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I live in a van down by the river.

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The0Walrus has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psych.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Will Durant

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  1. The0Walrus

    Would NSO deny me a policy?

    Long story short there was a complaint against me sent to the NJ BON. They sent me a letter asking to voluntarily suspend my license while they investigate. My attorney and I refused because it was wrongful accusation. It's been a year and 4 months s...
  2. The0Walrus

    Are you a Nurse just for the money or do you do it from your heart?

    Mainly money but both. I put the rest of my money after bills into stocks and investments in case I get tired of it or if something happens with my license. I still feel bad for my patients and do my best. Most patients I've worked with have really l...
  3. The0Walrus

    Would NSO decline my policy?

    I need to buy a policy for nurse practitioner program. I had a complaint against me and then the BON were alerted. Right now I have not yet been contacted by the investigator. My license is not suspended or on probation. It's clear right now. I have ...
  4. My license is coming up for renewal in NY. I was terminated once for misconduct and forced to resign once for failure to pass orientation at a hospital. Both did not alert the BON. What I'm worried about it is they see this and will take it as self r...
  5. Hi, Davey. Since you had been fired several times, when you renew your license how do you explain to the BON about your termination? There is one facility that terminated for misconduct but I don't think reported me. I also was forced to resign because I failed orientation -they stated they wouldn't report me. What worries me is I will report these 2 termination as well as the one for sexual misconduct that I'm right now fighting and the New York BON will decline to renew my license. I'm in NJ and this happened in NJ. My questions are this:

    1. What have you told the BON when asked if you had ever been terminated?

    2. The termination, the forced resignation, the suspension/termination for the sexual misconduct... That there is no evidence and I am right now fighting. Would the BON refused my renewal, would they investigate even if all of these happened in another state, or would they just renew my license?

    Thank you in advance. I'm hoping they just leave it all alone and just renew my NY license.

    1. Davey Do

      Davey Do

      Illinois does not have a BON, it has the Il. Dept. of Prof. Reg. and I've never have had to report anything to them.

  6. The0Walrus

    Job searching while under investigation

    Who do I pay the 40.00 to? What company?
  7. Can I check been verified or Google to see if she has been arrested for anything?
  8. Will it give me anything on my work history? My criminal record is clean. I'm worried this hospital can send every future employer this report made against me and I would look absolutely terrible even with a clean record. Even if I say this was absol...
  9. The0Walrus

    Mother of 6 Lost Nursing License X 2 and Job

    You're taking this out of context. Patients code. Sometimes they make it and sometimes they don't. The nurse is not always going to be able to save people. I know it's shocking to know that nurses and doctors can't save everyone. If there is negligen...
  10. The0Walrus

    Mother of 6 Lost Nursing License X 2 and Job

    I'm late, but that is absolutely nuts. I really hope she got herself an attorney or maybe 2... The BON just has way too much power. All this was because a patient died? That makes no sense to me. In a code you have several nurses working together, a ...
  11. I'm debating with a friend on whether hospitals are allowed to record patients in their own rooms. Quiet rooms are obviously recorded, but their personal rooms? I'm curious.
  12. Unfortunately I was terminated for a level 2 infraction. I am unavailable to get hired in that one hospital group. Now I'm worried because what the hell do I tell any future employers if the application asks "were you ever suspended or fired and why?...
  13. It's my per diem job. They put me on administration suspension. I gotcha though. I understand.
  14. I'm curious. What would this investigation entail? I have a friend who worked with me that night. She said nobody has spoken to her or anyone else that night about me and what happened so how does an investigation go like? If they go through cam...
  15. Thanks! Yeah I was on the fence on this. I don't want them to have any reason to have any suspicion on me. I didn't do anything so there would be no reason to quit, but at the same time I don't want the hospital to just protect themselves and fire me...