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Work on a surgical trauma unit

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  1. Why is it called a HAT?

    You should see the look of my patient's faces when I say, "I will be right back... I am going to get you a hat..." Hahahah they give me the strangest looks!!!! Lynda
  2. Nursing Magazines

    I don't think my last post was posted... I will try again! I wanted to thank all of you for helping me out with all the magazines that are out there! I really appreciate all of your help. Do any of you belong to your states professional organizati...
  3. Nursing Magazines

    Sorry about all my spelling mistakes!!!! I worked 12 hours last night and only had three hours of sleep!!!!
  4. Nursing Magazines

    Thank you everyone for all of your replies!!!!! I am definately going to look into some of these magazines! Does any of you belong to a professional nursing organization. I was thinking about joining NJ's Nursing organization. If so, do you find th...
  5. Nursing Magazines

    Courier Hello Everyone! I just had a quick question. I am a new nurse of 7 months.I work on a 54 bed surgical-trauma unit. I don't ever want to fall behind on all the new nursing trends and procedures that are coming out. I just wanted to know w...