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  1. Has anyone done the online RN to BSN through the Chamberlain College of Nursing? The program sounds really great, but I just wanted to get the opinion of someone who's tried it thanks!
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    Is that the one that used to be called Deaconess? There are many threads here about this school. I'm not familiar with it however.

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  4. by   whiskeygirl
    Hi Dachsei-
    Good for you for doing your research before commiting!
    I will tell you that the school has/had a exemplory reputation for turning out wonderful nurses in it's brick and morter program back about 14 years ago. However, I feel that it is not the case now.
    I went there for my LPN to RN when the school had a different name, the same as the hospital it was in. There have been many issues that appear to never have been corrected sort of a Dean leaving. I chose that school because of their prior reputation and more current info was not available to me.
    Many students have had issues with finding placement for clinicals but I think that many were being too picky about where they did their clinicals. I was very open to suggestion, willing to speak with anyone that would share their knowledge/contacts with me. This and my ability to network is how I was able to land successful clinicals.
    I had some incredible instructors that really understood what it took to be a effective online instructor. But 3 instructors out of 15+ classes is a poor average for as few students as we had in our class. The Psych instructor was a piece of work!!!!!
    Their NCLEX pass scores are terrible and the school has been on the fringe of losing their accredidation for many years. I found out (literally) 5 min before I was leaving to take the NCLEX-RN that the previous year's score were about 43% but because I prepared, took a national review course and contacted Suzanne (from this site)- I passed on the first try. I have followed up with some of my classmates over the years, 2 of 11 took the nclex several times and failed- I think they finally gave up.
    Overall, I think the school is FAR TOO EXPENSIVE for the education!!!!!!!! As a widowed mother who was told by the school that they would discount tuition then I could get a loan for the rest, my tally was $15k for 18 months of education.
    In the past, I wrote a long msg relating my experiences with the school and was mailed a nasty gram basically telling me to keep my opinions to myself. This msg as well as the last are PURELY my experiences. The above mearly outlines the cherry on top of the time I spent there. I have pages and pages of coresponce and journaling related to my education wtih them. I have learned 2 things: Don't trust what anyone says to you and ALWAYS get it in writing!
    In the end I chose another school to finish my BSN at. They are online as well and a great school with a solid reputation and much less expensive. Please e-mail me if you would liek to chat further.
    Good luck to you! The effort is worth it.
  5. by   mcknis
    I have also looked into the RN-BSN with Chamberlain. I will say that it looks pretty from ads on and other websites. You may want to look into this a little further. I was intrigued at first that there was not a clinical component to their program, but after looking at the cost, I was very disappointed. $520/cr hr seemed way too steep for my wallet, but none the less I continued researching it. After contacting several state boards, including mine, I found that in order to be a BSN program with accreditation, a clinical component was required! That immediately sent me looking for other colleges to contact.
  6. by   intrested
    I am also looking into a RN TO BSN program for Chamberline and kent State. I have to take 19 courses at Kent and we will see how many at Chamberline as I am in the application process. I think that sometimes there is just alot of busy work that is designed to make you feel you are getting some challenge. I work 48 hours a week and have been a nurse for 16 years. I dont want busy work. I want education that will help me in my field and get a BSN to stay marketable. I am trying to decide between Kent at $380 pch vs Chamberlin at $575 pch. Can anyone help me out? Has any one gone thourgh either program?
  7. by   LucasRN
    Chamberlain is both NLNAC and CCNE accredited.
  8. by   TIN65RN
    Quote from LucasRN
    Chamberlain is both NLNAC and CCNE accredited.
    I too am looking at this program, but seems to me after reading the info on their website,
    that only 2 of their campas programs are accredited by the NLNAC and the online program is not.
    Lunah, can you clarify this for us? Thanks, Cissy
  9. by   LucasRN
    q: is chamberlain an accredited nursing college?

    a: yes. chamberlain college of nursing is accredited by the following accrediting bodies for higher education and nursing education institutions:

    • higher learning commission of the north central association of colleges and schools (nca) -
    • national league for nursing accreditation commission (nlnac) - 61 broadway, new york, ny 10006, 212-363-5555
    • commission on collegiate nursing education (ccne) - one dupont circle nw, #530, washington dc 20036, 202-887-6791.
    • chamberlain is also licensed by higher education and nursing boards in the states in which it operates
  10. by   Pixie.RN
    No worries, Cissy -- it is accredited. Personally, I did a lot (a LOT!) of looking and comparing and researching before I chose Chamberlain, and I'm really enjoying my classes. I'm glad I chose Chamberlain, truly. I like the format, I've had great instructors, and I've really enjoyed interacting with other students online. Is it expensive? Yep. But I've managed to not pay for almost half of it out of my own pocket, which rocks.
  11. by   TIN65RN
    Thanks Lisa,
    I just got off the phone with one of the advisors. It will be a toss up between Chamberlain, Penn State or EC. Chamberlain is very generous with the credits, and I will likely have less classes with them, so I am leaning toward them. If I stay with EC I will still have 8 prereqs to do! And Penn State may not give me credit for my A&P or Micro (no labs) and I am not repeating classes!! Cissy
  12. by   billythekid

    I looked into many of the same schools for my bsn.. ultimately decided on Utica College (with degree conferred thru Syracuse University).
  13. by   WyndDrivenRain
    I am attending Chamberlain for my BSN. I love it so far. I only have to take 10 classes in total, I will be done in 8 months. The classes are challenging but doable. I got the full boat paid for in grants and a small loan. They are all very nice and helpful there.

    Sue, RN
  14. by   jpunky
    I am beginning this program March 2nd (RN to BSN) and have been reading reviews online. The reviews for attending the actual school aren't so good, but the online program has received good reviews. I am expecting it to be VERY challenging as I have read and a lot of work! I work full time and will be attending full time there so I do hope it works out! So far, the advisor has been fantastic and financial aid has been very helpful. This is an expensive program but it is one of the few that are accredited and does not require additional clinical hours.