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This thread is started in honor of my darling husband, who told me this morning that he almost woke me early because he had a bowel obstruction. I said, "A bowel obstruction? Really? Tell me... Read More

  1. by   talaxandra
    Yeah, I love the people who think patients sleep overnight. Even if they wanted to, half the time they get woken for meds, obs, turns, assessments, blood (hung and/or collected), drain or catheter measurements, x-rays there was no time for during the day, or by neighbours who are confused, newly admitted or being woken for meds, obs...

    My favourite stupid thing was being roused from sleep at 2PM by my brother, who had brought a friend around to my apartment for some reason now lost in the mists of time and sleep deprivation. When I asked (politely, all things considered) why the $%&# he was there he said he knew I would be home, because I was on nights!

    Surprisingly, it only took me waking him once at 2AM for him to get the point!
  2. by   tattooednursie
    Ohhhh and . . .

    "That thing about the full moon . . .and everyone going crazy . . . is just a myth."

    YEAH . . . RIGHT!!!!!!!
  3. by   JBudd
    By various orientees, from students to new grads to transfer ins:

    "oh, saying the Q----- word doesn't really make things worse

    or friends: "have a Q--- night!'

    stop! just stop! :chuckle
  4. by   conandcait
    I like to retell the story of my mother's hospital stay when she was in labor with me. Here it is: My mom was 17 when she had me (35 years ago) and had never been in a hospital. She was terrified about being in the hospital as it was all so new to her. She said she was woken many times in the night to the term "Dr. such and such- ICU " which she took to mean " I see you" She had the covers pulled up to her neck round the clock as she thought someone was watching her every move!
  5. by   meintheUSA
    Quote from badphish
    the INFANTigo has me rolling.

    reminds of some sick slips i saw in the Army, where the soldier right their chief complaint on the slip, there are so many spellings of diarrhea, but many would just right "the *****" to avoid ridicule.

    one off the top of my head was "aunt bites"
    At home growing up, we never had "diarrhea", but we had "the skitters" I never knew until high school there was anything but.
  6. by   BabyCatchr
    My mom always called it a "bee yam." I didn't know til I was grown that she was saying "BM." I thought it was a beeyam because it looked kind of like a yam. No wonder I was never a fan of sweet potatoes.
  7. by   meintheUSA
    Quote from BabyCatchr
    My mom always called it a "bee yam." I didn't know til I was grown that she was saying "BM." I thought it was a beeyam because it looked kind of like a yam. No wonder I was never a fan of sweet potatoes.
    LOL Gotta love it..
  8. by   Brikkz
    These are all cute and funny! Thanks for the laughs!
  9. by   BKCinNOLA
    By my new-to-med-school boyfriend regarding my working nights:

    "Working the night shift must be so easy. All you have to do is watch people sleep!"

    Hahaha..ignorance is bliss
  10. by   Brikkz
    When I was in the hospital I couldn't sleep at night. Besides if nurses or hospital staff let you sleep at night why would you wanna go home? :P
  11. by   kfarinato
    I am not a nurse yet, but I will graduate in Dec, needless to say I'm exhausted all the time. So this week my mom says to me " don't be so miserable, nursing school is fun" My mom is not a nurse- I had to walk away so I wouldn't get into a full blown fight.
  12. by   lindseylpn
    My SIL says her kids are allergic to almost every med: Benedryl and cold meds, because it makes them sleepy. Antibiotics, because it gives them diarrhea. Tylenol and advil, idk why? She says her kids are allergic to Tylenol and have to acetaminophen instead. I'v tried to politely correct her but, I was told "i know they are allergic because they inherited it from me."

    My MIL once told everyone she had colon cancer. She was just impacted. She still tells everyone she beat cancer.

    My MIL also tells people i'm a pretend nurse and one day I'll go back to school, to become a real nurse. She thinks that my SIL who's a CNA knows more because she is a nursing assistant and I'm just pretend. I keep telling her the P stands for Practical! She just don't get it, shes one of those people who know everything. I gave up a long time ago, lol

    My DH also thinks I sit around and watch tv all night because I work for a group home and work at my pts homes. He really thinks people sleep all night too, lol
  13. by   Ruby Vee
    decades ago, i was dating a malpractice attorney (he worked for the insurance company) who had some mighty strange ideas about what nursing was all about. the time he told me, "don't worry, dear. if the nurses just follow the doctor's orders, everything will be just fine," i nearly throttled him!

    and then there was the day i was going off to work the night shift in the icu. as he was standing in the driveway, kissing me goodbye, a bee flew up and stung him. he was rolling around shrieking in "agony" and insisted that now i'd have to stay home and take care of him. i asked if he was allergic to bee stings. "i must be," he gasped, "because this hurts." it was about the size (and color) of a misquito bits. he never forgave me for going to work anyway. (or maybe it was the hysterical laughter as i drove down the driveway?)