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  1. R0xyg4l

    Study buddy Albany NY

    Hello ladies! I'm not actually enrolled yet... I'm procrastinating till I've completed every test I can. Soon, that will only be transitions, I believe. I'm almost finished with prereqs, I just have A&P to go in about a week. Sarah, what are you using to study for Micro? I studied for it and took it when I absolutely had to or forfeit the test. I have to say Lisa Arend's helped me a TON. Some of her "Things to know" at the end of her CD was word for word the questions. I'm confident I would have failed without going through those.
  2. R0xyg4l

    Conn Nurses Meet N Greet

    Hello! I know a great home care companion based out of Plainville & Stratford if you are interested. They focus on pediatric home care. I enjoy it though it's not my FT job. I know they always need help! I'm originally from Indiana but I have lived in CT for about 10 years now! We've always lived in the New London Co area!
  3. R0xyg4l

    Conn Nurses Meet N Greet

    Hello Jenn! Apple Healthcare is a pretty big LTC throughout CT. I can't speak for their character, pay or anything else. What area do you live in?
  4. R0xyg4l

    Study buddy Albany NY

    I'm in Connecticut studying for my LPN to ASN. I hope to take my CPNE in Albany! :)
  5. R0xyg4l

    A&P through Straighterline Approved

    I wish I knew this before I paid for the EC exam! Ty for the update!
  6. Hello, I have been reading a lot in forums. I'm hoping to finish up all of my prereqs within the next two months and move on to the nursing components of the EC program. I have seen that some people have just used MyStudyGroup 101 guides with the EC practice exams and seem to have done pretty well. I'm looking for the best, most thorough way of studying for my money. Thank you!
  7. I'm currently going to school through EC. I originally was going to sign up with TCN but realized they are just an overpriced publishing company. As previously mentioned, you do not have to transfer anything from TCN to EC as TCN just gives you their materials to study for the EC program. It just cost a whole lot more than doing it your own way! Best of luck!
  8. R0xyg4l

    Lincoln Tech Hamden 09?

    If I recall right, if you fail the exit exam I think you MAY get to retake it once, and/or retake mods 4 & 5. But I graduated in 2007 and have to admit to some PTSD from LT. :)
  9. R0xyg4l

    Lincoln Tech Hamden 09?

    I am a Lincoln Tech graduate. I would like to congratulate you on taking the chance to further your education. However, for the most part, and not to be negative, but coming from a previous graduate, my time at LTI was the worse ever. My class started off with around 58 students and graduated with 15. I'm sure we all passed the NCLEX, they have such a high passing rate because they are so incredibly strict. I had friends fail out by a tenth of a point. You always feel like you have an axe swinging over your head. The price is crazy expensive, but since I heard all the state ran LPN programs are currently on hold. It's probably one of the few options. I wish you the best of luck!
  10. R0xyg4l

    Lpn to RN Excelsior College Test

    I'm currently studying for the EC prereqs. So far I have taken Intro to Soc, G&D and Intro to Psych. I have mainly used the CLEP REA books to study which have been pretty helpful... some more than others. The intro to Soc book was rough but I passed with a 50 exactly. The G&D and Intro to Psych books go really well together. I suggest trying to take those exams around the same time. Currently I'm studying for Natural Sciences with the CLEP REA book. When I started to read the material I was a bit caught off guard. I really just wanted to take it for the credits and I know it's required for BSN. But I've had to purchase a back up book called Painless Life Science which is technically for middle & high school students. Quite frankly I wouldn't care if it was designed for a 3yo as long as it was helpful and it really has been so far. I also dragged out my old A&P book along with some of the laminated study cards sold by subject at the book store. Best of luck!
  11. R0xyg4l

    Passed CPNE today!!

    Congratulations! What a great accomplishment!
  12. R0xyg4l

    CLEP Natural Sciences & Humanities

    Thank you ladies!
  13. Hello my nursing friends! I am working my behind off trying to get my CLEP general ed requirements for EC. So far I've CLEPed intro to sociology, intro to psychology and human G&D. In January, I signed up to do natural sciences and humanties, and quite frankly the material besides the A&P side of natural science is all greek to me. Any tips for these exams? I saw that Interpreting and Analyzing Literature can count as 6 humanties credits too and may be up my alley. Anyone have any tips for these exams? After this just A&P, micro and IL to go! Thanks!
  14. R0xyg4l

    NEED HELP!! New Excelsior Student

    http://mystudygroup101.homestead.com/Credits.html Towards the bottom of this page it suggests a way to test out of INL. I personally haven't done it but it seems like an interesting option.
  15. R0xyg4l

    CLEP Sociology

    Hello gals! I have the CLEP exam this next Friday, March 6th for Sociology. I am getting kinda nervous because the grading seems kinda crazy and I feel sometimes like it's so simple but yet I feel so dumb. Any tips for passing this exam? It's my first of my general ED requirements through Excelsior. Thank you! ~Kristina
  16. R0xyg4l

    EC humanities requirement

    I have the REA Humanities book and will be testing out of it in about two months or so. I have no clue what it's talking about but I figured I would learn for a fast 6 credits. At first after I had gotten the book I had to call EC to ask if it was actually the right book. I never really thought Humanities would consist of art, literature, etc. I thought I'd be taking like ethics, religion, etc.