Nursing implications of birth control?

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What would be an example of nursing implications of birth control?

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What are some examples you can think of?

The best way to learn is to do your homework yourself.

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I think what they are saying is that this smells like homework and we don't complete homework for you. What we would like to see is that you are trying to come up with some ideas for yourself so we can guide you. Write back with some ideas you have.

A side effect of the pill might be nausea. Wouldn't a nursing implication be how the nurse deals with it?

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It might be easier for you to think of implications if you brainstorm some situations where this might come up. I'll give you a couple of examples:

1. RN is working in an outpatient clinic and a female patient is prescribed an antibiotic for UTI. The patient's medical history indicates that she is sexually active and taking Ora contraceptives. What should the nurse do next?

2. A teenage patient presents to the ED with lady partsl pain and green discharge. Patient states that she is sexually active but "uses protection". The nurse inquires about what protection is being used. The patient reports that she receives Depo Provera injections. What should the nurse do next?

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Your drug guide should list nursing considerations for the specific drug. Mine did anyway.

Teaching pt to take birth control at same time every day. take missed dose as soon as realized.

Instruct pt that b/c does not protect against STDs and to still practice safe sex


Here is another question- Your female patient on birth control pills is admitted to your floor. Does your pharamcy carry every brand of BCPs including hers? How do you know where she is in her cycle? Do you ask someone to bring the home meds? What about an substitute? If she misses a few days of pills, how long should she abstain from sex once she starts them again?

I would think it is mostly about educating the client about the usage and side effects.

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Ok thats a good start. That can be a nursing implication because you would teach about side effects so that she doesn't stop taking her pills.

Also, what are other side effects and adverse reactions to the medication? Blood clots? Is she a smoker? educate educate educate

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Is she young and not likely to keep with a medication regimen? Not to say that young people can't but in reality it may be a problem.

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