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I just had a quick question. I am a new nurse of 7 months.I work on a 54 bed surgical-trauma unit. I don't ever want to fall behind on all the new nursing trends and procedures that are coming out. I just wanted to know what nursing magazines you all get and which ones have the best news in them. I am getting the RN magazine right now. I want to get maybe another one. But, I want a magazine that has more stories and less advertisements. I would appreciate it if you all could tell me which magazines would be best!

I really love these bulletine boards! They are so helpful. I have been passing the word around.

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I get AJN (through my ANA membership), RN Magazine, Nursing 2002, Critical Care Nurse (through AACN membership), Focus on Critical Care, Nursing Spectrum and Nurseweek (both free, BTW). I used to get Heart and Lung and also another one whose name escapes me right now; but I quit subscribing to them when I realized I wasn't reading most of them.

BTW, I stack my nursing magazines in my BR on a small stand near my toilet and countertop and everytime I use the BR, I read a paragraph or two. Even while brushing my teeth I can do that! I have no problem keeping up with my professional reading that way. (Thank goodness I have "my own" BR, because sometimes the magazine stack does get a bit deep.)


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I get Nursing 2002. Easy to read and lots of good tips.

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advance for nurses, it's also free; to sign-up, just go to:

their magazine is also easy to read & they have a lot of articles too. most of their advertisement is located in the back of the magazine along with the classified ads.

good luck :blushkiss - moe.

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I would check every so often. It is updated multiple times daily with nursing news from within California -- but the Golden State being what it is, usually affects the rest of the country.

So much of interest to nurses is "buried" within the popular media -- or not covered at all.

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I subscribe to Emergency Nursing Journal (through ENA), Nursing 2002, Nurse Spectrum (free) and also do on-line research on trends in ER nursing.


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originally posted by lightning

i get nursing 2002. easy to read and lots of good tips.

hi lightning.. how does one subscribe to nursing2002? i tried to find the site to subscribe without any luck.

thanks !!:)

Try It may work. If not try


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hey mkue, just looked in the mag and can't find a website for subscriptions. it does have a #. 1 800 879 0498. there is a website for article related questions or comments. that may take u to subscriptions.

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