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BabyCatchr has 20 years experience as a ADN, ASN, RN and specializes in OB/Gyn, L&D, NICU.

Obtained 3 degrees while raising 2 children alone.

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  1. BabyCatchr

    New nurse not up to speed Scared they are going to fire me

    I would also add that you may want to consider asking for a different preceptor. When I was a new RN, this helped tremendously! Not all preceptors are professional or meant to teach. A hospital with a good education system should be willing to find y...
  2. BabyCatchr

    Can they make an RN work as a CNA?

    Of course an RN can be the CNA. We do it all the time, and we act as our own secretary as well. They are always canceling or floating our aids and secretaries to other units.
  3. BabyCatchr

    RN to BSN dilemma (for an older RN)

    I am 51 and have 2 bachelor's degrees and an ADN, and I will be going back again for my online RN to BSN. I currently already have over 300 college credit hours. I raised my kids alone (no family or babysitters) while working and going go college/nur...
  4. BabyCatchr

    Galen or Baptist?

    I graduated from Baptist and I work as an RN in their hospital system. The instructors are very supportive and you get much more clinical experience, because you do your clinicals in Baptist hospitals and have access to the computer system. I also te...
  5. BabyCatchr

    Texas A&M Nursing School Spring 2019

    Does anybody have experience with Texas A&M's ADN to BSN online program?
  6. BabyCatchr

    Texas A&M Nursing School Spring 2019

    I am an RN ADN with a bachelor's in another field as well. I am looking for an online RN to BSN program. I called an advisor and the A&M program has clinicals! How much work did you find this program to be if you did the ADN to BSN? I live very f...
  7. BabyCatchr

    Nursing school IS rigorous

    I just graduated (my previous experience was not as an RN - the profile options need to be changed so it reflects that). Always stay up with your reading and start your projects as soon as you get them assigned. Try to work on something on your To-...
  8. BabyCatchr

    Addison's vs. Cushings, Electrolytes, Oh my

    But please note a correction to information mis-stated above: Addison's causes high potassium (hyperkalemia), not low - the opposite of the salt (Na).
  9. BabyCatchr

    UT Arlington Partnership Online RN-BSN

    Is anybody going through this program? I am considering UT Arlington for my RN to BSN, as the cost is $9,000 vs my RN school's $25,000, and it is all online.
  10. I recently had an experience when I answered a call bell (not my pt) and a patient's daughter asked me to make her mother's bed because she was too tired and I am getting paid to do it, not her. No, I don't get paid to do this - I am an RN student. ...
  11. BabyCatchr

    My first code-feedback appreciated!

    WAY TO GO for your fast action!!! My dear friend died in his 20's of a pulmonary embolism in the hospital when he was about to be discharged after a motorcycle accident. He and his wife had just had twin baby boys 4 months earlier.
  12. BabyCatchr

    Pre-Nursing school immunization catastrophe!

    Yes, allow plenty of time - at least 6 months - before admission to get your vaccinations. The Hep-B series takes at least 4 months. I had to do my TB test 3 times: once before I anticipated starting school, again right before I actually got accept...
  13. BabyCatchr

    Taking Anatomy and Physiology 1 in the summer?

    I took A&P I and II in 8 week sessions along with an easier class. It was a good amount of work and lots of memorization and going to lab extra to review the models. I have children and a home to care for on my own and did it and got all A's but ...
  14. Pot only receive a ticket now, but that still crosses my limits, especially if it comes into my home! Other behaviors, such as the acquisition of materials to manufacture other types of drugs, even if not in my home, there is a trust factor - what if...
  15. What would you do if someone in your household, ie husband or other family member, were doing drugs? ie, smoking pot, meth, hallucinogenics... Or what if it were a boyfriend, fiance, or sibling whose home you visited frequently? Couldn't this affect ...