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In the hospital where I worked a couple of years ago, a very well known hockey player came for healthcare after an accident...girls were all upside down...and you, for which famous star would you be... Read More

  1. by   Peachy720
    I can't believe no one has mentioned Christian Bale!!

    Christian Bale
    Ewan McGregor
    Jude Law
    Ryan Gosling
    The Rock
    Dan Cloutier (former Vancouver Canucks goalie)
    John Cena
    Bryan Datillo
    James Scott (EJ Wells on Days of Our Lives)
    Matt Cedeno (formerly Brandon Walker on DOOL)
    Julio Iglesias JR.
    Jose Theodore (Montreal Canadiens goalie)

    I'll stop now..
  2. by   DR2004RN
    I agree with E.J. Wells from Days of Our Lives, but who could forget Apollo Anton Ohno and Joey Fatone! They are all hotties!
  3. by   nursechris1
    Ben Affleck
    Tim McGraw
    Sean Connery
    Paul Newman (I realize he is 82, but in his younger years he was hot)
    Mel Gibson
    I am only 41, but I seem to have a thing for older men
  4. by   bekindtokittens
    My Top Three.

    3. Adrian Brody.

    2. Mike Ness.

    1. Jake Gyllenhaal.
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  5. by   TazziRN
    Wow.....I guess I get to have him all to myself........Tom Hanks!
  6. by   IanAshBez
    Hands down, Terrence Howard...! Or Leonardo Dicaprio!
  7. by   RedWeasel
    Quote from AfloydRN
    Orlando Bloom- Would need 1 : 1 care and I would reluctantly volunteer
  8. by   RedWeasel
    Quote from Schmoo1022
    Yes, I LOVE Hugh Jackman as Wolverine...Very sexy.

    But I have to say...Dave Matthews. He is the only man I can use my " cheat on my husband for free" card with. My husband thinks it is hilarious that I get all hot and bothered over some balding guy! He makes me SWOON
    HE stayed at a hotel i worked at bout 10 yrs ago, he ate in the restaurant and drank Heineken, and I checked him out of the hotel myself at the front desk. He knew I was shaking. When done he started to leave, turned around and winked at me, (i was cuter back then). WOW. They stayed at the hotel with a bunch of musicians. Even BB KIng--who did a tour with U2 and my BONO (see above post) anyway I checked out one guy from the bb king band and he had this huge gold necklace with "when love comes to town" -the u2 song they sang with u2-i asked him if i could have it but shucks he said no.
  9. by   RedWeasel
    Quote from grace90
    OH YEAH!!! I CANT FORGET 'THE EDGE" (i.e. david evans)___COURSE THERE IS LARRY MULLIN JR (THE DRUMMER>>>>HE may need hand surgery with all that drummin-i can help with ROM)
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  10. by   RedWeasel
    Quote from Arwen_U
    Got another Wentworth fan here. Definitely 1:1 care.

    Viggo Mortensen, but only as scraggly-bearded, all-black-wearing, good-with-a-sword Aragorn.

    Bono would be nice too.
    sorry but that is weird cuz i later posted mine about viggo and bono and i had not seen your post yet, we should take notes!!! sorry for this extra post
  11. by   RedWeasel
    sorry one more post--
    yes Christian Bale,
    Daniel Craig
    Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama?-he was Jake the ex)
    even Toby McGuire would have to be on very close supervision next to the desk
    And whoever posted about The FUEL singer, yes,
    oh how about the guy from uh Save ME? the fireman show? The blond
    oh my GAWD COLIN FIRTH (pride and prejudice and Bridget Jones-both as Darcy)
  12. by   mgalloLPN
    I have a couple but here goes.....

    Orlando Bloom would be at the top of the list (especially in the pirates costume, LOTR costume, or the way he was in Elizabethtown)

    Also, Brett Scallions (former lead singer of Fuel and now singer for ROTS). Too bad though because he is married and will have a baby boy in August.

    Heath Ledger (before he got a beard and the way he ways in A Knights Tale or The Patriot),

    Vin Diesel, although I have heard stories of him being gay but not sure. Oh well, didn't matter if he didn't like the bed bath

    I know there are more but I can't think of them right now.
  13. by   anononurse
    I would really love going to work every day if these were my patients:

    Hugh Laurie
    Bruce Willis
    Hugh Jackman
    Patrick Dempsey
    Gary Dourdan
    Denzel Washington
    William Peterson
    Enrique Murciano
    Anthony LaPaglia
    Eric Close
    Jack Black

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