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  1. How to support a friend with cancer?

    I've got this!! I am a nurse with stage 4 BC Dont ask how I feel-unless you really want to know. Talk about tings other than C help her fel normal-movies? Most people dont know what to say-so they say nothing. that hurts Texting Hi I'm thinking of...
  2. I really need help with this case study?

    she just had mastectomy on right. avoid that arm for sticks and bp's. place arm band with warning on rt arm A mastectomy puts pt at risk for lymphedema in that arm. she is more at risk the more lymph nodes she had removed
  3. stage 4 breast Cancer

    I'm recovering from stage 4 BC. my chemo is going into maintenence now. I have a forward thinking oncologist who has great track record with hard cases. so my future looks bright. I know its hard to believe. I left work oct 2013 when I found my BC ha...
  4. I am just wondering what other docs do for pain control after port placement. I have worked in IR over ten years, have given conscience sedation for a lotta ports. then I had one placed for chemo/BC. When that lidocaine wore off it was painful. had ...
  5. Hi I'm trying to find out what other nurses at risk or that have LE do while at work. I had 17 axillary lymph nodes removed during mastectomy. I'm still in chemo now. radiation will follow. My PT person is supposed to order a sleeve for me. But I've ...
  6. A vent thread for patients- what can we do better?

    I've been a nurse 20 years now, three weeks ago I had major surgery. MostHorrible experience of my life. If your patient is in pain. Treat it! The longer you let someone agonize in pain, the harder the pain will be to control. 0.2 of dilaudid for ag...
  7. I'd talk to there manager. I'm in procedural area. Can't imagine letting a patient leave my area soiled. We are a team. that is basic care.
  8. Help with JP drain set up please!

    I've never heard of putting a JP to wall suction. and I work in IR where we place JP's. Is there that much pus that it needs wall suction? If IR is still open I would call them. just seems odd
  9. School should help with boy's insulin pump, mom says

    when my dd was dx with type 1- 5 years ago, we got a crash course in diabetes. (thankfully I had gotten my foundation in nursing school) We were sent home with a book to read. We learned everything pretty much overnight. and thankfully we didn't kill...
  10. getting into endocrinology

    you could be a CDE-certified diabetes educator there are 2 paths to becoming RN path or getting nutrition degree google how to become CDE
  11. policy on throwing up

    I'm not a school nurse but work in IR. I'm wondering what everyone elses school policies are on throwing up. Almost monthly our recovery room nurse is called by her 1stgraders school nurse. Child has thrown up. Its always after lunch. she throws up o...
  12. PEG Help Please

    I wouldn't really call a peg replacement surgery. its more of minor procedure. very quick, very easy. down in Interventional radiology the Doc/NP/PA puts a small/thin wire down the peg tube they deflate the balloon and pull the old yucky tube off an...
  13. ACLS for soon to be GN? Advice please.

    and whats the worst that can happen? if you don't quite pass you will do remediation where you come back and the instructor runs through scenerios with you
  14. What is so bad about STATS?

    would you'll recommend taking it online? i'm looking for a online stats course. Everything in my home state of Va reguires a math class prerequisite, so I'm looking outside of Va. Any recommendations? I need it to complete my MSN-I'm just starting an...
  15. Can anyone recommend a online statistics class with no prerequisites I'm not really a math person. I'm just going back to school to get my MSN and thought I would get my stats class out of the way. also going to takes ethics online too. I found one...