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Cmariehart specializes in LTC.

I am addicted to pizza & pepsi. I hate summer, Love winter & fall. addicted to court tv, I'm the oldest in my family (lucky me) I promise to never grow up! I'm NOT a morning person. I love to Wii!!! And I still watch cartoons!

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  1. Cmariehart

    Dressing up on Halloween... unprofessional?

    I'm sure I'll get it for this so here I go: Halloween is my fave holiday out of all of them!!!!! When I worked @ the nursing home I decorated the unit and dressed up... Every year I was something different... The patients and the families loved it. And yes I did have to deliver bad news to a few families on Halloween dressed up. No one ever gave me a hard time about it... Now that I work in a cardiology office I still decorate our office... I brought in a life size automatronic zombie and everyone took their picture with him... I say celebrate!!! No matter what you're gonna **** someone off...
  2. Cmariehart


    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!! This is my fave holiday out of all of them.... However this year I'm not dressing up... I'm not going to any Halloween parties. I have ordered a pizza and wings and getting ready to watch Ghost Hunters LIVE on SyFy!!!!
  3. Cmariehart

    Question about scrubs

    def. wear something under your scrubs.. ALWAYS leave an extra pair in your car.. You will need them one day I promise! white, tan or nude colors work the best under white scrubs!!!
  4. Cmariehart

    I'm a traitor.. from LTC to MD office

    You guys thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! I def needed some encouragement!!! YOU guys are the best and you all totally ROCK!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! :redpinkhe
  5. Cmariehart

    I'm a traitor.. from LTC to MD office

    I can still pay my bills... It was only a 50 cent pay cut when I moved from LTC to the MD's office... I still have the option for overtime at the MD's office too!
  6. Cmariehart

    I'm a traitor.. from LTC to MD office

    I haven't posted in a long long time. I started out as a new LPN 5 years ago. My 1st job was in a LTC facility. I loved my job when I started.. We had staff and equipment and life was good... Then after my first year they left me on a 40 bed unit with a med pass by myself with 2 cnas. Needless to say after 4 years working like that the daughter of one of my residents brought me in an application for the place she worked (she's a nurse too) well I applied.. I went through 3 interviews and got the job. I floated for a couple months and now I'm in the cardiology department.. I like the MD and NP I work for and the other people in the office. I don't go home crying everynight.. I don't get stuck at work for an extra shift anymore! I don't get screamed at by random MD's anymore (got lots of that on 3-11) I have every weekend off and holidays!!! I'm losing weight because I'm not so stressed and I'm not eating at 1am.. I get to see my family and spend time with them! I even tried doing the MD office fulltime and the LTC parttime for the past year... I quit the LTC 2 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier.... I was called a traitor by alot of people I worked with at the LTC after I put my notice in.... But too me this nursing move was worth it... Go ahead and call me a traitor... I dont care... I got my life back and I couldnt be happier!!!!!! :)
  7. Cmariehart

    South Unversity

    Yup... It's in Savannah, GA.. But I applied for their on-line courses.. and I can't find out much about them..
  8. Cmariehart

    South Unversity

    Hi everyone.. I know I haven't been on in a LOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNG time. But now I have a question. Has anyone heard anything about South University????
  9. Cmariehart

    Infection control class?

    First off HI EVERYBODY!!!!!!! I haven't been on in a long long time... Between work and family stuff it seems like I don't even have time to sleep anymore. So now I have a question for those of you who may have an answer. This is the first time I've had to re-register for my nursing license. Where can you take this infection control class that they are talking about. I asked @ work and they do not give one. Is it possible to take it online???? Thanks for your time and answers C.Marie
  10. Cmariehart

    What do you LOVE about LTC/N.H.?

    Are you kidding me??? This can be said about any job, anywhere in the world. There are bad seeds everywhere and there are more good than bad...
  11. Cmariehart


    thanks guys i thought i was going crazy
  12. Cmariehart


    Maybe I a, truely an idiot tonight.... But do we still have a chatroom and how do you get there now.... Thanks guys... It's been a long night
  13. Cmariehart

    Happy mother's day!!!

    To all you fabulous Mom's out there HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!!!!!!!!! Have a terrific day filled with lots of love and presents Cmarie :redbeathe :bowingpur
  14. Cmariehart

    You be the judge

    Not really sure how to word this, so please stick with me, this is a little weird... I work in a LTC and that was this little old lady that I used to take care of when I was a PCN. For the last 6 months I've done nothing but the med pass and once in a while I still would manage to spend some time with this lady.. She was funny and still "with it", she knew all of us and she was smarter than a whip!! She was also an RN!!!! She always told her family that I was her favorite... And she was by far my favorite resident. And her family was so awesome and cool.... You only wish everyones family was this cool.... Well on my last weekend off (2 weeks ago) I got a call @ home from one of the nurses that I worked with saying that my little RN has passed on.. Now this was very sudden (she hadn't been sick at all) and all her kids had been on vacation.. I went to her wake a few days later- not knowing if I should, but I went and the family was really happy to see me and we talked and I met her grand kids and her friends and other family members. Today I got a card in the mail from her family saying thank you for taking such wonderful care of their mom and there was a check for $150.00 in it.... I don't know what to do... I didn't say anything to anyone @ work and I didn't even tell the fiancee... It's just that I never expected anything like this... So now I'm shocked and don't know what to do help me.....
  15. Cmariehart

    I'm the mean one

    Last night I wasn't on my unit. I was hipped around to help out some other units and had it out with a very lazy orderly. I pretty much told him to get off his butt and do some work, apparently he didn't like that very much! I also went a complained to our supervisor about him... And for some crazy reason I went back over to my unit to help do some monthly paper work. I was talking to the other 2 nurses on my unit when one of them asked all of our CNA and orderlies who the meanest nurse was on my unit and these were the results... Orderly 1: said he was the meanest on the unit- he's been there for 3 years and doesn't take anyone's crap and he likes to bust chops on everyone. Orderly 2: said all the nurses are mean and that we need to go home and take a nap CNA 1: refused to comment CNA 2: told me I was and then began to explain... And after all her explanation I looked at all of them and said this... "it is not our job to kiss your @sses. You get paid to do a job and you're here to do that job. I just expect a higher quality out of all of you than most people, which is why between the 3 of us nurses you get pizza every other week and why we fill our kitchen cabinet with food for our shift." So maybe it's just me... But I was kinda happy to hear that I was the mean one..... Considering I was told by my supervisor and head nurse that I was too nice not that long ago.... Ohwell..... Thought you guys would find this funny
  16. Cmariehart

    Balancing being a nurse and a wife

    Not sure if this counts but what the heck, I'm half way towards getting married. Met fiancee while I was about half way through school to be an LPN and he pushed me to finish it.. Now he's pushing me to go get my RN... He's pretty good about me making more money than he does... He has a list of "pretty" things he wants after I get my RN... ( big screen tv for football, lazy boy chair, and new computer ) We don't get to spend alot of time together so we usually try to make the best of the time we got.... It's working out pretty good........