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  1. Tutoring on the side?

    I would check out resources available to students to review how and what they are being taught. There are a lot of videos like registernursern and leveluprn on Youtube. SOS nursing has some free references that could also help. Students struggle w...
  2. NANDA retired?

    Yes thanks!
  3. Clinical pass/fail or a grade

    It’s a lot of work doing the grade sheets for clinical. We haven’t had clinical in a facility since March. Now we assign a case study that gets graded and one day is at the school to practice on manakins and they get basically a participation grade.
  4. I think it would help you. I’ve never had a RT as a student, only the CNA and med techs. Being a CNA can help in some ways but I also have to remind them to stop thinking like a CNA and start thinking like a nurse. After they do a bath they think th...
  5. Chamberlain North Brunswick.. any graduates?

    If it is a BSN program you won’t need your LPN. A BSN program will get you your RN. Unless it’s meant to be a bridge program for people who already have a LPN and then you would need to complete that first. Most LPNs continue school to eventually ...
  6. Considering an MSN-ED

    And you don’t have an acute care background?
  7. School day documentation

    I attend school with a student with a seizure disorder. There are no tubes, diapers, wheelchairs, no meds to give. I’m not sure what to write in my notes. My role is to monitor for seizures and administer emergency medication if needed. So basically ...
  8. NANDA retired?

    A student did a care plan for disturbed thought process. I found it at which was last updated November 2017. When she tried to enter it in the simchart it didn’t come up so she typed it in. I don’t see it on the NANDA 2018-2020 approve...
  9. Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

    Thanks! Thanks!
  10. Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

    I wonder if my education would be as good as another school if I finish it so Fast. Fast sounds good and financially wise but I also want a great education not just the letters after my name. It’s hard to decide.
  11. Chamberlain North Brunswick.. any graduates?

    100 miles?!?! That could be equal to a 2 hour drive! No way!
  12. Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

    I’m not clear how this program works. Do you take a pre-test to see what you know? Are you able to take the competency exam more than once? I don’t understand how people are able to complete it so fast.
  13. WGU RN-MSN Education

    How is it going so far? What kind of assignments are you getting?
  14. Work at home informatics nurses

    What do you do for the insurance company? Do you work from home?
  15. Chamberlain North Brunswick.. any graduates?

    What kind of online clinical are you having? Do you know where you would have had clinical if you had them in person? Which program are you in?