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  1. LilyRN99

    Mucous-GT residual

    When caring for a patient with a GT I am used to residual that is tube feeding colored. Recently one patient has colorless fluid with mucous in it. What could cause this? This is a change for this patient. She usually has food colored or no residual. Should I return or discard this mucous?
  2. LilyRN99

    Role in behavior monitoring

    I go to school with a teenager with a heart condition and behavior problems. I monitor her respiratory status, carry an O2 tank and bring a wheelchair everywhere we go in case of fatigue. I help her on and off the van, unpack/pack backpack, assist with toileting, supervise lunch, help her navigate between classes. As instructed by her teachers, I've been giving her visual and verbal cues to help her complete certain activities. I offer encouragement and positive reinforcement with a token board per teacher's instruction. My concern is when her behavior becomes difficult (yelling, hitting, refusing to do what is asked) that I am also supposed to be firm and offer physical cues. I've seen what staff does with some of the other behavior issues of other students and I am not comfortable with raising my voice or physically grabbing a patient/client to get them off the toilet/to wash their hands or whatever the task is. I was shown the student's IEP and told that all the instructions there are for me to follow as I am indirectly an employee of the school. My feeling is although staff and I have the same goals for the student my role as a nurse is slightly different. Nurse's don't yell or discipline. I asked my nursing agency and she doesn't have a 485 since the case is through the school. They didn't offer me any guidance. I want to be a professional nurse. What is my role in behavior management?
  3. LilyRN99

    A&P/Microbiology.. Help!!!!!

    Try looking up mnemonics for difficult to remember things. Pinterest has many of them or you could make your own,
  4. LilyRN99

    Clinical Instructor sucks...

    Practice skills on family and friends. I tell my students the more times you check a BP the better you will be at it. It's easier to find pulses and see pupil response on younger healthy people than on the elderly. The more lung sounds you listen to the better you will be able to identify abnormal signs. Practice the full head to toe assessment everyday at clinical. Even if the pupils were normal yesterday check again for the practice. Ask for help. I'd rather have a student ask for help with a skill than just assume they know how. Questions also indicate to me that you are interested in learning and are taking clinical seriously. Some of my students seem to do the minimum required. How is that going to help? Look up the conditions your patients have. You can't understand your assessment findings if you don't know what the condition is. You can read care plans online to help you know what to assess and what to do for a particular condition. I like nurseslabs.com. Nursing is tough and requires dedication. You need to understand the information, not just memorize it. Writing things down helps information soak into your brain. Make flash cards, make lists, take notes, etc. When it is time for the NCLEX take a ton of practice tests.
  5. LilyRN99

    grammer help for nursing student

    I'm not a grammar expert but I will point out a few mistakes in your post. They are just some suggestions. "I do well in science and math but not with writing. This semester, I am writing a research paper and my professor is taking off points for grammar. I use Microsoft review and the free version of Grammarly to correct mistakes. I have asked my family and friends for help but they are not willing. Second paragraph "but it turned out to be a scam." You misspelled turn, and have two is. Third, add I ("I also use'"). Gave my should be gave me. Should be a link or links. Capitalize I in all sentences. You have spelt grammar incorrectly. My word program even highlighted that my should be me. I also think it should be more than one sentence. Lastly, anyone is one word. By human should be by a human. Also, services is spelt incorrectly. Online services is not a physical space so I would use "that" instead of where. I think some of your mistakes is from not rereading your own paper. For example, I think you would have picked up on the "is is." Since many words sounds the same but have different spellings, the spell check will not pick them up. For example, there and their, site and sight, waist and waste etc. One trick I have used is when you aren't sure if a sentence sounds right, rewrite it. Pay attention to plurals and capitalizing I. Always, proofread your papers more than once. Take a break from writing and check it again with a fresh mind. My APA book had grammar tips. (APA is all caps.)
  6. LilyRN99

    Clinical Instructor sucks...

    You are just starting out so take a deep breath. I teach second quarter in a LPN program. I teach the clinical in the nursing home. Your clinical instructor knows what you are learning and practicing on real people is different. My students independently do bedbaths, vitals and head to toe assessments. I expect there to be questions and many students will say that they can't get a blood pressure, find the pedal pulse, and visualize pupil reaction. This is normal and I'm there to help them. Any other tasks, I am there with them. I know they are anxious and will often demonstrate the skill the first time and then have the students try it. I don't expect perfection. I supervise all medications given, finger sticks until I'm sure they can do it independently, and skills involving a feeding tube, etc. I am aware that people learn at different speeds and some people are more comfortable giving injections after one try and some need several attempts. Your teacher in the lab might be different than the one in the clinical site. I don't teach in the skills lab at all. I think you will be fine. Be respectful, willing to do whatever your instructor asks you to, and try not to look bored. You can always talk to patients, look at charts, or help aides or nurses. There are things you can't experience in the skill lab. I love seeing a student who finished their tasks talking with a dementia patient. Patients without dementia are often willing to tell their stories. Ask why they were in the hospital, what happened in the hospital, and why they are in the skilled nursing facility. Some people love to talk to students and nothing is better than hearing about an experience from the patients viewpoint. Of course, you won't learn everything you need to know in nursing school. You will learn so much more on the job.
  7. LilyRN99

    Chemistry - how much is used in school?

    When I went to school 18 years ago I was required to take biochemistry. I had general chemistry and organic chemistry and they weren't enough. Organic chemistry is one of the hardest classes I ever took. (Other was statistics.)
  8. LilyRN99


    Future nurse said it well.
  9. LilyRN99

    Downtime during school

    I often go to school with my private duty patients. They don't require medical attention when at rest sitting in a classroom doing school work. How do I make good use of this time. I don't want to appear that I'm goofing off but doing nothing at all ( watching kid for hours) makes my mind numb. Any ideas?
  10. LilyRN99

    First day of teaching in a class

    Would you be willing to share your jeopardy game or how you created it? I was considering a family feud type game but it seemed like too much work. I would love to incorporate a game to help with learning.
  11. LilyRN99

    In a Pickle

    Personally, I don't think I would want to work in oncology. It would be sad and you are exposed to toxic medications.
  12. LilyRN99

    57 and Don't Know Where to Turn

    With all your experience maybe you could get a job as a clinical instructor for an LPN program.
  13. LilyRN99

    CNS vs MSN in Education for educator roles

    I have heard you can teach with a APN degree but you can't be a APN with a masters in education. I think the APN track would make more career options Available.
  14. LilyRN99

    Recording of Class Lectures by Students

    I only teach clinicals but I believe my school leaves the decision up to the individual instructor. Many student say that recording the lectures is very helpful.
  15. LilyRN99

    clinical instructor versus didactic instructor pay

    I have a BSN and am a clinical instructor at an LPN school. They were impressed with my nursing home experience since that is where the clinical are held. Most schools in my area require a MSN for employment. I make more per hour than I did at the nursing home but less over all. I have several weeks off in between quarters. I don't have any benefits. I think the didactic instructors make the same or very little more. Not sure what benefits they have.
  16. You have to do what is best for you. If I was changing jobs or leaving to go to school, I would probably tell the family if I felt comfortable. They don't need all the details. You don't need to feel guilty. They will find another nurse. And don't they have caregivers (parents or other family) when the nurses aren't there? If I was leaving because I didn't like the case I wouldn't say anything. The agency doesn't even need to know all the details. You aren't comfortable working on that case. That's all they need to know.