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biker nurse specializes in LTC , SDC and MDS certified (3.0).

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  1. WTH kind of question is that

    Still searching for a dx "too stupid to live" maybe it will make ICD-10 !!
  2. Help! Pre-employment nicotine test!

    Seriously, Am I the only one who feels this is an unfair test? As long as you follow the smoking rules at your facility, while working, what does it matter? What is next you cholesterol Level? This makes me sick!!
  3. work at home job

    MDS just went to 3.0.ALOT different from what you remember. Go to AANAC!! Good luck! I can't lift either and just started in prison. LOVE IT!!
  4. Confused Company Nurse

    Only thing I can tell you is LBM and stomach pain , has been going around !. Sorry I couldn't be more of help
  5. How do I tell employer I got a new job?

    In writing, due to the fact I have accepted a full time position elsewhere, I would like to change my status to per diem. I have enjoyed my expirence here and,,,, Blah blah blah, which is why I hope that staying on per diem is acceptable thank you ...
  6. wonder how rumors work in a nursing facility

    Usually starts with "Don't say anything but I heard..." and that person tells the next "Don't tell any one but ...." and so on !!
  7. Jail Nurse needs info

    That all depends on what your policy and protocols are. You may want to brush up on s/s of drug withdrawl, You really can't expect a convict to be honest, in fact most of what they say are lies. DO NOT GET PERSONAL with them. They can be charming, ...
  8. Weekend Supervisor in LTC Interview

    I don't think it is the quality of workers as much as managemant looking for that dollar and not caring about the care. After 16 years in LTC I got completely burned out and left. Poor and constantly changes of managers. I hate that I gave it up, ...
  9. looking for a state prison job, but am reluctant

    I wish I could help you, but I was curious about nurses and medically perscribed marijuina. I would think it would be like any other controlled substance, you come up positive however you show them the perscription. I guess like my xanax.
  10. Need Honest answer

    I love it! I just left LTC after 17 years ( my whole career) for corrections , it has been 2 weeks and I'm loving it. I'm 43 and most of the nurses are older than me, one even came out of retirement , cause she missed it so much. I myself had 3 back ...
  11. night shift dilemma

    WOW, My first question is why aren't you hitting the bed as soon as you get home? hubby should up taking care of baby already and letting you get some sleep. Has he tryed to put baby in for Nap before he leaves? If that doesn't work, Have you thou...
  12. L/D RN, 1 1/2 yr exp, 37wks preg, new job. HELP!

    I agree being preganat, moving, and starting a new job is alot. Take the maternity leave, and return to work with a whole new prospective. Hang in there.
  13. Cried at work... in front of a doctor!

    Doctors are people with a different degree and out look then we have. DO NOT give them MORE Power than that!! They put their pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us! Next time you see this doctor, remember that. Doctor does not=GOD!!!
  14. Oh, What to do...

    I was going to suggest the same. Take the sure thing, (the economy isn't the greatest) and in a year apply to other place with expirence ! Remember 4 nurses to 1 job!! I know I have been out of work since FEB and start monday!!
  15. Prob on my way out

    Thank you !! I'm am a little relieved to find out it's not where I will be. But now I know what to look out for! Good luck!! and I will check into the e-mail thing!!!