I passed in Madison this morning!!!

  1. I left the hospital about two hours ago and my anxiety level hasn't leveled off much AT ALL!!!! I guess it won't until I get back to Atlanta tomorrow night.

    Thank you for all of your posts regarding this exam. I've primarily been a silent observer on this forum, but I will definitely be posting about my experience within the next week or so.

    I passed...and I'm hungry for the first time in almost a week, so let me take a deep breath and figure out what's good around here.:tbsk:
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  3. by   caliotter3
  4. by   bjbabs24
    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to read about your experience!!!
    I best you can't believe it's over! Which site-St. Mary's or Meriter?
    Very happy for you!
  5. by   exnavygirl-RN
    *wine Congratulations!!!! I tested at St. Mary's last September. It seems like a long time ago!!!
  6. by   toby4
    hpygrp: AWESOME! and a big CONGRADS!
  7. by   NC Girl BSN
  8. by   changeofpaceRN
    Congrats! Now you can relax!
  9. by   arelle68
    Wow! Good for you! What a major accomplishment! Now get your NCLEX materials, and get busy. Don't lose your momentum now.
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  12. by   Pixie.RN

    So happy for you!!!
  13. by   fatcat0899 RN

    Job well done!
  14. by   2CareerRN

    Congrats!!! Whoooohoooo!!!