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    I think that this post is less than helpful in advancing the discussion of how to improve access to health care. I respect the skills and knowledge of my colleagues in their ability to care for their own injuries and illnesses.

    Profit ahead of people leads to poor health care results.
    Of course - It is unfortunate it took you longer than normal to receive physical therapy.
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    getting so tired of seeing this old cartoon
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    I am sorry for what your sister is going through.
    I was on disability in 1994. We in California have a small amount deducted from every paycheck for state disability insurance SDI).
    I received a check for about 1/3 what I earned working full time nights. I had the option of using sick time to supplement that up to my regular pay without overtime.

    There was no problem getting the SDI. As soon as my MD filled out the paper I took it to the state office. Three days later I got the first check.

    I wish Florida had the same.
    Thank you

    Fla is a cracker barrel politics state
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    Paul Krugman has an interesting comment about healthcare today:

    We offer free education, and don't worry about middle-class families getting benefits they don't need, because that's the only way to ensure that every child gets an education - and giving every child a fair chance is the American way. And we should guarantee health care to every child, for the same reason.
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    I spent three days in Canada recently, with one of them at a family reunion in London Ontario area.I made a point of asking the almost 70 (Canadian) family reunion participants what they thought of their healthcare,which they call "Medicare", they knew I was from the US, but they did not know my personal views on the subject. ALL of the reletives I interviewed stated though flawed, they would not trade their system for ours. Emergencies were dealt with promptly and efficiantly with absolutely no expense. Any wait times were better than having to foot the bill themselves or pay for expensive health insurance "like the Americans". When I asked if they thought access to free healthcare was a right, to the person they stated "yes" or "of course" or "naturally". Many had a hard time believing that there are those in American society that believe free healthcare is not a "human right".They expressed to me that the only ones who could possibly feel this way were those in the health insurance industry, they were surprised that intelligent Americans would trust a "for profit" company with their healthcare access. My cousin had recently broken her foot and expressed to me that she was very satisfied with her care and prompltly looked after.

    After I finished the interviews I expressed my own opinion on American government healthcare access.There were many surprised and dismayed to learn of my own experience with disability and not being able to afford Cobra, subsequently bankrupting myself, losing my life savings and being supported by my children during the two year plus wait for SSDI. I told them this was not unusual and a great number of bankruptcies are due to medical debt . They stated they would rather have taxes taken out of their income up front than to lose their house because of medical debt.Many could not understand how Americans have tolerated this system for so many years. I couldnt explain it, I dont understand it myself.
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    Sad commentary about the state of affairs in the US. Of course in Canada the number of uninsured is essentially zero.
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    Just want to make sure I'm clear on all of this; Everyone who likes nationalized health care all have HMO insurance and reject any type of traditional or PPO style insurance, right? It seems to me that HMO's deliver care in very much the same manner as nationalized care, and yes there are many who just love HMO. And those who have crazy idea's like personal choices and decisions are just insane. After-all, who do they think they are!!!
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    My husband has single payer health insurance, Medicare. He CHOOSES his providers.

    He can choose his primary physician and refer himself to a specialist.
    Recenly he went to an opthomologist with no need to wait for authorization. If he were in an HMO he could have been made to wait. (Of course if you are able and willing to pay you can see whoever you want even if you do have an HMO.)

    Many people are not able to purchase health insurance because of a pre existing condition. In California if their employer provides group insurance they cannot be refused but they cannot CHOOSE. they have to get a job and take what their employer offers. It may be an HMO.

    Blue Cross undergoes examination

    The health plan comes under fire during a state regulatory hearing. The company says members are well served….
    … When an Indiana company bought Blue Cross of California in November 2003, it promised to maintain and improve the services and benefits of the state's largest health insurer….

    …Nearly three years later, state regulators say they have been besieged by complaints that patients are paying more and doctors are about to be paid less. Regulators held an unusual public hearing Tuesday in downtown Los Angeles to find out why….

    …"Something must be done now by the department," said Janet Stephens, a disabled nurse with a bladder condition who has watched her benefits decline while her Blue Cross premium has steadily risen in recent years to $569 a month…
    About the hearing:

    Paying your premium is not enough to get the care you already paid for:
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    Spacenurse sounds like its time for UHC
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    Quote from spydercadet
    Just want to make sure I'm clear on all of this; Everyone who likes nationalized health care all have HMO insurance and reject any type of traditional or PPO style insurance, right? It seems to me that HMO's deliver care in very much the same manner as nationalized care, and yes there are many who just love HMO. And those who have crazy idea's like personal choices and decisions are just insane. After-all, who do they think they are!!!

    I have a PPO, and it sucks. The HMO offered by my employer is much better, but it's way too expensive. I wish I could afford it. I would definitely have gotten the HMO if I had chronic medical issues- then, I might get my money's worth.
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    i was not talking about medicare, and that will not be the plan we will get if the usa adopts a nationalized health care system. yes, you can choose from a list of physicians within a hmo plan. i am just wondering if all of those who seem so determined to get nationalized health care here in the us have always chosen to adopt a hmo option when given the choice. they proclaim the wonders of a national plan, so i would like to know if they proclaim those same wonders of the hmo's. they are essentially the same. using anecdotal evidence of people in canada and europe, who just love their health care systems, does not make it valid. look at ozzy osborne’s wife, she had breast cancer, and her treatment occurred in england. when she was done with her care, what did she feel had to do? she donated one million dollars and specified that it be used to improve the conditions at the hospital. you know, that perfect, wonderful, nationalized system, which guarantees equal care for all. however, equal insures sameness not greatness. because of what she saw and what she had undergone she felt she could give back. however, why did she choose to donate that much money, to that aspect of a healthcare system, which according to many on this thread, is equivalent to heaven here on earth? could it have been the outdated equipment, peeling paint in most, if not all the patient rooms, hospital beds frequently not working? the list can go on. are there people who love nationalized healthcare in their countries, of course? does that mean that nationalized healthcare is great? no.
    as for people with disabilities here in america, we do have safety nets and you need to connect with those that can help you access them. the disabled can collect ssdi and then get on medicare. add medicaid as your secondary and you will have the best insurance in america. it will take awhile to become eligible for medicare, but for the disabled they are eligible. i have worked in many hospitals and in many units and i have never heard anyone who was critically to get out. of course, there are hospitals that do that, but there are also hospitals that do not. we are a great country because of who we are and what we do. we have an innate and overwhelming desire to reach out and help anyone and everyone in need. it is in our actual implementation of the caring for those less fortunate, both here and around the world, which makes american’s truly different. therefore, i really do not understand why more government involvement and regulation would improve anyone’s situation. the less personal we become as a nation, the more respect around the world we lose.
    i sought for the greatness and genius of america in her commodious harbors and her ample rivers, and it was not there…in her fertile fields and boundless forests, and it was not there…
    in her rich mines and her vast world commerce, and it was not there…in her democratic congress and her matchless constitution, and it was not there.
    not until i went into the churches of america and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did i understand the secret of her genius and power.
    america is great because america is good; and if america ever ceases to be good, america will cease to be great.
    has anyone ever wondered why the last catholic pope, whether you are catholic or not, thought socialism, in any form was evil and at its roots sinful. he rebuffed castro, and spoke out against societies who thought redistribution of wealth and property lead to worse aspects of us as humans. he spoke to each of us, he encouraged everyone to act to help one another, and he said it was our obligation to care for the least of our "brother's" and in that, we all become a stronger nation and learn what compassion truly is. however, he believed that if we allowed government to take over the role caring for individuals, nothing less than the ruination of the human spirit would develop.
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    I am glad you agree with me that WE must care for our brothers and sisters. I think America is great enough to do much better than we are now regarding healthcare.

    No it will never be perfect. I am glad Sharon Osborne recovered and wants to do her part to improve healthcare.

    Medicare is the United States single payer healthcare for all Americans age 65 and above and for those who have undergone the process of being officially permanently disabled. We pay for government employees and retirees from the lowest paid to the Presidents. We pay for our military. I want our veterans to have the choice of provider too. With Medicare for all they will.
    Then WE will always have to work to improve OUR care.

    WE already cover those with the most expensive needs. Why not expand and improve Medicare for all of US?
    I am Catholic.
    I think it is a dictatorship such as Cuba has that the Pope disapproved of. Not all the countries that have healthcare, education, firefighting, police, roads, parks, and libraries for the people.
    It is a matter of democracy. When the citizens not the corporations or those entitled by birth run the government WE will insist that healthcare is a right.

    I also think the government of each country should ensure an adequate amount of safe water for the people to drink.

    H. R. 676, “The United States National Health Insurance Act,”
    Or “Expanded & Improved Medicare For All”

    Fact sheet:

    "Of all the forms of inequality,
    injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane."
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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