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BabyCatchr has 20 years experience as a ADN, ASN, RN and specializes in OB/Gyn, L&D, NICU.

Obtained 3 degrees while raising 2 children alone.

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  1. BabyCatchr

    Galen or Baptist?

    I graduated from Baptist and I work as an RN in their hospital system. The instructors are very supportive and you get much more clinical experience, because you do your clinicals in Baptist hospitals and have access to the computer system. I also teach Galen students and they can't get into her computer system and therefore they can't give medications. It's difficult for us to accommodate them when we already have Baptist students who are there and can do so much more. Galen costs more and has to try to find hospitals where they can do their clinicals.
  2. BabyCatchr

    Texas A&M Nursing School Spring 2019

    Does anybody have experience with Texas A&M's ADN to BSN online program?
  3. BabyCatchr

    Texas A&M Nursing School Spring 2019

    I am an RN ADN with a bachelor's in another field as well. I am looking for an online RN to BSN program. I called an advisor and the A&M program has clinicals! How much work did you find this program to be if you did the ADN to BSN? I live very far from my hospital or any other hospital and have a lot going on in my life, so adding clinicals would make it difficult. But my daughter goes to A&M and I really like the school, so I'd like to hear more about this program.
  4. BabyCatchr

    Nursing school IS rigorous

    I just graduated (my previous experience was not as an RN - the profile options need to be changed so it reflects that). Always stay up with your reading and start your projects as soon as you get them assigned. Try to work on something on your To-Do list each day when you get home. Set small attainable goals for each day and reward yourself when you reach it. Most nights I did not finish until 11 pm, but I took a small break each hour. My reward each hour would be "getting to vacuum the living room" lol, or maybe a glass of wine at the end of the night (wine and doing clinical paperwork do NOT go together!). Plan something fun at the end of the week, Friday or Saturday eve, even if you have to go home early to wake up and start working again the next morning. And always take time to get in some exercise each week. I always went to bed on time before a test, as the extra sleep seems to help more than the extra cramming. I was a single mom of 2 with a lot of responsibilities and numerous personal problems and I made it through with all A's except for an 89.7 in Pharmacology. Take one day at a time and do your best each day. There is nothing impossible about nursing school - just busy busy busy.
  5. BabyCatchr

    Addison's vs. Cushings, Electrolytes, Oh my

    But please note a correction to information mis-stated above: Addison's causes high potassium (hyperkalemia), not low - the opposite of the salt (Na).
  6. BabyCatchr

    UT Arlington Partnership Online RN-BSN

    Is anybody going through this program? I am considering UT Arlington for my RN to BSN, as the cost is $9,000 vs my RN school's $25,000, and it is all online.
  7. I recently had an experience when I answered a call bell (not my pt) and a patient's daughter asked me to make her mother's bed because she was too tired and I am getting paid to do it, not her. No, I don't get paid to do this - I am an RN student. The patient was in isolation so I gowned/gloved/masked while the daughter puffed on her mother's oxygen and said she didn't feel well and by the way, was I done making that bed yet? She complained about how long it was taking and asked me if it was my first bed I'd made, then pointed at the pillow cases and demanded I put them on. I said very firmly, "I'm MORE than happy to HELP you. Now is there something else you would like before I get back to MY patient???" I had another patient's daughter come in at 11:00 and complain to me that her mother's breakfast was cold. No kidding. It was served at 8 am and I tried to get her to eat it for an hour. All of my patients and families have been great for the last year. I just started at a new hospital with lots of indigent care. They seem to feel entitled.
  8. BabyCatchr

    My first code-feedback appreciated!

    WAY TO GO for your fast action!!! My dear friend died in his 20's of a pulmonary embolism in the hospital when he was about to be discharged after a motorcycle accident. He and his wife had just had twin baby boys 4 months earlier.
  9. BabyCatchr

    Pre-Nursing school immunization catastrophe!

    Yes, allow plenty of time - at least 6 months - before admission to get your vaccinations. The Hep-B series takes at least 4 months. I had to do my TB test 3 times: once before I anticipated starting school, again right before I actually got accepted, then again a week later because there had been less than a year between the first 2 tests, so it had to be redone.
  10. BabyCatchr

    Taking Anatomy and Physiology 1 in the summer?

    I took A&P I and II in 8 week sessions along with an easier class. It was a good amount of work and lots of memorization and going to lab extra to review the models. I have children and a home to care for on my own and did it and got all A's but it was a lot of work. So it definitely can be done, but you'll need to make sure you have time to study for a few hours every day. Also, you should take Chemistry first so you'll understand it much better.
  11. BabyCatchr

    What would you do if your family member were doing drugs?

    Pot only receive a ticket now, but that still crosses my limits, especially if it comes into my home! Other behaviors, such as the acquisition of materials to manufacture other types of drugs, even if not in my home, there is a trust factor - what if they end up in my home or a vehicle I am in?
  12. What would you do if someone in your household, ie husband or other family member, were doing drugs? ie, smoking pot, meth, hallucinogenics... Or what if it were a boyfriend, fiance, or sibling whose home you visited frequently? Couldn't this affect your job/license/nursing student status? What if they had something in their house/apartment when you were there, or in the vehicle when you were riding with them? Couldn't you get in trouble with the law too? If the person were given a citation and not arrested, could that affect your career? Remember, this is not just a friend - it is a family member. I have a vested interest in obtaining your opinion, but I decline to be more specific as this board isn't completely anonymous.
  13. BabyCatchr

    UT-Arlington BSN program

    How many hours a week and/or hours per day do you spend on your coursework and studying? Is this program doable in a 8-5 day or do you spend your weekends studying and doing papers? I am working on finishing a couple of prereqs that I didn't get with my bachlor's of arts and this will be my 2nd bachelor's so I will be doing the AP online BSN.
  14. BabyCatchr

    UT Arlington Partnership Online RN-BSN

    You do have 2 12-hour clinicals per week if you are not already an RN. It is a very intense program but nice because you don't drive to school unless you need clinicals. There are prereqs and you must finish them before actually applying to the nursing school. But to me, the benefit is you can do pharm and pathophys ahead of time rather than along with all your nursing courses. The cost is $6k to $16k, depending on how many prereqs you take with them or if you have already taken them elsewhere.
  15. BabyCatchr

    University of Texas at Arlington AP Online BSN Program

    I checked into this program and they gave me a call. They partner with teaching hospitals in your area, but the areas are limited. The drawback is that your clinical instructors are not necessarily in sync with what you are learning from the university, and there is no dummy to practice on and no instructor to guide you before you get to clinicals. You have to figure out a lot on your own. I don't know how you would get through your clinicals like this. My mom is an RN and cautioned me about trying to do it this way and it makes sense. Before you can get accepted into the program, you finish their prereqs, of which 2 are slightly different than most schools: World Literature and Technical Writing. Then you complete 3 more prereqs in a specific order, one including an Intro to Nursing course and the others being Pharmacology and Pathophysiology. Then you apply to the nursing school. They start 8 sessions per year.
  16. BabyCatchr

    BSN vs. RN Salary

    Keep in mind that a 2 year RN is really a 3+ year degree considering the prereqs. Although I do firmly believe an RN should have the same college requirements as a bachelor's degree, which would mean adding on a few more prereqs than are currently required for a 2 yr RN. Getting my bachelor's in a completely different subject other than nursing, I feel that the classes I took helped me develop critical thinking and awareness skills necessary for nursing. It astounds me that you can be an RN regardless of whether you get an ADN/ASN or a BSN, as there is such a difference between the programs. Personally, I will be getting an ADN/ASN, as I already have my bachelor's and the only 2 BSN programs near me have requirements above and beyond what most BSN schools have: one is a Catholic university and would require me to take several semesters of religion classes. I have already taken several religion classes and taught in a Christian school so I don't find that necessary!!

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