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The0Walrus is a ASN, RN and specializes in Psych.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Will Durant

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  1. I remember when being oriented some nurses would click on the EMR they gave meds. They would then say "I gave these earlier." I don't remember seeing them give it to the patients though. They would just return and just click "Yes" to the options. Then they would click off "yes" to the nursing aid jobs saying "We can click that the CNA's did these." Is it normal that some LPN's just don't give out certain meds? Also sometimes you'll see the same vitals as if they just copied the vitals from the other nurse. Is this normal in a nursing home?
  2. Thanks! I walked into the ICU at the big trauma 1 hospital I work at. The nurse manager was kind enough to say she wouldn't mind if I was willing to work overnights. I love working overnights!!! So I just have to wait until my probation period is up. I bought the CCRN book and I go over that book once a day. I at first decided to take the psych job because while I wasn't interested I figured maybe I should give it a shot and maybe I'll enjoy it. I honestly don't like it so far. I feel like I'm more of a security guard who can give out medications. We can't get overtime because the nurse manager is against it. We can't float since we don't do anything medical and they don't allow me to float to even the crisis unit since that's part of the ER so I'm not fond of the position tbh.
  3. The0Walrus

    Largest ICU's in NY/NJ?

    ICU to be honest this maybe difficult though because it's just one part of the critical care team. I don't know if hospitals have this information up for the public. I'm asking because right now I'm planning to go into the ICU. The nurse manager in the ICU said she doesn't mind me joining the ICU from the psych unit as long as I'm willing to work the overnights. They do mostly patients with liver issues and trauma since it's a trauma 1 hospital. I was hoping to get more experience and take a PRN job at another ICU that deal with other types of patients.
  4. The0Walrus

    Largest ICU's in NY/NJ?

    Just curious which hospitals have the largest ICU's in NY/NJ?
  5. Thank you! I asked if I can return on Monday and they said sure so I'm just gonna take advantage. Hopefully when my probation period is over in 5 months they'll be okay with moving me to the unit. I have 2 nurses who said they'd have no issue and that they're just short staffed which is pretty standard in all units.
  6. I understand. I want to know what I can do also to become a better asset. I have roughly 5 more months left in my probation period so I have some more time to learn and read and take whatever classes to help.
  7. Thanks! I'm very interested in the pathophysiology of diseases. Unfortunately, since I'm a new grad it was tough getting a job so I do psych nursing at the hospital and nursing home with an agency. Everyday I try to make I get better at least 1 thing. When j went to the NM in the ICU while orienting I asked her if it was possible to shadow a nurse. At first she was like, "but psych nursing is so different. Why ICU?" Then I told her "I really preferred the ICU." Immediately she started laughing hysterically and said "come shadow a nurse if you like!" I think she understood where I came from lol thankfully. Not many people would be so welcoming to a new grad. Thanks!!! Much appreciated for the advice.
  8. I'm a new grad and work at a pretty big hospital. The ICU NM was kind enough to allow me to shadow a nurse in the ICU since I work in a different dept. She also said she wouldn't mind taking me on if I didn't mind working overnights after my probation period. What can I expect on my day and what kind of questions are appropriate to ask?
  9. I am going to hit 6 months soon as a psych nurse. During that time I also worked at an agency for LTC patients. The ICU at the hospital I work at said they would have no problem with taking me into the ICU once I finish my probationary period and said I can shadow a nurse before my probation period ends. In case that doesn't work out, what are my chances to land an ICU job with my experience?
  10. I am looking to pay off my school loans as quickly as possible. A buddy of mine told me about an agency that gets new nurses jobs at nursing homes. I have worked a nursing home for the past 3 months. My question is this do you have any tips to help me as I take all these assignments? Asking the permanent nurses on patient preferences? Thanks!
  11. I'm in my 2nd week of my first nursing job in the psych unit. I know the meds, their actions, etc. I wrote out notes to remind myself how to discharge patients, admit patients correctly, and do other things on the unit. The unit is friendly and don't mind helping me which is great but I hate that I can't remember how to discharge the patients on my own, admit patients. I haven't done it on my own yet but I still feel like I'm asking too many questions or like maybe I should know more now. How long did it take everyone to feel like you did your job at least competently?
  12. The0Walrus

    Why are FNP paid less than Psychiatric NP?

    This ksnisn't a knock against any specialists. I look up the salary to each and in most states I read that the PMHNP gets paid more than FNP. I would have assumed that the FNP would be able to work with any patient since they deal with all ages and the PMHNP deals with psych patients. Is there something I'm missing between the 2?
  13. The0Walrus

    When should I ask my nurse manager this?

    You're absolutely right. What I'm planning to do is ask if I can shadow a nurse in the ICU maybe in 2-3 months on one of my days off so it doesn't interfere with my work with my boss. I asked around and was told if I'm able to switch to the ICU I can ask to take extra shifts in the unit I'm in now so if he needs extra nurses I'm able to take a shift and help. Thanks for the advice.
  14. While I don't have any at the moment I would put on one or two that I think are important. For example I would put RN-BC or CCRN. I wouldn't want to put every single one though, but it's all preference I would assume.
  15. The0Walrus

    What can I expect for my IV certification test?

    Nevermind. My coworker just told me. I expected it to be more serious than it is. They walk me through the test. EDIT; Thanks anyways.
  16. The0Walrus

    What can I expect for my IV certification test?

    It is in most hospitals. This is a requirement for all the units at my hospital.

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