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Dear Nurse Beth, I really need some advice. 8 years ago I was working at a hospital in a state up north. I had a patient that coded. After several attempts at resuscitation the patient passed... Read More

  1. by   Lexi McDonough
    I'm sorry you are in such a bad situation, stay strong!

    That said, something much more serious than a "complaint" must have been sent to the BON. Unless they had a HUGE lapse in judgement or you got hit with some random technicality, the BON would not ask for you to surrender your license (which is the nice way of saying "either you give it up or we take it from you") unless you did something clearly wrong that caused significant harm to a patient. The BON doesn't take away nursing licenses lightly, and there are not many reasons you can lose your license for a true accident, it has to be something you either intentionally did wrong or did it unintentionally but should have known not to do it.

    Would you be willing to give us any more details?
  2. by   Lexi McDonough
    Quote from ms04drip
    I'm really confused, did you run the code alone?? Something is not right and missing, purpously omitted!!
    I agree. I'm in ICU and have participated in and/or heard about many codes where the patient died, included cases suspicious enough to be investigated by the ME and no one has ever had their liscense taken away. The BON ss well as the justice system even tend to give people more of a break inc ases involving code blue because they recognize all the factors that make it easier to make a mistake so for a RN to be fired and have her license permanently revoked, she must have had done something both intentional and directly lead to significant patient harm. Even cases where relatively healthy patients die as the direct result of a mistake don't result licenses being taken away.

    Basically, unless it was an intentional action that the person in question knew it was dangerous and did not intend to benefit the patient and especially if it actually resulted in patient harm, the board wont take away a license for anything a RN might do in a code. There are only a few exceptions like being arrested for a felony will (I think) cause you to lose your license even if the felony has nothing to do with actual or potential harm, and anything related to illegal drugs.

    I'm not saying this person deserved to have her license revoked, just saying what the BON usually considered reason to revoke.
  3. by   Lav9059
    Wow. I let my malpractice insurance expire 2 months ago. I literally just logged on and renewed it after reading this. Our employers are not our friends they will hang us out to dry to save their a##. It would have been cheaper to hire an attorney to save your license and reputation than be in this situation/ unemployed for so long. How hope everything works out but you need to go back to that hospital and find out what they reported.