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i was at a work a few weeks ago, and i was helping a cna with one of her pt (not mine) ...the pt had just been admitted that day but she was a pt i had for 3 months last yr when i was working full... Read More

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    Quote from mcruss
    I'm an LPN student right now-and we were discussing stories like this tonite...

    One student was in a clinic setting-observing an RN doing an assessment- on this 20something year old guy who was a little bit strange..well-they asked him what brought him in, and he hemmed and hawwed about having had some weird episodes since going off his prozac...after not making much sense-The man finally threw his hands up in the air and admitted that he had a problem w/his testes..Well apparently, he had gotten drunk one night and cut a slit into his scrotum which he then went on to pack full of egg shells, chocolate and other particles...They also pulled out a sucker stick...YIKes....Not a funny story-but these stories are new to me-and I was really shocked at this one.
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    Quote from oplok
    these stories are from my friend who works in the ER

    1. a young lady, early 20's came in with complaints of laceration in her rectal area and scratches in her back. She said she was preparing her bath, she was bending down to check the water temp and supposedly her dog "did" her from behind. I dont even want to expand on this story, just use your imagination.

    2. another, yes young lady, came in because she fell down, she was wearing a skirt and accidentally landed on a Zucchini and it broke off, witht he other half still in her rectum....... yah right!
    Oh my...............
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    Quote from ktwlpn
    What? Excuse me-what? Hello? Has anyone else EVER heard of this? It's a joke,right?
    I've heard of ingesting e-coli pills to restore flora in bowel.
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    Okay...well I just talked to hubby to have him remind me of funny things..and he did! (he is paramedic)

    Okay last week he had the whole thorny rose stem up the rectum to quell an impaction (cultural deal)...but he reminded me of a patient that was doing self accupuncture on herself using a sharp knife blade..she slipped and put it in her chest! ALL THE WAY! And wouldn't call 9-11 saying it was the will of her 'GOD'..okay thank goodness she had relatives not so into the practice as she....LOL!

    He has had cases of just about anything up the rectum...coke bottles, vibrators, a bowling pin! Cases where ladies thought birthcontrol pills go vaginally. And a case of a man working on a plane of his who got a huge screw through his head and actually drove to the nearest hospital with it IN THERE! The x-rays are astonishing...and he is totally perfectly fine...shoved any brain material out of the way thank goodness! Still a pilot from what I hear, but for some reason I wouldn't fly with him.LOL (private owned plane not commercial! WHEW! LOL!).

    Weird thing I saw was this man dressed up like it was Mardi Gras in January..and he thought it would be cool to use sequins (sp?) for contacts to make his eyes pretty! about abrasion big time and we had the HARDEST time getting that out! It slipped and went back of course..uhgggg! Then we found out that he put a safety pin in his....'member' on a dare....oh man!!!!!! Got that out no probelm!

    He was SO wierd and he was all decked out in ladies undies and body paint..tons of beads...and sparkles from head to toe...pain in the butt to get all that glittery mess out of the exam room when he left!!!!! LOL, oh and of course, I was a job to clean it out!!!!! But made for an interesting shift! LOL! Oh we joked about him for a week or more!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!1
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    We had a resident whose family insisted that she be allowed to keep her meds in her room (we had kept them them up to this point). The facility nurse went with the family wishes on this one, and the resident did okay for awhile. Then one day she came to the dining room asking for "decaffeinated bread". Needless to say, she took a trip to the hospital and her meds were kept in the med room--no more self-medicating for her!
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    Quote from ktwlpn
    What? Excuse me-what? Hello? Has anyone else EVER heard of this? It's a joke,right?

    Stool donation is real. There was a thread with links to articles here on the bb not too long ago.
  7. by   Pattiecake
    OK, have to say, been a practicing RN for 38+ years and I have certainly NEVER heard of stool donors.
  8. by   vaughanmk
    The last unit I worked on had a patient that recieved stool through his NG. Luckily it was before I worked there. They actually made the nurses prepare it. The family would come to the nurses station to tell them there was a "deposit ready" for them. The nurses then had to put it through a blender and then strain it before they could put it through the NG. At first I didn't believe it myself but everyone there told me about it seperately. But then again it was a small town hospital in the middle of Kansas. Who knows what goes on there?
  9. by   Pattiecake
    There's many a gross thing I have had to do in all my years as a nurse, but eeewwwwww! Stool in a blender! Not this nurse! yuk eeewwwww! And I thought I was grossed out by toenails. Toeneils don't hold a candle to this!

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    A freind of mine is a vet and he tells me that they do this all the time with horses. His comment - At least you don't have to walk around a field checking to see which piles are still steaming first!!
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    about the worst i seen lately was part of an egg sandwich in a mans dirty excoriated groin. His scrotum was the size of a coconut so I guess Im lucky i didn't find a cup of coffee there also ....ugh, what a
  12. by   Fluesy
    Eeewww! Yuck!!
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    Quote from peter73
    It wasn't the DX that was wierd for me but the TX.
    I was on my med-surg rotation in school and had to give the worst "med" ever.
    This patient had come to the ED, presented with pnuemonia and was started on ABX. The treating resident did not take into account her renal failure of decreased liver function. She went to toxic levels of her ABX and it killed all and I mean all of her natural flora in her intestines. She was being treated after a long search for a donor, a stool donor.
    I went into the room with 300cc liquified stool and proceeded to put it down her NG tube. This was of course after reading the order multiple times. I new it was not a joke when the "Med" was sent up to the floor followed by the MD, who explained to the nurses then to the pt what was about to be done.

    I also had a post-op pt that had an 8inch vibrator removed from transverse colon. It had sort of climed it's way up. Surgean said it was still giong when removed...I have never thought of the energizer bunny in the same light since.
    :roll :roll
    EEEWWWWW!!! where did you get the liquid poo from? yuk .

    Emma :hatparty:

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