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  1. by   miasmom
    Dear witch (nicer way of what I want to say) manager. Before you try to set me up make sure you are perfect. Put on your big girl panties and treat people right. Every is not perfect, including you.
  2. by   beckster_01
    Put a bandage on my ankle today and had to stop myself from putting the date on it.
  3. by   boogalina
    Why do I knock on the door of our 1-seater staff restroom before going in?
  4. by   Natkat
    (To the male patient hitting on me) now why would I date someone that I have to go home and take care of after taking care of people all day, then pay all the bills because you're on disability and then drive you to dialysis three time a week? Are you kidding me?

    Okay, that's two sentences.
  5. by   Sothep
    Said to a coworker, "okay, since you're helping with my patient, I'll give you the choice: do you want to hold the pannus with the tunneling ulcers, or clean the oozing lady bits that dwell beneath?"
  6. by   nursefrances
    Quote from Cuddleswithpuddles
    Those are the best to chart on. Click, click, click... done.

    It's the ones that have the funky stuff that take time. What was that measurement again? What's medical term to use for a heart that sounds like the doors closing on Star Trek?.
    I actually imagined the sound in my head when I read this.
  7. by   Blue Roses
    *walks out of the bathroom*..... I need to chart that.
  8. by   ARN2908
    My fave..." Nurse I need the bedpan!!!..... Me:"how do you toilet at home? " pt:" oh I walk to my bathroom" ...What the????!!
  9. by   RNbisgurlll
    I hope I'm off when the Joint Commission comes
  10. by   uRNmyway
    Quote from RNbisgurlll
    I hope I'm off when the Joint Commission comes
    Yay night shift!!!
  11. by   ClearBlueOctoberSky
    I could bag groceries. Yeah, that sounds like a good, simple job.
  12. by   meanmaryjean
    I am actually happy about working tomorrow night because it's when we turn the clocks ahead, and the shift will 'only' be eleven hours instead of twelve. AND I'm off Monday - also known as Central Line Dressing Change Night in the PICU.

    Doesn't take much to get me excited- which is borderline pathetic.
  13. by   Aurora77
    I'm excited about that too! Eleven hours instead of twelve, sign me up.

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