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I have noticed from day one in here that many RNs use some of the poorest English and grammar I have ever seen. I am sure that we were required to take English as a requirement to graduate from... Read More

  1. by   LilStudent
    I work in the insurance industry as an Insurance Underwriter (for now). Some of my fellow Underwriters have atrocious spelling and grammar! They might make grammatical errors, but they are excellent at what they do.

    I used to spend alot of time in chatrooms when I was younger. I also wrote lots of emails using "chatroomease". The best advice I can give is don't let yourself lapse into writing that way. I got used to chopping up the English language and dropping punctuation. I'm still trying to dig myself out of my "bad grammar" hole.
  2. by   Dixiedi
    I noticed it too but was afraid to say anything. LOL After all, I am just an lpn and not college educated, at least not in nursing. LOL
    Poor English used by others is not an excuse to allow it within our own ranks.
  3. by   zambezi
    I do feel that it is sad that people with poor grammer and spelling even make it to college...meaning, I think that it should be worked on in the elementary years...there is no reason for a student to have poor grammer in college or after college. That being said, on these bulletin boards, I think that it is ok to be a "looser" with grammer and spelling as we are here on our own time and for fun, to meet with others with similar intrests. It seems that you can usually tell in these boards when someone is just typing fast/not paying attention, etc vs. someone who truly has poor grammer and spelling. As others have mentioned, this topic has been discussed frequently, I personally feel that it is just another symptom of an education system that doesn't have enough money, teachers, (and parents?) - etc to teach a basic skill.
    Anyhow--I am here to relax, have a good time, and learn--after unwinding with a couple of drinks so please excuse the spelling and grammer errors!
  4. by   RN4NICU
    I dont need no skool

    It does get confusing (after a couple of margaritas) trying to read internet shortcuts that some people use (u no who u r)
  5. by   Ari RN
    Geeee is there an ugly duckling here???
  6. by   Tweety
    Quote from Ari RN
    Geeee is there an ugly duckling here???
    I'm sure this thread will be closed down soon. Probably violating TOS here but this poster is a bit crabby if you look at his posts, borderline troll.
  7. by   canoehead
    Since we don't provide or require spellcheck here you can be as loose as you want with your grammer on the bulletin board- just read the terms of service before you post.

    And please, no crankiness directed at fellow posters, whether it's grammatically correct or not.
  8. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from zambezi
    Anyhow--I am here to relax, have a good time, and learn--after unwinding with a couple of drinks so please excuse the spelling and grammer errors!
    and speaking for myself???? i do not care at all if i am NOT excused for erroneous spelling and grammar on this bb.
    professionally, my grammar skills are adequate and it is shameful when people don't know proper English. but when writing casually, spontaneously and quickly, if i make some typos or use some short cuts, who gives a darn? i am not responsible for others errors so it wouldn't impose upon the image of this public forum either. atrocious grammar is a reflection of the writer only and is open for critique only in a professional context.
  9. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from LarryG
    ... Not raggin' on ya, Mag...
    Shoot! Just saw I messed up again.

    My sincere apologies, Mag. The above was, obviously, meant for Jailhouse.

    Guess since the "I Think I Love You" thread, just can't get you out of my mind!
  10. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from canoehead
    ... you can be as loose as you want with your grammer ...

    Well I guess so!
  11. by   veteranRN
    I don't know about the rest of you but I find the charting I do is actually quite gramatically incorrect. I mean how many of us actually chart in complete sentences? "Alert and Oriented" is that a proper sentence? I actually CLEP'ped out of English but find it alot faster to chart in incomplete sentences and abbreviations. Now when I write letters to my friends and family in medical abbreviations.........
  12. by   purplemania
    Grammar in this forum and on medical charting are not the same thing. I, too, think there are too many lazy nurses out there not speaking or charting professionally. Our culture has taken the casual lifestyle a little far, IMHO. We had a nurse who referred to otitis media as otis meatus. I often wondered if she paid someone to take NCLEX for her. Grammar sets apart the educated from the uneducated, and really does make a difference in how you are perceived. I understand that grammar has nothing to do with how well one performs a task, but I have the opinion that tasks is not ALL that nurses are about. How we think and make critical judgements is at least as important, or more so, than having the ability to perform a task. I am in favor of nurses being perceived as educated professionals who are due respect (and salary!!) befitting their education (not training).
  13. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from veteranRN
    ... "Alert and Oriented" is that a proper sentence?...
    Nothing wrong with that at all. Tenses match. Clear, understandable assessment. Professional terms correctly employed. Hence, documentator is perceived as knowledgeable, experienced, believable, etc.

    Approved abbreviations are also fine.

    None of this stuff is what, I believe, we're (or, at least, I'm) talking about.

    Keep on doing what you're doing.