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You have got to hear the dream I had a few weeks ago. I've worked 10 years in medical nursing. It's the night before I start my new job in Interventional Radiology. Before I wake up, I have this... Read More

  1. by   cactus wren

    Laughing so.......hard my cats went and hid.....Charge to 360....gasp, gasppppp
    Now I have gone in and told my NM that I should get OT because I "worked" all night.... She hasn`t bought it....yet.....
  2. by   l.rae
    once dreamed l woke up on a gureny in the hallway of the ER where l work and everybody was just going on with their buisness around me....l thought l had fallen asleep on my previous shift and awoke in the middle of the next one....the only one who noticed me???.of course, was the NM ...staring me down.....coincidentally????...my relationship..(tenuous to start with), deteriorated with her shortly after l had this dream...hmmmm.....LR
  3. by   Audreyfay
    The only dream I can remember is when I worked in L&D. It had been a very busy night. I dreamed I was going from room to room, and another baby was popping. The hard thing was going back into the hall to get help. The hallway was full of people, so I never was able to find my way back to the rooms. Hmmm. Wonder what happened to the babies?
  4. by   nakitamoon
    Hardly remember any dreams,,,, guess cause when I do go to sleep I sleep so hard,,,,,,

    One morning though,,, I was dreaming I was at work there was a call bell going off,,, I went from room to room,,,, looking Could not find anyone who did it,,,,,

    Woke up to the alarm clock,,,, the beeping was it~~ not a call light,,,,,

    omg,,,,, ~~~kitamoon
  5. by   alwaysthere
    had a dream the other night ...dreamt that i was working with the two nurses from 'down under' (and i DONT mean Australia)..
    all of there patients where dying so much so that they were piled up in the hallways and i was trying to code everyone and i couldnt get to the nurses desk to get the good nurse to help me and he couldnt hear me yelling cuz he was on the phone with the docs and too busy taking off orders...(my family wondered why i was calling out some strange guys name in my sleep)
  6. by   nurs4kids
    I can't believe i'm going to admit this...

    Hubby woke me up one night...torn between panic and excitement...

    I was dreaming I was cathing a patient...

    His response, "damn, and I thought just once YOU were waking ME for sex!".
  7. by   whipping girl in 07
    The other night I dreamed that I had patients at opposite ends of the unit, and one of them kept me so busy that I forgot to check on the other one all night. Didn't even assess him! lol
  8. by   Momto3RN
    One of my most memorable dreams...

    ..first job after graduation.... dreamed I was passing my meds IN THE BUFF!
  9. by   BBnurse34
    I once had a dream that one of mypatients was actually an orangutang instead of a baby and I was dreading telling the parents about it. I was afraid that they would say that I lost the babe and replaced it with a monkey..
  10. by   RNConnieF
    I HATE when I wake at 4 AM and realize that the patient I had last night had a left AV fistula but no red arm band. Went to work the next morning (dragging my butt after being up since 4 AM when I didn't get home until almost 1 AM) and darn, he didn't have a red band. I must have noticed it and not realized I noticed it then when I went to sleep it came out in my dream. I can't afford to dream about work, it ruins my beatuy sleep (and I need all of it I can get).
  11. by   tattooednursie
    Ever since I became a CNA I have been having dreams of work every single night. I have dreams like the buildings are colapsing and I have evacuated all of the residents exept for one so I go in looking for them.

    The weirdest dream I have ever had involved me actually getting my work done on time, so I go out back fro a break in the smoking area (and I only smoke when I am really depressed or REALLY stressed, so I hardly ever smoke) and anyways I light a ciggarette that I find on the ground, and I smoke it and I get really dizzy and I pace around outside for a bit then I go in the building, and it looked completely different from my facility. I went into the dining toom, and all my geriatric patients were young again (they were little kids), and all my psych patients were teaching them, as if they were in a school. Then I looked around and each bedroom was a classroom, and then a teacher came out and dragged me into a room and said "Now class, this is Amanda, she is an RN. She used to take care of the pateints here when this was a long term care facility before it burned down, and all of the residents died. It must have been really hard on her. then I looked on the chalk bored in there and it had the names on it of the students, but they were the same as the residnets names. DREAM INTERPETERS PLEASE!!!!
  12. by   zudy
    I dreamed once the city had decided to put a heliport on top of my house, and I had to triage ALL the pts and decide what hosp they had to go to . I woke up exhausted.
  13. by   ?burntout
    Originally posted by nurs4kids
    I can't believe i'm going to admit this...

    Hubby woke me up one night...torn between panic and excitement...

    I was dreaming I was cathing a patient...

    His response, "damn, and I thought just once YOU were waking ME for sex!".
    :roll That is sooooo funny!!!!!

    I will start to drift to sleep and say "Get off of that call light" (of course never said to a patient)! I do this if I have one of those days where the patient had that finger GLUED to the call button (You all know what I am talking about!!!!!)