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This hospital likes to hold long interviews. I had short hair and was clean shaven when I went in.

Interviews are different for everyone - some are long, short, funny, and/or unforgettable. Do you remember your first job interview? How long was it? What do you remember the most about your interview? Please share...

My interview.....Consisted of basic skill questions and it was about 45 min long. I had the hugest sweat marks on a colored top that showed how dark and large these pit stains were. I also noticed that my mouth uncontrollably twitched which I never had that problem! For example, I was smiling so much that my right cheek was twitching. I know I felt crazy sitting there haha. I even walked out and the charge nurse saw me as I lifted my arms with these 6 inches wide pit stains. On top of me having some nervous gas pains hahaha. She laughed so hard and then told the manager who also laughed so hard. Good thing it worked out!

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I had a panel interview with 4 people asking me typical interview questions.

What I find most interesting about the whole thing is that all four people on that interview panel were gone a year later. Bungee bosses.

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Which one LOL? I have had some where there was a huge panel, others were one on one. The one that I actually got the job, was a shadow on the floor with one of the nurses, and then some time with NM. Best type in my opinion. I was able to relax and then have legitimate questions about what I saw and did rather than the typical ones you are "supposed" to ask. It was great.

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I was serving my nursing school preceptorship hours. The NICU director came up to me at the bedside on the first day:

Said she: "I'm going to give you a job if you pass NCLEX and still want to work here."

Said me: "OK, I do want it. Thanks."


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Best interview style to me is the shadow interview: on the floor for a few hours then interviewed with 2 NMs. I really got to see my potential coworkers in action, ask honest questions away from management, check out the hospital environment, and felt like I had more control over my interactions.

I know they're time consuming (2-3 hours over 30 minutes-1 hour), and rules and time restrictions may even prevent these in the hiring process, but I think shadow interviews provide a better overall picture of the person.

Then again, an awful 2-3 hour shadow interview can be delayed misery!

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For which job? I am a Traveler? lol this is like a every day thing for me.

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I interviewed with the CEO of the hospital, and the head nursing coordinator. They asked me to tell them a little bit about myself and why I was interested in the field (psych/rehab), then there was a tour of the hospital and then it was back to the nursing coordinator where I got my job offer! I then proceeded to restrain myself from hugging her.

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what I do remember during those were the questions that I know but didn't remember and said at that time.. :wacky:

I was still in nursing school, about 2 months from graduating, and interviewed in the ICU where'd I had clinicals. I couldn't have possibly been more nervous but it was a breeze. My boss knew that as a new nurse I would not have experience so my interview was almost exclusively just getting to know one another. My boss worked really hard to ensure our staff is a cohesive group who get along well and whose personalities compliment each other. Skills can be taught and experience will come. I'm so grateful this is the way she hired because we truly are a team and we all work so well together. I absolutely love everyone I work with. No one ever has to ask for help, it's automatic that our whole team will be there, pitching in with whatever needs to be done. I love my work family and I definitely think we have our boss to thank for putting us all together.

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How long was your longest interview?

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