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  1. by   istartcpr
    Iworked with a nurse many years ago named Linda Lovelace and... she answered the phone-4th floor Linda Lovelace speaking. She had no idea.
  2. by   nurse32
    Quote from epiphany
    I graduated together with a Nurse. That was her last name. I always wonder about the scenarios she would have - "Hi, I'm Nurse Nurse. I'm going to be your Nurse, today". Or, "what is your name, Nurse? Nurse."
    The name of the nurse that cared for my father in a nursing home is Nurse. She told me she is thinking of changing back to her maiden name. I asked her several times for her name I couldn't believe it.
  3. by   ElvishDNP
    I used to work on a medsurg floor c two urologists -- Dr. Petrus (long 'e') and Dr. Whisnant (WHIZZ-nant). Both very very nice people.

    Also, I took our dog once to a vet named Dr. Barkley.
  4. by   State Birdie RN
    My pediatrician was named Dr. Graves - great doctor, but scarry name!
  5. by   Owensfamily
    Shands Hospital had doctor named Dr. Gross! He was an awesome doctor, but I'd always get a laugh from his name.
  6. by   Eyefish999
    i know a doctor named Dr. Butt joke a hospital in NJ
  7. by   ADP77
    A chiropractor--Dr. Breakback
  8. by   PEACE1
    Where I Work In Sf, We Once Had A Nurse Name Wy. (pronounced Why) And One Time One Of The Residents Came Into The Report Room Asking Who Was The Nurse For Mr? And I Said, Wy And He Sayd ,because I Need To Give Her A Verbal Order, And I Said Wy And He Got Very Upset, Untill Everyone Started Laughing And Told Him That Her Name Was Wy.
    Another One Is We Had A Pt Name Ho, And It Was Very Hard To Say Good Morning Mrs Ho
    Also I Had A Pt Who's Last Name Was Cerda, Which Means Female Pig In Spanish, And She Was 350 Lbs By The Way, So I Was Embarrased To Call Her Name, And She Was Hispanic Too.
  9. by   nratchet
    I worked with a nurse named Donna Foley

    There's a sleep specialist who's first name is Wabba, middle name is Wabba and last name is Wabba. So and referals or referances are, send to Dr Wabba Wabba Wabba
  10. by   FranEMTnurse
    Quote from Ectopy
    In Southern Maine, Dr. Scott Popp....Chiropractor!
    My doctor's name is Pro, and, I did choose him by that name when I saw it in the phone book. He definitely in a professional. The one I fired, I renamed Dr Fester because he became one in my side after misdiagnosing me twice, and for not believing me.
  11. by   TDub
    I used to work with V. Doktor, RN. Nurse Doktor! (We would encourage the demented pts to call out for her)

    I also work in OB with Dr. Apgar and my childhood dentist was Dr. Arff.
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  12. by   Charge205
    We have a Dr Weiner and he Hates being referred to as the "hotdog" More than one resident has pronounded his name wrong
  13. by   Charge205
    I know a man who's name is Harry Bush Who had a brother called Curly Bush.