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The0Walrus has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psych.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Will Durant

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  1. I'm debating with a friend on whether hospitals are allowed to record patients in their own rooms. Quiet rooms are obviously recorded, but their personal rooms? I'm curious.
  2. It's my per diem job. They put me on administration suspension. I gotcha though. I understand.
  3. So I was working my shift. I got a call from HR and they told me they needed to talk to me in person. I went and the HR rep told me the patient in the psych unit I work in filed a complaint that I groped her breast. I never did that. I told HR that during my shift she kept talking to a few of the nurses about her issues and would start to cry. I was rounding at night and I saw her crying and walked into her room asked her if she needed anything to calm herself down. She starts telling me everything about her issues. I talked to her for a bit and then left. I received a call from HR stating they needed to talk to me in person. I told her my side as she wanted and asked if I needed to get an attorney or if I was going to be fired. She said she didn't know but that she would keep me posted. That is totally unfair I think now I'm worried what can come of this. The hospital doesn't have a union either. I'm freaking out because I'm thinking of the worst things that can happen. Would anybody get an attorney? Should I start looking for one? I'm freaking out and was hoping I'm not the only one who went through this. What are some of the most serious complaints you've had against you?
  4. The0Walrus

    Which patients are you most scared to take care of?

    I'm mainly a psych nurse. I like picking up extra shifts at the hospital and will pick up shifts in any of the med surg or PCU units, but I would say the patients I fear most when I have to take them are patients in the psych unit that want to fight the nurse because of voices in their head. Even worse is when you medicate them and they apologize. The reason I get nervous about those patients is you have to be very careful when dealing with them and medicating them at the same time when the patient is going through a psychotic break and they're trying to fight you you're being careful as possible with the patient while trying not to get hurt yourself. It's a tough balance.
  5. The0Walrus

    80% BSN by 2020: Where Are We Now?

    If you take out the N out of BSN you'll know how I feel about the BSN. I got my BSN with my RN. I didn't get it because I felt like it would help me at all. More so, now with my BSN I don't feel I'm any smarter or know more than an RN. The classes I took for my BSN had maybe 20% with patient care. Consider classes like statistics, sociology of the family, history of nursing, contemporary nursing -which for the most part was about learning about nursing theorists.. none of these classes matters when it comes to nursing care. I paid 18,000 for my BSN and got paid 0.80 cents an hour for the BSN. Financially, it doesn't make sense. When it comes to knowledge it still doesn't make sense. I don't feel it would have helped me all that much in the grand scheme of things. The only thing the BSN was good for really was it gave me the ability to go for my DNP. That's it. Even with my BSN, when I worked at the nursing home when I first came out of school the LPNs knew more than me so I wasn't even any better than the LPNs.
  6. I'm curious. Most of the people I went to school with want to be ICU or ER nurses. They've never worked in the ICU or the ER but that's all they want to do. I told one girl who refused to work anywhere else other than ICU to go into a nursing home if she needs a job. She refused it and it took her a few months to finally go into a nursing home. She quit after a month because of her standards. It's the same thing when it comes to med surg and psych nursing. It feels like many newer nurses look down upon any other nurses other than ER and ICU. Another girl I know said she's wanted to work as a psych nurse forever, but when she was offered the ER position and psych position she took the ER position. I asked her why she chose ER over psych and she said she knows ER better. Now she complains about the work load from a trauma 2 hospital. I asked her why she didn't just transfer into psych since it's what she wanted and she didn't really give me a concrete answer just basically that she's stuck. Does it feel that way to anyone else? When it comes to ER/ICU it feels like they only respect those specialties. Thanks!
  7. I got something in the mail asking me to review a report made for malpractice payment. Is this something I need to get an attorney for and worry about my career?
  8. I did something stupid and I think I'm going to get written up for it. I need to hear other people's things they've done that they got written up for. I feel like a putz.
  9. The0Walrus

    Is the worst of this over? My disciplined license

    Hi, ILRNfor10. Yes I paid the fine and so far I got hired in one hospital as a psych nurse. I turned down two jobs in the ER because I didn't want to burn bridges with the trauma 1 state hospital. I got my bachelor's and just got into the DNP program at the state University. I also just got hired into a top 10 hospital in the state in their psych unit. I never bring up to the nurse managers about my disciplined license and nobody brings it up to me. So far I'm okay. I don't bring it up because it doesn't have to do with patient safety. Last year when I freaked out about this I would call HR from several hospitals and told them of my situation and they would all tell me "that's OK. We wouldn't have an issue with that." It was a failure to disclose charge. My criminal background is clean. The only time people get weird with me is when they ask "be honest. Am I going to find anything on your criminal background?" I tell them "maybe a municipal ordinance from about 20 years ago." Then they ask, "misdemeanors? Felonies?" I tell them, "hell no!" And start laughing. My criminal record is clean so I'm assuming that they overlook the failure to disclose on my license. I'm hoping I don't have anything to worry about moving forward.
  10. WOW! This is EXACTLY what happened to me! LOL if the author reads my comments I hope it brings her some peace. I got cited for 500.00 for failure to disclose and I still got my RN license from the NJ BON. So far I have gotten my NY RN license, my bachelor's degree and got into the DNP program. I got hired into the psych unit at my hospital and have worked per diem at another psych unit in a hospital ranked in the top 10 in the state. If they're like the NJ SOB... I mean BON.. they're looking to know why you weren't up front and they need to know these were resolved because they don't understand logic. They don't understand people make mistakes and leave it at that. The fine isn't annoying it's the fact that they hit your license with that disciplinary action and moving forward it's on your record. Fortunately, all the hospitals I've worked at and nursing homes never said anything about it. As for bringing it up to the nurse managers that you would have a disciplinary action I haven't brought it up and they haven't brought it up to me. I'm not trying to hide anything. You can see it. It's public record, but I don't bring it up because it has nothing to do with patient safety. Actually, it did get brought up one time at one nursing home and I told them what happened. They said "is that it?" I'm assuming that since my criminal record was clean and drug record was clean they didn't bring up the disciplinary action. Just give the BON whatever paperwork they're asking for, they may need a letter of why you didn't disclose it, pay the fine and be on your way. It's upsetting, but if it's like the NJ BON, which to my understanding is very difficult you should be fine. Good luck!
  11. The0Walrus

    How long is WOCN program?

    I'm interested in this as well. I just got admitted into the WOCN program for my state school and they told me it's a year long. I would do two semesters of theory and 2 semesters (Summer 1 and 2) of clinicals. That's going to be my schedule. Edit: Just realized this is from 10 years ago.
  12. The0Walrus

    Feeling lost and depressed. Need advice!

    LOL don't work in retail. I wouldn't go back to those jobs for anything. You can try psych nursing. That's technically not bedside nursing. Patients are always moving around.
  13. The0Walrus

    Feeling lost and depressed. Need advice!

    Here. Go on this and ask them about non-BSN positions. I'm sure you can get something for case management without your BSN but it's going to be tougher without it. Good luck! https://allnurses.com/case-management-c57/
  14. The0Walrus

    Feeling lost and depressed. Need advice!

    Oh yeah. The BSN classes I didn't think were difficult and some of those classes I don't feel helped me too much. It's just me though. I'm sure they will in some way, but just the fact that you have that degree opens up tons of opportunities. My friend who doesn't have his BSN does wound care. Apparently because I will have my wound, ostomy, continence certificate and my BSN I'll get paid more. WOC nurses don't need to do bedside nursing either. If you work in a hospital to my understanding you walk in, do your wound care intervention and you give your recommendations. In NY you can't touch a hospital job without your BSN. In NJ I think there's maybe 2 or 3 hospitals in the state that will allow you to work without your BSN but even they tell you to get it within 3-5 years. I know you don't want to do bedside, but hospitals have nurses on the back end. Many of those hospitals want you to have your BSN. If you even want to go for school nurse, become a nurse educator, or do nursing informatics, you still need your BSN for those programs. Many states are the same way. Get your BSN or there's very limited areas you can work.
  15. The0Walrus

    Does it matter if you get your WOCN certificate?

    I'm in the state school Rutgers in NJ. I'm hoping it's a good experience. I just wish I didn't have to pay so much for these classes especially if hey don't pay anymore than a regular nurse.