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  1. Coldfoot

    Roll Call all EC...Newbies.....after Oct 1

    Well, that would be me (though I took and passed NC-1 a week before that). I am a Paramedic, have been for 9 years with 3 years Emergency Medicine before that. I currently work on seismic oil exploration vessels so I have a bunch of study time on the clock.
  2. Coldfoot

    advice needed.. may have to quit

    As was metioned, get in touch with EC directly, they will evaluate your current transcript, give you credit for that, and then you'll only have to take the exams to finish the program. The thing you are going to be hit with is that the requirements for EC change 1 October. As such, they are burried under applications so they aren't doing transcript evals unless you enroll. They will look your info over and tell you that you are elligble to enroll but not exactly what courses you need. Looking at the new versus the old, in your shoes I'd do everything I could to get enrolled before the October deadline. Good luck
  3. Coldfoot

    Funny Names for Nurses

    While I was in the Army, the Chief Nurse for the ER was a man named Mike Funk. His rank, yes you guessed it, was Major. 'Yes sir Major Funk'. True story and a great nurse.
  4. Coldfoot

    Study Guides

    Hello all. As you may have figured out, I'm a new enrollee in EC. I have been studying Chancellor's guide for NC 1 and really like the format. (The book side, haven't actually used the tapes). I have been looking but cannot seem to find anyone selling the Chancellor's guides for NC 2-7 but I am finding the College Network stuff for sale on ebay. How do these compare for content and layout? Am I just looking in the wrong places for Chancellor's stuff?
  5. Coldfoot

    Enrolled Excelsior Friday - today=Panic!!

    Wow, reading your story sounds like mine...years of looking, Oct 1 deadline...except I went as far as signing on with Chancellor's, pay them waaaay too much money for the thre guides I got before cancelling my contract. Like you, I'm on a budget. I cannot tell you any big secrets but as has been mentioned, I am going to be doing it one test at a time. I'm looking for study guides and will probably splurge on Lisa A's (sorry, cannot remember the name) notes off ebay. At $60 for NC 1-7, seems like a good deal. I am also downloading all the free help sheets people have out together. Good luck, this IS doable.:welcome:
  6. Coldfoot

    Nc7 = A! :)

    Grats! So that a good break test when the concepts exams get to be a bit mucho? I've been using Chancelors for NC 1 and feel pretty ready, now I just need to score the next 6.
  7. Coldfoot

    EC Practice Exams ??

    Ok, I took my first one today. It's M2RN said. I will add a couple points for you though. 1. You get two tests of 100 questions each. 2. You can only take each exam once. Once you start, you have 2 hours to complete that exam. 3. You have 120 days to take the exams after you pruchase them. 4. As has been mentioned, when the exam is graded, you see the rationales for all of the options, the correct answer and why the others are wrong. The biggest thing this test did for me was provide a litttle piece of mind that I am ready to test. I purchased these today and will be taking my test next week. In the future I'll probably get take one practice test early and one close to the exam like people suggest. How this helps.
  8. Ok, 81% on my first go so I know what areas I need to study. How close are these to the actual EC tests? This will be my first....
  9. Ok, I can take a hint....Thanks all. Coldfoot (Name becasue A: I've been looking at EC for 5 years and this is my first exam, and B: Coldfoot was the town closest town when I learned about EC.)
  10. Coldfoot

    ER- HELP: Dumbest reason people go to ER

    Hmmm, well not ER but was called 911 to a LOL with an eyelash in her eye. Not my most stellar hour but........ I was working Triage in a busy ER and we were hammered, ambulance divert in hour 3 and the like, when I had a pair of women come in obviously upset. Now were both in the high heeled shoes with stretch pants (can't say for sure but I remember leopard print) and really reinforcing a stereotype. Anyway, when I finally got Candy and Dasey calmed down enough to talk, they proceeded to tell me they were attacked by a pack of Chihuahua. Thinking of the stabbing in the back, I lost all trace of professionalism, burst out laughing, and had to have a coworker complete the triage. Had a nice LOL present for flatus. Again in Triage, she told me her PCP wouldn't do anything about it so she came to the ER. Another busy night in the ER, coworker comes back from Triage shaking her head (never a good sign). When I asked her what was up, she handed me the chart and walked off. The Triage note read 'Pt states "They started me on a new medication for The Voices and they have stopped. I'm not ready for that.'" Those are the ones that jump to mind. And I'd love a copy when you are done
  11. Coldfoot

    Guardian Flight

    Just curious if any of my old Guardian Flight cohorts are running around here?
  12. Coldfoot

    Desperate Please Reply!!!!!

    Well, I'll give you what info I can, more on the Alaska side than the RN as I was a Flight Medic and Remote Medic up there for several years before moving 'outside' (anywhere NOT Alaska) in '05. Anchorage will probably be the best place to start for your family. There is a saying among Alaskans about Anchorage, "The best thing about Anchorage is it's so close to Alaska." It's a true city and has a lot of the amenities most people associate with cities. It's fairly far south so you don't get the really brutal weather extremes like Fairbanks or farther North, and there are several hospitals, not to mention a plethora of clinics where he could find work. Also, you drive 30-45 minutes and you are in the 'wild'. My family and I made the drive, crossing the border September 14th 2001. As has been said, it's a beautiful trip but long and can be hard on vehicles. I REALLY wouldn't recommend it this year as the winter weather will be moving in. As has been mentioned, airlines are pretty good with animals and the Alaskan carriers are very well versed. I didn't catch if anyone answered your question but 'The Bush' generally refers to the 95% of Alaska that is not on the road system. One other thing I recommend people that are moving up North and not into Anchorage is be sure to ask about water when you are looking for housing. That is 1: Is there running water? 2: Is it well, city, or delivery? Good luck
  13. Hello all. It's been a while (3 years) since I posted here and about as much time since I seriously prepped for Excelsior's program but I am finally taking the plunge. I have my NC 1 exam scheduled for less than 2 weeks from now and I'm looking for any last minute suggestions. Thanks
  14. This may get moved from the OZ forum to humor but I thought I'd give you all first crack at it. You're not Australian until you've: 1) You've caught a blowfly buzzing around your head with your bare hands. 2) You've mimicked Alf Stewart from 'Home and Away' - "Push off, ya flamin' drongo" 3) You have argued whether Fords are better than Holden's 4) You've done the Hot Sand run from the beach to your towel 5) You know who Ray Martin is 6) You call your home "My Joint" 7) You start using words like 'Bloody, grouse and champ' 8) You stop greeting people with 'Hello' and go straight into 'how're you doin'? 9) You've seriously considered running down to the shops in a pair of ugh boots 10) You own ugh boots 11) You've been to a one day cricket match and screamed incomprehensibly until your throat went raw 12) You've had to decide between putting up with mosquitoes and moving the BBQ inside 13) You've changed your ring tone on your mobile phone to something much more annoying than the one it came with 14) You kind of know the first verse of the national anthem, but buggered if you know what 'girt' means 15) You have a story that some how revolves around excess consumption of alcohol and a mate named 'Dave' 16) You're secretly annoyed with Russell Crowe 17) You own a Bonds t-shirt and wear it with pride 18) You've risked attending a music festival on the hottest day of the year 19) You've tried to hang off a Hills Hoist while pretending you could fly 20) You've had to visit the emergency room after hanging off Hills Hoist and pretending you could fly 21) You own pair of thongs for every day use, and another pair of dress thongs for special occasions 22) You don't know what's in a meat pie and you don't care 23) You pronounce Australia 'Straya' 24) You call soccer 'soccer', not football 25) You know a dog named Bluey 26) You've squeezed Vegemite between Vita Wheat to make Vegemite worms 27) You suck coffee though a Tim Tam 28) You've become deeply cynical of politicians 29) You realise that lifeguards are the only ones who can wear Speedo's and look good 30) You've been in a Ute with a blue heeler in the back 31) You pledge allegiance to Vegemite over Promite 32) In your CD collection you have at least one: Kylie Minogue, Cold Chisel or Paul Kelly 33) You understand the value of Public Holidays 34) You order a "Hamburger with the lot, thanks love" 35) You believe that the flavour of any meal is improved by adding tomato sauce 36) You have been invited to a B&S Ball 37) Your weekends are spent barracking for your favourite sports team 38) You have a toilet dolly 39) You've played beach cricket with a tennis ball and a bat fashioned out of a fence post 40) You still go on about how great the Sydney Olympics were 41) You firmly believe that in the end, everything will be ok, and have told a mate in tough times that 'She'll be right, mate' 42) You use the phrase 'no worries' at least once a day 43) You've been on a beach holiday and probably stayed in a caravan 44) You constantly shorten words. For example, breakfast becomes 'brekkie' and afternoon becomes 'arvo', barbeque becomes 'barbie' 45) You order a $5 steak the size of your head at your local RSL 46) You've adopted a local bar as one of your own 47) You know all the words to 'Holy Grail' and sing it at the top of your lungs. 48) Your idea of a holiday is driving hundreds of kilometres to sit on the banks of the Murray and drink copious amounts of alcohol while you pretend to be fishing 49) You can't understand why John Farnham never became an international success 50) You know that the oath of mateship can never be limited by geographical distance :)
  15. Coldfoot

    ceu's in Fairbanks

    Your best bet is to contact Fairbanks Memorial Hospital's education department and see if they are offering anything. The Phone number is (907) 452-8181. Good luck.
  16. Coldfoot

    Imfo on Alaska?

    I'm not sure but the poeple to call are at the University of Alaska Anchorage. That is the only program up here Try here: http://nursing.uaa.alaska.edu/students/scholarships.cfm Good luck.