Mother of 6 Lost Nursing License X 2 and Job


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1 hour ago, The0Walrus said:

if not and the patient died due to something out of the medical team's power then yes all this because a patient died.

I understand this statement and agree. 


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The first step to resolving this, and repaying your husband for standing beside your; and representing the profession well is to start being honest with yourself and others.  I have been in management for years and I always advise subordinates (and my children) that when things go wrong, those in charge primarily want to ensure the root cause is identified and the person involved has learned the lessons necessary to prevent them in the future. 

If you keep being reticent in your truthfulness and full disclosure to those who are required to make decisions based on your individual performance, you will never move forward from this because no one will ever trust you or your professional judgment.  Most of the time when you are loose with the truth, people know it.  Whenever I am tempted to lie, I always tell myself that the person I plan on doing this to can see it coming.  I decide 100% of the time that situations are only made worse in the course of a lie.

Stop seeking sympathy, and start seeking a way to move your professional life forward by getting good advice based in the truth of your actions or inaction.