10 things you hate to hear your surgeon say

  1. First off, I'm new to the site, but boy do I love being here!! Lots of things to read and think about!!

    Here is one we came up with in our OR. It started out being a top 10 list, but quickly grew. Please add in your own!

    Things you hate to hear your surgeon say.
    1.That "sound" arterial!!
    2. Sh*t!! Suction!!!
    3. Uh.....Mike, who's following me this morning?
    4. Call my office and cancel today.
    5. (loud snaping sound) "You might want to get the cerclage cables for me."
    6. ER's on the phone.............

    You get the idea. Jump in. You OR nurses should be really good at this.
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    "Ok now where should i put this"
  4. by   smk1
    "now where did i put that scalpel.... i KNOW i just had it a minute ago....."
  5. by   Loribabble
  6. by   Coldfoot
    "I need that hooky thing, you know the one with the little....."

    "I'll be right back, gotta run to the bank."


    "What is the big deal with MRSA?"

    "Well nurse, I guess you were right {like a surgeon would ever say THAT!}, iI suppose I ought to sew it back on."
  7. by   jnette
    "What the hell is THAT" ???
  8. by   carcha
    "It'll only take one hour",
  9. by   traumaRUs
    They're opening a chest down in the ER
  10. by   ABH65,CRNA
    The patient is tight!!!
  11. by   dwainlou
    I wonder what this artery goes to. Well, you really only need one kidney.
  12. by   kmchugh
    "If the sponge count is wrong, it couldn't be my fault. I'll keep closing while you all count again." (Actually heard a surgeon say this three times. Post closure, sponge could not be found. Till we did an x-ray. There it is!)

  13. by   VivaLasViejas
  14. by   Stitchie
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