fallopian tube !!!!

  1. long ago.. (1962)....I was instructed by the CHARGE nurse to go to the supply room and ask for a fallopian tube and it was URGENT!!! I am from the country and neither my mom or any of my aunts ever pronounced the word and my dad had a hard time spelling and stayed at his restaurant working ..(5 kids)...I felt sooooo important in my pink checked dress covered with a white stiff apron and my "clinic" white shoes briskly trotting to retrieve this item for my charge nurse !!! the white-haired, thin lady at the supply counter...first said nothing and starred at me ...after many seconds, she called her friend from the back who was washing cloth wrappers ....they BOTH just looked at me....finally, i was handed this large 12 inch cloth wrapped tube-like package.....I raced back...the charge nurse was ready with all staff around her..suddenly EVERYONE LAUGHED AND LAUGHED...my heart was pounding, my face flushing, and i wanted to hide !!! finally, my instructor saved me from a mental crash and i started to laugh and laugh and laugh !!! all the patients heard the story and the fun began.....i am smiling now and remembering the exact route and floor to find "THE TUBE." thanks
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  3. by   Tweety
    What a terrible thing to do to you. I'm glad you had a good sense of humor about it because it is funny.
  4. by   joannep
    I agree, the only way to cope with people laughing at you is to laugh even louder!
  5. by   ebear
    Bless your heart! That is so funny! Nurses can be a crafty bunch sometimes! Glad you could laugh, too!!
  6. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    When I was a factory worker a loooong time ago, we used to send newbies to the supply clerk to ask for a wire stretcher.
  7. by   prmenrs
    First week of nsg school, I was told to go to the ER and ask for a jar of Wharton's Jelly. It probably would've been funnier if I hadn't already known what it was. Ick.
  8. by   danissa
    An old Scottish one here...the wee guy being sent for a tin of "Tartan Paint!!"
  9. by   EmmaG
    We once called Central for a case of eustachian tubes. After much hemming and hawwing, they finally told us they were on back order.

    I love night shift!!!

  10. by   ebear
  11. by   Spirit of Humor
    When I worked in surgery, the anesthetist sent students looking for fallopian tubes, esustachian tubes and an occasional "vein caller." After the "initiation" and a :spin:good laugh, the student was officially an "insider" and got to participate in pulling jokes on the next new batch of students... Those were great days!
  12. by   AstonishiaInlimbo

    There was that time a friend of mine got sent by the nurse to the central supply room to 'borrow the autoclave', and when he went there, the nurses laughed at him...

    And there was also this one time, a girl was sent to the morgue to get a tracheostomy set, and she went...

    it's like so mean...but so funny too...

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