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so what are some of the abreviations used informally in your institution to describe patients. there are the old ones from Samuel Shems book "House of God" GOMER get out of my ER... Read More

  1. by   ayemmeff
    have seen s.m.u.r.f on u.s nurse sites-anyone translate for me? thanks!
  2. by   nursedawn67
    I have an updated list of pretty much all of these abbreviations listed on this thread if anyone wants one.
  3. by   Jay-Jay
    ayemmeff, Smurf is NOT an abbreviation. They are little blue people (cartoon characters) similar to Elves. The term is used to describe someone in severe respiratory distress (going blue in the face).
  4. by   MIKEY LIKES
    This one is kinda bad. But when I heard it I thought it was funny.

    C.U.N.T.- See you next Tuesday.
  5. by   Gromit
    Well I've seen quite a few that I knew, and some I wanted to post. But I haven't seen ART yet.
    Achieved Room Temperature
  6. by   ayemmeff
    Jay-jay,Thank-you! we have smurfs here too,so i know what they look like.Thats a pretty mean name to call a patient though!
  7. by   Jay-Jay
    Most of these abbreviations are not things I personally would use to describe patients, ayemmeff! I think you could get into BIG trouble using some of them, especially if the person you were talking to didn't have a slightly cracked sense of humour, or if a patient were to overhear.

    However, black humour and off-colour humour have always been a part of how people cope with seeing life in the raw, day in, day out. I find this type of humour is especially common in ER nursing, where the nurses have to deal with a lot of alcoholics, drug addicts, and victims of violent crime. Dehumanizing the patients by calling them 'smurfs', etc. helps deal with the stress.

    Personally, if I ever reach the level of burnout where I find myself doing that, I hope I'll have the sense to quit....
  8. by   ayemmeff
    Jay-Jay,sorry,I didn't mean to imply that anyone would call a patient these things to their faces,and i know black humour is part and parcel of the medical profession.Just that "smurf" struck me as more cruel than usual!
  9. by   Scooby365
    The one I liked best ...........My ER doc and I were dealing with one of our saturday night drunks and his order was for Haldol and Ativan TTN.........I said what the heck is TTN .....the response.............Titrate Till Nice...........I almost cracked.....
  10. by   zudy
    One I had forgotten- for pts with ETOH on board- TBAD- Took Bad A$$ Drunk
  11. by   nursedawn67
    Thanks ya'll I added the new ones to my ever growing list.
  12. by   gpip
    I couple of my favorites from my unit.

    TBF- total body failure.
    DM/WOV-dead man/woman on vent
  13. by   sandgroper
    WOMBAT - waste of money, beds and time

    HVLT - high velocity lead therapy

    DIC - death is coming