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  1. There may or may not be a thread like this but I couldn't resist sharing. This weekend I was digging through my patient's chart trying to learn more about his history when I came across a note by the attending cardiologist. It said, and I quote: "Patient is stable, no complaints. Was screaming 'Kibbles and Bits!' repeatedly upon my arrival. Of note, patient does not have a dog." I couldn't help but laugh. Anybody else come across some interesting notes in their charts?
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  3. by   AgentBeast
    Better than "Frank and Beans" I guess.
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  4. by   Altra
    One comes to mind ...

    After several paragraphs describing patient's noncompliance and the tale of the consequences of noncompliance, the last sentence was,

    "Good luck."
  5. by   AngelicDarkness
    After reading several nursing notes on a resident acting out verbally and physically to several nurses as a response to having a slight cough or "deathly contagious and no I will not be coming to meals" per the resident... an MD wrote underneath "Not surprise by the above comments after meeting this lady in our clinic today" lol!
  6. by   caliotter3
    I like the word for word quote of the doctor who said "you just want to cover your 'behinds' (more colorful word used)", etc. The DON told the nurse receiving this tirade to quote him in the nurses' note, and she did. Made for fascinating reading.
  7. by   divaRN*
    psych notes are always the funniest ones to read. i wish i could remember a few
  8. by   AngelicDarkness
    Quote from divaRN*
    psych notes are always the funniest ones to read. i wish i could remember a few
    Very true! My psych placements were the only placements where MD orders would actually say Please and thank you!
  9. by   ElvishDNP
    We had some specialty consult on a newborn once - can't remember if it was urology or ENT - fill out the standard hospitalwide consult form punctuated thus:

    "Social hx: Pt has no history of alcohol, tobacco, or drug use, as he is THREE DAYS OLD and lives in the NEWBORN NURSERY!!!!!!" All the while he griped about "filling out these damn stupid forms..."
  10. by   sarahbellum
    We had a note on a cardiology patient the other day that read "Pt not eating due to the crap they serve here."

    BTW the words "the crap they serve here" was not in quotes...
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  11. by   Jessy_RN
    One of the OB's where I work write funny things in his notes as well. After a section, he started off his note by saying the OR was very hot!

    Also, when the units are maxed out there seem to be a shortage of SCD's (call em plexis in that unit) and we are always waiting for someone to come off them to have them cleaned for the next pt.


    Yep, all in caps and just as written above. He is very eccentric and nonetheless weird but at least he says please lol
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  12. by   mustlovepoodles
    When I was a young nurse i worked with a doctor that had to be certified crazy. I found two different notes on the same patient: "Move the boxwoods" and "Start the Honda." I have no idea what he meant. But of note, this doctor was convicted later of writing narcotic scripts for cash. Seems he might have been dipping into the inventory.
  13. by   beckster_01
    Quote from ScottE
    Better than "Frank and Beans" I guess.
    lol! That is about what my patient sounded like...poor guy
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  14. by   shhhh
    A urologist I worked with years ago at a hospital wrote an order for Viagra. I was confused ("who needs a Viagra when they're staying in the hospital?") but just assumed that it was given to this elderly man because he had BPH. Until I finished reading the entire order: "QD PRN for horniness". :spin:

    Still shaking my head at that one. Can't believe that doc had the gall to write that in a chart! Hahaha!