNtobe
    I will be starting Deaconess in June. You have to take A&P and any other class that has a lab at a local college.
  2. by   mona b RN

    I think Deaconess may have relaxed the onsite lab requirement. They have been approving classes that are distance learning. Maybe that requirement was turning out to be unrealistic with all the modern technology they have now.

    Congrats to Spazzy Nurse!!!!

    mona b
  3. by   opalmRN
    Hi there,
    I'm here and glad to see this got off the ground. There more of us out there (distance/independent students) than even I had first known.

    I have applied to Deaconess and if accepted, I will beging in June. I did check out Excelsior and decided that Deaconess was better suited for me and my situation. The folks at Deaconess are extremely professional and will answer (or call you back if need be) or get the answer for you.

    I am working on my last pre-req and will finish in May. I have applied to the ASN program and if all goes as planned I should finish by July 2005.

    I am glad to see all the interest in this forum and hope to share as we all go along the distance/independent road.


    Sheeeish, what a dope I started a new thread instead of replying to the one already in progress. I'll attempt to transfer this over.
  4. by   opalmRN
    Originally posted by New CCU RN
    How do you have A&P, Micro and Chem labs with distance learning?
    There are quite a few colleges and Universities now offering distance science classes. One is Weber State University. They offer several science classes through distance Ed. The way this school works the lab portion (not all schools follow the same procedure) is the lab work is provided on a CD. The instructions are followed and then the results of the experiments are submitted via web to the class. As I mentioned, not all schools work this way. I am currently in an A & P II class through distance Ed. The lecture is online and the lab meets on Saturdays from 8-11. I have been told by some of my fellow classmates the A & P I class they took was completely online.

    I would suggest to anyone who is anticipating any online classes that they will eventually want to transfer that you check with the school you plan to attend BEFORE you take a class to make sure they will accept the course. It is always up to the institution you are applying to whether or not they accept courses taken previiously through other schools.

    I hope this helps and feel free to email me anytime,
  5. by   Spazzy Nurse
    Thanks Mona!!

    Does Deaconess have a website? I would love to check it out. Thanks!
  6. by   NICURNtobe
    Mona, you are correct! I just found out that Deaconess accepts online credits for A&P I&II, Micro & Chem from Weber, U of La Verne, Rio Salado and Lake Superior Colleges. I am thrilled!!!!!!
  7. by   mona b RN

    I PM'd you.

    mona b
  8. by   NICURNtobe
  9. by   renerian
    Good point. I had some schools for distance say they would not even recognize my ADN LOL. I forgot about them very quickly. One was Ohio University-they did that. I got credit for 78 hours I had done. Only had to retake a growth and development 1 and 2 class.

    Very good point.

  10. by   CindyJRN
    Thanks Brian, for the separate forum! I am currently a student @ the University of Phoenix Online, will complete my BSN 10/04 and my MSN 12/05. Working fulltime, 12 hr shifts with husband and 3 kids, this was my only option. I received my AD from Excelsior (back when it was Regents) after working 12 years as an LPN. I researched several programs before making a final decision. I am a Charge Nurse at a specialized LTAC specializing in critical care and rehabilitation. I am crazy about this hospital and hope to move into a Liasion or Case Management position. I will participate in this forum as much as possible and provide a sympathetic/friendly shoulder to lean on!!!
  11. by   kavi
    Hi! Looks like we're off to a good start! Thanks to Mona B. for getting us going (and Brian too).
    Thanks to DebRNo1 who's already finished this way, but has offered to give us advice and support. And CindyJ and Renerian who also can give us inspiration and advice.

    Mona B--I am doing Excelsior's A&P and Micro. Thanks for the tip on the book, I'll take all the help I can get! I'll look for that title.

    I'm hoping to finish all this in three years. Like everyone, it depends on life. I know some people go into the program with all of their pre-reqs done, and are able to complete it much faster. I still have some Psychology and Sociology pre-requs to do. I live in a tourist area, things are very quiet in the winter. Lots of time to study. In summer, everyone works 6 and 7 days, 70-80 hour weeks, so I won't get much done then!

    I've noticed I have a tendency to get bogged down in learning details. I have a friend that keeps reminding me to stick to the study guide--and I need that. Otherwise I waste entire days playing on websites with different perspectives of the body, or of bacterial cells or whatever. Is anyone else having tht problem?
  12. by   mona b RN
    Yes, thank you Brian.

    Also, thanks to you kavi for suggesting this topic.

    mona b
  13. by   opalmRN
    Originally posted by CindyJRN
    I am currently a student @ the University of Phoenix Online, will complete my BSN 10/04 and my MSN 12/05.
    Hi and welcome,
    I have taken courses through UOP for a degree at work so I know first hand the time you are putting into your classes. I was always glad when the 5 weeks ended. That is the good part of UOP if it is a class that you are not particularly fond of, it's over in a few weeks. If you like it, the time actually flies. Along with an entire notebook of paper.

    Thanks for offering support. I know I will be calling on you as time goes by.

    Good luck with UOP and 10/4 is not too far away!
    See you soon