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I was just reading an old thread here from about three years ago, when several people mentioned that they had never heard of sending post-interview thank you notes until they came here. Others are... Read More

  1. by   charr-RN
    I had my interview yesterday and send a thank you email within 24 hours, and consider it a chance to ask for an in person interview and whatever else I forgot to ask during the phone interview.

    With my previous job,I sent a thank you letter after a face to face interview, and been lucky to get that position.
    So,there's no harm if we send this note especially when they are interviewing many applicants, this may contribute to be one factor to be considered. Just my thought.
  2. by   Wrench Party
    I haven't bothered since I got my first nursing job..mainly because the thank yous were directed to whom interviewed me (co-workers and manager).
  3. by   chanteurdelamour
    There's no harm in sending one, of course, and maybe they do help in certain cases. I didn't need thank you notes for my jobs, and it feels unnatural for me to send one, personally. So I choose not to. Again, like the above poster said, thank you's and appreciation are given during the interview. I don't see the need to reiterate the same sentiment in a cheesy note. It's obviously a personal choice whether you choose to send them or not, but I don't think they're that big in deciding whether or not you get the job.
  4. by   icuRNmaggie
    Several years ago I interviewed for a position 400 miles away. I was greeted by a nurse recruiter who gave me a tour of the hospital and walked me to the unit where I was interviewed first by the manager, then by the staff nurses who had coffee and muffins. It was very nice and relaxed and I had a good vibe about that unit. When I got home, I sent notes to both the recruiter and the manager thanking them for taking the time to meet with me, and within a week I was offered the position, and with a significant relocation and sign on bonus.
    If it feels forced, uncomfortable or if you think that thank you notes are cheesy, then don't write one. For some of us, it will set the tone for a cordial and professional relationship.
  5. by   nursel56
    I would definitely send one after a phone interview, owing to the fact that so much of personality or demeanor is lost with just voice contact. It could also be a way to highlight what you felt were the most well-received aspects of the phone interview.
  6. by   Internet98
    It's a gamble. It may or may not help. It can also hurt if it's too generic. And no it's not true that it's quick and easy to write one. It takes effort, believe it or not. Thank you letter is no easy task, contrary to what others say. Any communication with employer is never easy or to be taken lightly.