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The0Walrus has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psych.

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  1. The0Walrus

    Prior experience needed before Pmhnp?

    Crazy. I'm trying to get into the ICU LOL medical experience doesn't really help that much I found. They're two different world. Beyond vitals you don't do anything medically related. You don't start IV's because there are needles involved. You don't do foleys in my experience because it doesn't matter that they have urinary retention due to maybe an enlarged prostate. Those patients would be on the medical floors, you don't need so check I/O. There really isn't really any medically related interventions. Still, psych is about patience and working with patients who have mental issues. You have to learn to de-escalate situations, and work with these patients who have a lot of inner conflicts. Psych isn't difficult to get into I don't think. I think there's a need in psych since many people don't want to deal with these patients. I understand people who say that, too, but still you definitely need to know how to work with them. Good luck either way!!
  2. So when I originally applied for my license I failed to disclose an arrest for a municipal ordinance. I paid a fee and had no limitations nor probation or suspension just the fine. Fast forward a year later and I have my BSN, I just got accepted into the wound, ostomy, continence nursing program at the state university, someone told me that I maybe getting accepted into the Psychiatry DNP program. I have had offers for nursing homes, 2 of the biggest hospitals in the state and I work at the state hospital's psych unit. I am still a bit nervous about my license. Is it safe to say that I don't have to worry so much about my license being an issue? Hope someone can help me here. Thanks!
  3. I'm interested in wound care. One of my friends was telling me getting that certificate is meaningless since he does wound care and he doesn't have his certificate. Now I'm wondering if it's worth paying for this certificate since I'm going to this university and pay a good amount for the wound, ostomy, continence nursing certificate.
  4. One thing attractive about being a nurse practitioner to me is the ability to give more advanced care. I'd like to also help patients if they come in and also have issues with blood pressure or heart rate etc. and be able to prescribe ACE inhibitors and antibiotics if needed as part of their treatment. Is this possible? Can I prescribe a BP med as well as an antipsychotic? Some patients that have mental issues can have issues regarding their BP so it wouldn't make sense to me that I wouldn't be able to prescribe that as well to help. (ACE inhibitors can give issue with lithium due to sodium) If it helps I'm in New Jersey.
  5. I know money isn't the central reason to get into it but I find both ER and psych very interesting. What hours do you work and what is the starting salary for a psych DNP and Acute care DNP in NJ and NY?
  6. The0Walrus

    Is it normal to feel this way?

    Thanks, everyone. It can be tough at times when dealing with difficult patients. My job has also been making me charge nurse recently and I'm not used to dealing with patients who I know are sick but needy. Davey thanks a lot! You're probably my favorite person on this.
  7. I plan on contacting the California state board of nursing but wanted to get some opinions on here. I had a board action against my license with no limitations or suspensions. I paid a fine and received my license for failure to disclose a 20-year-old conviction. Got my license in NY so I can work in a NY hospital and got to work in several hospitals. I got the conviction expunged. I would like to move to California. What do you think are my chances of getting my California license by endorsement? PS Obviously I would send all my paperwork to them.
  8. The0Walrus

    Is it normal to feel this way?

    So I work in a nursing home and psych. I like many of my patients. When patients get really needy I just get annoyed. By needy I mean like one patient in the nursing home comes up to me maybe 30x in on my shift for things like she wants her meds which she already got, she'll use the call bell to play with it several times, she walks over to me or her nurse and stare blankly at you sometimes cough on you. She picks at these scabs on her forehead. I cleaned them up with Bacitracin and she would again pick at it. I cleaned it a second time with Bacitracin and she again picked at it. Another time there was a pitcher of iced tea she drank all of it which was for all the patients and she coughed into the pitcher of ice tea. It's really overwhelming. I have to redirect her her back to her room 30x, give out meds, do wound care, take vitals for 30 patients... It's a lot. I've never screamed at her because she is a patient but it's a lot I have to admit. Is it normal to get annoyed at patients like that? Where they need your attention so much? I never yell at them but I get annoyed. Thanks in advance.
  9. I got disciplined for not disclosing a 20 year old case my lawyer told me would never show up. Long story. So right out of the gate I got disciplined. Never been suspended, never had limitations, etc. I've been working at the state hospital and nursing homes for the past year. Next year I plan on going for either my Nurse Practitioner license or physician assistant license. The biggest factor is I don't want to work with a disciplined license. Would the disciplinary action from my RN license transfer over to my DNP as well? Or will my DNP license have no board action since it's not my RN license. Thanks and hope to get some feedback.
  10. Just curious about this as I was given thought in case I decided to further this career or go to another one in the healthcare field. Thank you!
  11. The0Walrus

    What shows up on license after probation?

    That's good! I am in the state hospital. While I hope I don't get judged for my minute infraction I also plan on staying at my hospital due to the pension which only 1 other hospital has and the fact that it's one of the busiest and most difficult hospitals in the state. I'm also unionized so I really couldn't all for better.
  12. I work in an inpatient psych unit. I try to redirect my patients who are not violent. This includes patients who the other nurses tell me to simply medicate with the morning meds and to medicate around the clock. So far many times I have been able to redirect my patients. One nurse told me to medicate a patient because she got naked the day before and was manic. Throughout my shift if she became upset it was because I was too busy to get her to use the phone to call a family member. Another patient can get close to another female patient so the nurse started medicating the patient. When I had him I was able to redirect him by talking to him and the girl. Should I just be medicating these patients when I get in and just keep them medicated for my entire shift or should I just keep redirecting them? Many of them are just a nuisance but are redirectable so I don't want to just be medicating them. There's a part of me that feels it's a form of chemical restraint especially since I can redirect them. Thank you!
  13. The0Walrus

    Critical Care Eliticism?

    I felt this attitude as well. I do psych now but am about to transfer into the ICU. I have also worked at nursing homes when most of the people at my school were looking down at nursing home nurses and psych nurses. I try not to do it to any other department in general because every unit needs their nurses. This is a really poor mindset and does nothing to appreciate the work of other nurses. Nurses are very important in general regardless of the unit. When I worked in the nursing homes the LPN's & nursing aides taught me so much for patient care especially wound care. I also learned how to communicate with patients and aides. Right now I work in psych while I don't see what exactly I'll use in the critical care setting somewhere if I decide to go to med surg or ER at some point in my career I will be able to handle patients in psychological crisis. You can learn something from everyone.
  14. No probation either just a fine. I didn't need to disclose it since I answered all the questions honestly.
  15. First off, I work at a big state hospital. I have been offered 3 other jobs which I turned down. I also have my NY license. I also got turned down for several other jobs. Should I be worried that I may be limited to my options as a nurse with a discipline on my license or can I relax at this point to say I'm good? I have had no limitations, suspensions or revocation. It was a fine and that was it. Thanks!
  16. The0Walrus

    The Pre-Employment Background Check

    Just like to say I got a hospital job in the psych unit and then 3 more offers with a reprimand with no limitations or suspension. On applications I never lie. It asks if I've ever been suspended which I click no. It asks if I've ever been placed in inactive I click no and have had a few offers. I work at a big state hospital. So it's possible. I think it depends on a lot of factors but there's a part of me that feels I lost a lot of options. In NY I have no reprimand though so I'm hoping I can get one of those bigger hospitals. Anyways it's possible to get a good job and at a hospital.

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