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trying to figure out which nursing school to attend. At this rate, I'll never start NS!

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  1. Peachy720

    Has anyone tried Turbo Jam?

    I wonder what you decided on.. Wow, what a difference a year makes!! I got the Turbo Jam Maximum Results and Elite Fat Burning Packages a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE them!! I actually look forward to working out..well, most of the time! The music is some of the best I've heard in a workout, Chalene and her team are very motivating and fun (my faves are Anna Rita and Mindy), and she has special features on her workout, such as Jamm'd, which is her version of Punk'd. My favorite thing is that she tells you mistakes still burn calories. When she tells you to dance, everyone does their own thing. I can DO these!! As far as calories, I'm burning the same as I do with Leslie's 4-miles. Can't tell you any results yet, but I'll post anything significant. I'm ready for the ball and Live! workouts!! :heartbeat
  2. Peachy720

    LSUHSC CARE Program Information

    Don't feel guilty! Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you! Go and celebrate!! I'll be sending vibes to the mailman for you, altbsn!
  3. Peachy720

    LSUHSC CARE Program Information

    I didn't get in. I'm pretty broken right now. Good luck to you guys.
  4. Peachy720

    LSUHSC CARE Program Information

    EEEEEEE!! Okay, NOW the nervousness is setting in!! I'll be sending happy thoughts and vibes for all of us! We've worked hard, and it's our time to shine!! Mail already passed here today, but I'll be checking on here every couple hours to see if you guys got anything!! :redbeathe:heartbeat:redbeathe:heartbeat
  5. Peachy720

    LSUHSC CARE Program Information

    When I saw her last summer, Mrs. P said letters would be mailed out in May. (Hopefully, EAAAAARLY May! ) I'm so nervous, you guys! For me, I'm equally as scared about financial aid. I'd gotten into my dream school a few years ago, and couldn't afford it. Are y'all from NOLA? I was born and raised there; now, living a couple hours away in Lafayette.
  6. Peachy720

    LSUHSC CARE Program Information

    Whew! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I feel SO much better! :heartbeat
  7. Peachy720

    LSUHSC CARE Program Information

    I'm still stalking the mailman as well! Have you guys filled out the FAFSA yet? I'm such a procrastinator!!
  8. Peachy720

    LSUHSC Fall 2008

    hi tumblinswiss!! I'm so sorry you were waitlisted! Did you apply for CARE or the normal BSN program? I applied for the CARE program--still haven't heard anything yet. Don't give up hope!! I was rejected from Johns Hopkins, wrote a letter asking for recondsideration and got in! (of course, I couldn't afford it..) Keep positive!
  9. Peachy720

    LSUHSC CARE Program Information

    Hi! Here's a good thread about LSUHSC: https://allnurses.com/forums/f150/lsuhsc-care-accelerated-bsn-program-applicants-graduates-216662.html Hopefully Ray can pop in and tell us how his second semester is going! I just mailed off my application today! The thing that scares me more than anything is how to afford the program. Keep in touch!!
  10. Peachy720

    TEAS Test for LSUHSC CARE applicants?

    Hehe, the head of the CARE program beat you guys. Got an email about five minutes after I sent it. Sorry to have jumped the gun. Now I have to worry about the cover letter, letter of intent, and the other question. P.S. Ray, if you're reading this, I need to reply in the other thread, but I'm thinking of ya! Hope your first semester is going by smoothly and you're getting a bit of R&R time!! Started dissecting your cadaver yet? edit: For those hopeful CARE applicants, NO we DO NOT need the TEAS. :)
  11. Hi guys!! Called LSUHSC, the Student Affairs office didn't know, so the first thing I thought of was to pop on here and ask. I know all BSN students are required to take the TEAS test--do the CARE applicants take it as well? Thanks SO MUCH in advance!! Panicking over here--they just posted on the website today, and I have to work that day!! (plus, I'm 2 hours away in Lafayette!)
  12. Peachy720

    How Will You Stay Organized?

    Here's a great thread going on right now. Learned a lot from it. :) https://allnurses.com/forums/f50/getting-organized-239828.html
  13. Peachy720

    Getting a "W" on your transcript?

    I wouldn't sweat it. If it was from your early years, and you've shown vast improvement from then, they'll know "the real you." Take it from me. I literally had 19 W's on my transcript from the five years I spent on my first degree (also had 9 major changes, yikes!) From the time I started back in 2003 to the time I graduated in 2006, I had straight A's. I always made sure to include on my application why the W's/C's were there, and that I know where my mistakes were. Good luck!!
  14. Peachy720

    Whatchya think of my uniform

    Looking great, Adam!! For some reason, that song from the YouTube video popped in my mind.. (Bringing Sexy Back/Bringing Nursing Back). Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  15. Peachy720

    Class of 2010 (starting nursing school in Fall 2008)

    Hi everybody!! Yay, other people to "nervous" with for a year! I'm HOPEFULLY starting next fall. Pretty frustrated with myself, as I finished my pre-reqs and first degree back in Fall 2006. I set my sights on a dream school, and got in, but didn't realize just how costly it would be (not just money-wise). So I feel like I've wasted so much precious time, and NOW another year of waiting.:trout: On the other hand, everything happens for a reason, right? This school is much more economically feasible (I'll still have to move out on my own though), and I can use the year to try and pay off bills/begin to save. I just can't wait--all these threads for those starting NS are great--I'm so excited for those starting just from reading them! So tell me a bit about yourselves! I'm Tanya, 29, from Louisiana. I'm in retail management, single, one-furkid, need to get out more often. Can't wait to get to know y'all! Have a great weekend!
  16. Hey Ray!!! Just wanted to bump up the thread and tell you I was thinking of you. Hope you had a great Family Day/Orientation yesterday. How did it go? I'm dying to hear details! Good luck on your first semester!!:smiley_aa:flowersfo