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  1. by   elizabells
    Quote from rn/writer
    In our area, we have an opthalmologist named Dr. Foote and an orthopedic surgeon named Dr. Bolt.
    Okay, not an HCP, but my Intro to Legal Process professor in college was named Dr. Supina. And I had another Legal Studies prof named Crooke.
  2. by   samiebird
    Knew a gastroenrerologist in Baltimore-sign displayed on his office desk--Your Diarrhea is My Bread and Butter!! I'm quite sure only we in the medical profession can appreciate the humor.
  3. by   Mystery5
    My sons' greatgrandfather was a dentist. He was Dr Mohler...
  4. by   stidget99
    Quote from fiestynurse
    At the University of Wisconsin Hospital there was a Dr. Doctor. When they overhead paged him they had to remember to add his first name, because if they paged just Dr. Doctor, every doctor in the hospital would respond.
    Also at UW-Madison Hosp and Clinics............

    does Dr. Bonebreak (ortho) still work there?
    what about Dr. Peters (urology)?
  5. by   asher315
    Worked with an OB, Dr. Arriola :chuckle
  6. by   FranEMTnurse
    Isn't it funny how some of our names fit our professions, or even our experiences? My last name is LeMay. However, I have received mail addressed to Mrs or Frances LaMey in the past. That name fits me better right now, as I am crippled with arthritis.
  7. by   redwinggirlie
    A dentist named Dr. DeKay and a veterinarian named Dr. Bone. Love it!
  8. by   RN_Jen
    An OB/GYN named, no kidding......Harry Beaver!
  9. by   FranEMTnurse
    My new PHP, who I have an appointment with next month is named, "Dr Pro." I'm looking forward to meeting the professional his name says he is.
  10. by   MultipurposeRN
    Years ago, the Chief of the Cherokee tribe in NE Oklahoma was Wilma Mankiller. My grandpa got such a kick out of her name.
  11. by   angelique777
    Quote from RNDiv2
    In Australia we have a bowel specialists called Dr. Lipzhits. Really, no kidding.
    When I was a kid my sister rented an apartment from people whose name was lipzshits.......they where not very nice and never wanted to make repairs and just gave her a hard time............I would come home and hear her say those lipzshits never want to fix the leak........or dam those lipzhits are cheap.....all that time I thought my sister was cursing them out never knew that was there name and despite how angry my sister was she was just saying there name aLL those years I thought my sister was curising at them never knew it was a real person name ..........LOL
  12. by   angelique777
    Quote from ndstc
    Dr. Daniel C Little, Optometrist
    Thats funny I worked for a retina specialist (ophthamologist) who name was blinder...........a lot of patient would ask me are you sure he is going to make my eyesight better...........
  13. by   Rosie-

    We Have a urologist here in Ohio whose name is Dick tapper. Had a referral for one of our Residents and I about rolled lauging.