Need clarification- Nursing Implication vs. Nuring Action


In one of my text I see Nursing Implication in another text I see Nursing Action... what exactly is the different between the two? Oh... another one I also see is Nursing Considerations:eek: Please clarify. Thanks


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Here is what I understand....

Implications/Considerations: What I need to be aware of concerning this disease/drug.

Interventions: What I'm going to do about it.



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Start with the core word...

Implication... to imply... that is, what concerns and conclusions follow from this... this takes place in your brain...

Action... to do... this is where your hands and feet and mouth get into the game... you're going to *do* something... take an action...

Consideration... to regard, to consider, to ponder... More thought processes... perhaps different from an implication in that it may be more web-like and tangential rather than a implication which is more "from this follows that" thought trains.

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The beach is almost all gone after the big storm. The implication (This fact implies) is that the next storm will take out more --maybe all-- of it.

Obesity is a known risk factor for Type II diabetes mellitus. Your teenaged patient weighs 175kg. The implication is (This fact implies) that she is at risk for DM.


The town relies heavily on tourism at the beach; there are many taxpaying businesses along the shore that will be at risk if the beach continues to erode. A fix could be expensive, but how does that compare to the town's potential tax revenue income loss? We gotta consider all that.

Her mother wants to do the best by her kid but doesn't know where to start. She has limited resources. The kid is clueless about DM but doesn't like being fat. let's consider how we can use this information as a starting point.


The town gets funding and puts in a big breakwater out in the bay. This will help prevent big surf from pounding the beach, thus decreasing the risk of further erosion.

The nurse assesses this teen and her mom, teaches them about diet and exercise, signs her up for a class with the therapeutic recreation department, gets the social work department to see about getting her mom supplemental income for better food and into the free dietary dept cooking classes, and reinforces her gradual wt loss and decreasing A1c every time she comes into clinic.


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When I think of "implications", I consider consequences that need to be thought through. "Actions" are exactly that - what do you do as the nurse? These concepts may overlap but are separate ideas.

Thank you all for your responses. I think I have a clearer understanding now.