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  1. by   Mkue
    Front also.
  2. by   ShandyLynnRN
    Definitely the front!!!

    My rationale: print facing out, and also, if you have paint on your bathroom wall (vs. wall paper) then if it hangs to the back, it is too easy to scratch the paint off after too long of grabbing and searching for the toilet paper end. And also, this is the way hotels do it.
  3. by   prmenrs
    I have a cat that likes to unroll it, so down the back it goes--and keep it neatly rolled up so that no "tail" hangs there tempting her. Sheesh. That dam* cat is way too demanding. I might as well have a dog. If she doesn't settle down pretty soon, she's going to Heather's house!!

    It's a good thing she's entertaining.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Facing backward so less is used when I yank. Since I replace said paper it's done MY way---or no way:toliet tank or window sill the men in my life favor.

    Our 2nd FL bathroom is at the top of the steps. My sons at age 7 and 4 verified the Scott paper roll commercial. Scott paper does last longer as new roll went down the steps across living room into kitchen before coming off the roll. Other roll never made it past middle of living room.
  5. by   froglady
    My mom always taught me over the top, as you know mom's know everything.
  6. by   KaroSnowQueen
    You didn't have "thrown into the clothes hamper because it fell off the toilet lid onto the floor" as a choice either which is where ours is nine tenths of the time, in BOTH bathrooms.
  7. by   iamme457
    If that is your only disagreement issue, I am jealous. I tried that marriage thing (lasted 15 years and gave up) and the co-habitation thing (lasted 2 years) and now I do what ever I want with the toilet paper, newspaper, money, dirty dishes, clean clothes etc. An no more inlaws to deal with either.
  8. by   imenid37
    Originally posted by niteshiftnurse
    on the floor. thats where my hubby puts it. too lazy to put it in the holder
    wow! i didn't know there was someone else out there married to my husband.
  9. by   SingingNurse2
    Sounds like my house - toilet paper and paper towels are never in the holders unless I put them there. Everyone else just sets them down wherever they are finished with them. I am so tired of washing my hands in the kitchen and having to search for the paper towels to dry them!:chuckle
  10. by   joe_public

    I think it should go towards the back.

    My reason...its too girly with all them darn flowers..wheres the tp w/hockey logos , girls, and Firetrucks !!!
  11. by   Hidi74
    I could care long as I have some. ( Reminding myself to snag another one of those BIG rolls from work for I'M KIDDING....heehee
    I did just realize In all my 28 years I have never bought printed TP. HUH, may have to splurge next time. :-)))))
  12. by   Anaclaire
    another vote for facing front , mainly because:

    [list=1][*]hotels put the pretty "points" facing forward on the top[*]if the paper is printed, the print shows on the side coming off the top/front[*]i personally have an easier time finding the edge to pull when the paper rolls over the top[/list=1]

    thankfully i don't have pets or children who wreak havoc with the paper or i'm sure that would impact my decision!

    also, thankfully, my husband doesn't care one way or the other... as a matter of fact, he will leave a new roll sitting on the back of the toilet and wait for me to hang it. i don't mind and i kind of like being able to hang it the way i want without any gruff from him. i even make a game by challenging myself to be able to hang a new roll before he has reason to pull another one out from the cabinet! call me crazy, but it's keeping peace in our home!!:roll :roll

    i'm curious... will you let us know who won your bet?
  13. by   mageean
    Dont care as long as its there!

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