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  1. should a RN be a med tec for a LPN

    I have seen LPN's who are Unit Managers and RN's working the floor as the "charge nurse". It sounds weird, but in that case the Unit Manager was "in charge of the unit duites" but the RN was "in charge of the unit"...clear as mud???? The RN preferre...
  2. Giving PRN meds- need some clarification

    I agree with CCM- if the resident/patient is requesting medications before they're due, then the MD needs to know to reassess.
  3. The area on aging in my "area" would have referred this to us and we would have investigated...I have never heard of them "citing" like that, but I guess its because its a different state??? We receive all kinds of F.Y.I's as we call them, from the ...
  4. Fraudulent charting?

    It is all how you say it. You have to be honest and thorough in your charting and not leave out pertinent details, however, how about "Resident found without O2- list sats- document starting the O2 and at what rate-document your full assessment of th...
  5. Burned out nurse

    love it!
  6. on call rotation

    Just be careful. Make sure you look at the labor laws, I mean if you are requiring someone to be on call and stay near the phone or being available, what are the laws concerning this where you work? They may have the right for some type of reimburs...
  7. Bed Alarms are useless if you don't respond to them!

    That's the problem with alarms of all types...too many alarms...not enough nurses. After a while you tune them out. It is frustrating.
  8. Preparing food on the nursing unit

    Thank you CCM. I appreciate that. I just try to live in the real world....
  9. Preparing food on the nursing unit

    If they are "physician ordered" suppliments they could come under scrutiny by the DHP regarding calories, additives--yada yada..but if they are something that you are doing for "snack" or "pleasure foods" then all you need to do is make sure that wha...
  10. State reportable incident..but who is "state?"

    Office of the Attorney General, or Department of Social Services- Adult Protective Services, or the Office of the Inspector General. Ususally ALF are "surveyed" by the Department of Social Services.
  11. Multidose Packaging

    I have seen it packaged separately for each resident, but also I have seen nurses administer meds directly from a large "house stock" bottle (dated when opened). Meds like Tylenol, Calcium, multi vitamins, ect....
  12. Assited Living: The new skilled care

    Absolutely correct. ALF's are not inspected by the "state" however they answer to DSS (Department of Social Services). Now I know a great bunch of social workers, one which is very special to me, HOWEVER- none of the social workers I know can inspe...
  13. question about narcotic dispensing

    According to my state pharmacy regulations: 18VAC110-20-520. Drugs in long-term care facilities. Prescription drugs, as defined in the Drug Control Act, shall not be floor stocked by a long-term care facility, except those in the stat drug box or em...
  14. Is it illegal to initial when.....

    The problem is- if the treatment is not done or there is a reaction, or something happens- whose initials are on the TAR? Yours. Who is responsible? You. The CNA's need to sign their own sheets- CNA treatments should not be on the nurse's TAR unle...
  15. Resident Care Coordinator

    The facility should have some standard documents they use.

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