Getting Flack from "real nurses"

  1. Greetings,

    I have recently completed Excelsior College's ADN program and I am waiting to take the state boards. All of this makes me extremely happy, however, I recently over heard my nursing supervisor complaining to other coworkers that I did nursing school the easy way and that it is an insult to her and the nursing profession that I can sit for the state boards. She also proceeded to state that I probably will not pass the state boards anyway because I did not do the three years of clinical she did. I have pretended that I did not over hear these comments and have kept a "business as usual" attitude.

    My question is this, will other nurses who did it the conventional way ever see us as equals? Or will they let their assumptions about the Excelsior Program cloud their judgment. I throughly enjoyed the program and never would have gotten my degree any other way since I work full time days and support my family. I feel that I am prepared for the nursing world and that I will be a great asset. But, will I be given the chance to prove that if there are those who would seek to put me down? I have worked with these people for 9 years. They always say that I am the best they have and they always turn to me when problems arise. I am just shocked that they are not supportive in any way, shape, or form.

    Sorry for my rant, I guess I just need to see if there are others out there who ran into this type of discrimination and how they handled it.

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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    Honestly, Mia, I don't care how they see me. They may think they know more the the BON that accepts Excelsior graduates but hey - they don't.

    Keep your head high. And look at her like something you'd scrape off of your shoe.
  4. by   akanini
    This is extremely horrible. I would surely not believe that Excelsior is easy it's just less time consuming because you have to study on your own. Many people can't do that. Do You know that some people in RN clinicals do CNA work at times? Excelsior has graduated some great nurses who are right on this board. One thing I know is that people always have something to say so don't even worry about it.

    Keep your head up high and good luck on your state boards!!!!
  5. by   BetterMeRN
    I don't want anyone at my job to know what I'm doing I try to keep it to myself especially the people who have gained their RN the traditional way. The fact that Im an LPN many RN's (sorry to say) don't want to see an LPN at their level. That's why I'm going on like business as usual when I'm done with state board of nursing passed the RN then they will find out. Then nobody can take that licensed away from me especially not my co-workers or collegues.

    Some people are just jealous that they had to sit in classes for hours, do clinicals where the bulk of the experience is bed making and cleaning patients. If they had that option they'd have taken it The only reason their talking is because they found out how you attained your right to test for the state boards. Believe me if they did not know, you would be just another RN. Don't let that get you down, so many EC grads here who hold an RN....and are also real nurses.
  6. by   changeofpaceRN
    Perhaps she's jealous that she needed that many years if clinicals and training to be as good/smart as you :icon_cheesygrin: I've noticed that there will always be negative people around you. I think it's ashame how so many people talk behind your back (I've noticed it more from nurses and CNA's than in my previous careers in the office environment).
  7. by   Mcbrello
    Thanks for your reassurance guys I really appreciate it. Some days I can deal with it and tell myself that they don't know anything, but other days I get bummed about it. It is just a shame to accomplish something and not be able to shout it from the rooftops. Oh well, in the end it will make me stronger.

    Thanks again :spin:

  8. by   Tweety
    I work with an EC graduate RN who was an LPN with us for years and her support from the rest of us has been phenomenal, she definately considered an equal. We are sooooo proud of her.

    Don't let one troll bring you down.

    In the end you will be judged on the your skills and character as an RN, not where you graduated from. Your badge is going to say RN just like the rest of us not "RN and I did distance learning"
  9. by   caliotter3
    This is what your nursing supervisor thinks of you and she has the gall to speak about you in this unprofessional manner? Nine years or not, why don't you consider a new place of employment to go along with that new license you are about to earn by passing the boards, like anyone else? Your supervisor is obviously jealous and immature and should be avoided. The best way to avoid someone like her is to go elsewhere where you will be appreciated for what you will be, an RN.
  10. by   imenid37
    After watching three LPN co-workers do the EC route, I am convinced I had it much easier as a young student fresh out of high school going to the ADN program. These people worked very hard. They were great LPN's and are great RN's. One has gone onto to BSN and done very well. I have only admiration for someone who gets through this type of program successfully.
  11. by   Mcbrello
    Well Caliotter3 I definately have to find a new place to work because on top of everything, I was informed a few months back that they would not hire me as an RN because of the lack of clinical in the EC program. Talk about a slap in the face, after 9 years of proving myself to this hospital, they can't even budge and give me a chance. But, I feel that it is better that I leave because it will give me a chance to prove myself to others that may appreciate me more. I actually look at this positively because it has given me the drive to go back to EC and get my BS/MS in education. I plan on starting that program after my boards and when I get settled in a new job.

    As I always say, the best revenge is to do well in life and that is what I plan to do.

  12. by   MrsCannibal
    I guess I don't long as your school is accepted by the BON, accredited, etc, and you can sit for the NCLEX, what is the problem? You are definitely better off finding a different employer! Good luck with school, congratulations on all your hard work to get where you are, and here's to finding a new job!
  13. by   Pixie.RN
    Ha ... I think you have to actually go through EC to understand that it IS NOT EASY. Hold your head up high, girl! And CONGRATS to you for your achievement!

    Three of my RN coworkers in the ER where I work have signed up for EC's RN-BSN and RN-MSN because they saw how great EC's ADN program has been for me. Heh. I should get a referral discount or something!

    When you leave and move on to a better place, it will be your employer's loss. Seriously.
  14. by   SuesquatchRN
    What a bunch of clowns!

    Mia, I can't imagine how jealous they must be to refuse to move you up. What do they possibly think you haven't done as an LPN that you'll do as an RN aside from, what, IVPB?

    Get hired on somewhere else NOW as a GN. Because you WILL pass on your first shot.
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