pain control after port placement


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I am just wondering what other docs do for pain control after port placement.

I have worked in IR over ten years, have given conscience sedation for a lotta ports. then

I had one placed for chemo/BC. When that lidocaine wore off it was painful. had to get script for pain meds! pain lasted good 1-2 days. granted it was a left port, and he had to do a lotta tugging to get it in.

But has got me wondering if other docs are ordering pain meds for port placement. I realize the order should come from the oncologist. many women in my support group experienced same as me

btw tx all done

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I have to say that many do not order anything unless the patient asks for it or if they are an outpatient as may are. They usually order some Norco or Vicodin when they do. The site and tunnel can be very tender for several days after placement so much so that many years ago it was common to allow 3 days of healing before they could be used. On occasion we did have to use them right away out of desperation for access and some were very sensitive when used right away. Yes ! the left side can be more painful due to the less direct route to the SVC when compared to the right side especially the turn into the SVC and it may require more manipulation by the proceduralist