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Nurses who worked through school


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Welllll I worked, had three kids back to back while in school and managed to keep a 3.5 GPA. It can be done. Im not saying it was easy but it is doable. I worked nights, studied during nap times, lunch breaks and during every free moment I had. Totally doable considering its just you.

The support means a lot to me! Thanks everyone! I feel so much better :).


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I worked full time, went to school full-time and had a wife, 3 kids, mortgage and everything else that comes with it. No big deal if you have your sights on the end goal and not the daily bulls..... Best decision I ever made was to become an RN....

turnforthenurse, MSN, NP

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I went to school full-time and had a PRN job. Sometimes I work 20 hours/week, other weeks would be less. It just depended on what I had going on with school. It was enough to pay my bills, though!

TiffyRN, ADN, BSN, PhD

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Well, I find it a questionable choice to ask for other's experiences and then later say you only want positive ones.

I think mine was a positive experience, I made it through anyway. I was going through a traditional 2 year program, which means i went to school full-time for 3 years (including five summer semesters). I worked between 15 to 40 hours a week, my hours varied as I worked at McD's in a seasonal area. During Spring Break (which on the beach started in February and went pretty straight through to Memorial Day) I worked 40 hours a week through my OB/Peds/Psych rotations.

I didn't make A's through nursing school, which was difficult for me to accept as I am generally a driven straight A student. I just didn't have time to study like I needed to, not and stay sane. I got pretty b. . . um, difficult to deal with by the time I was ready to graduate and asked to cut back to 3 shifts/week.

I was desperately poor and worked my Mc'D's shift Sunday evening before starting hospital orientation on Monday morning. I didn't have money to buy lunch at work that first week and had to borrow from friends (and got one free lunch from the hospital).

I think it's going to be quite a challenge to keep up during an accelerated program, but didn't I remember you said you needed this job for tuition reimbursement?

And now I'm doing it again. I work full-time and am taking full-time college hours toward my BSN. I commend you on going ahead and getting the BSN to start with, better now than when you've been out of school for nearly 20 years.

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You absolutely can do it...it's not easy but it can be done.

I was a single mother of a 7 year old girl...newly divorced. I worked part time as a Dental Hygienist (my first profession) usually 2 to 3 days a week and carried 18 credit hours the first semester.....it was blurrrrrrrrr...............but I did it...I HAD to..

THe second semester my credit hours were fewer, I think around 14 or so, and it got better...school really flew by.

The good and bad news was, I had already taken Anatomy and Phys and Microbio (lecture and labs) as prereq's for Hygiene school...the prereqs are identical to nursing....however...they were over ten years old..SO, I had to repeat them both of them...that's why I had to carry so many credit hours in addition to my Nursing classes...and they weren't any easier the second time around.

Plus I had to take Human Growth and Developement, or something like that....I think I have blocked it out now.....but you do what you have to do!

I was very organized and set aside time for my daughter first ...I did have friends who helped with her, and then studying...sleeping sort of came last...

But I did it and you can too...just put your head down and don't look up until your done...it's just one class after another!

by the way...that 7 year old little girl..is now 30 and finishing her second year of Vet school at the University of Florida...so it didn't seem to hurt her much either:)

Good Luck to you in whatever you decide.


classicdame, MSN, EdD

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worked full time thru 3 degree programs. Not easy, but can be done. You have to focus, make good use of your time and learn to prioritize. Friends and family have to be trained not to expect you to be present at every function or to make long phone calls (who does that anymore any whoo?) Good luck.


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I worked part time as a CNA when I went to LPN school. But I was 21 and lived with my parents.

I worked full time as an LPN when I went to RN school. Hardest thing I've ever done. I would not recommend it if you don't have to do it. I was lucky that my job was paying my tuition and they allowed me to study if it was quiet and were flexible with my schedule. I do not have kids and I lost a fiancee because he couldn't handle my crazy life. You'll find out QUICKLY who is a true friend/supporter and who isn't. I lost quite a few friends as well as the fiancee.

I have heard that the accelerated program leaves NO time to work.