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  1. ORoxyO

    Birth Control and 12 Hour Shifts

    I love my nuvarings. Super convenient. I'd never go back to having to remember to pop pills at a certain time.
  2. ORoxyO

    Rejected from OR nurse residency

    Oops, I'm not sure why I assumed it was the same hospital system. It would not matter if it was a different one.
  3. ORoxyO

    Rejected from OR nurse residency

    It might come down to hospital policy. Many institutions have a certain number of months required to work in a position before you can transfer. My current hospital is 1 year.
  4. ORoxyO

    Student Loans and Debt

    Yes, your student loan debt does affect your eligibility for other loans. When they run your credit report they will add up all of your monthly payments to see your ability to pay the new loan/ mortgage with your established income.
  5. I did with no problem. The keys to succeeding are finding a job with flexible hours to work around school and organization. I was lucky enough to find a flexible unit. I worked every single weekend and fit in half shifts when allowed. You just need to be motivated.
  6. ORoxyO

    Witnessing consent

    This should be complete before the patient goes into the OR, well before the time out. An unwitnessed or undated consent is not considered complete. If I need to witness a consent that I did not watch the patient sign, I show it to them and ask "is this your signature? Do you understand the procedure and have all your questions answered?" If they agree that they signed it, I'm ok with that. If they are sedated/ confused/ parent or guardian signer not present then I leave it in the hands of the person obtaining consent and do not witness it. Of course this all happens BEFORE the procedure. You should never assume consent unless it is life or limb. Even then we still try if reasonable.
  7. ORoxyO

    RN license expires 6 months after issue?

    Mine expired 4 months after I got the first one. Very annoying.
  8. ORoxyO

    Notified of call before being on call

    We "officially" call one hour in adv ance of the person being needed. If they are on call @7a then we page @6a. If I'm the charge nurse though I will always give a heads up call/text as soon as I know they will be needed so they know it's coming. I figure I would like advance notice. Then they still get the official call in from the clerk. I would agree that your department policy needs clarification so everyone is on the same page.
  9. ORoxyO

    Working with a fracture

    I would still apply and interview. Sometimes the process takes a while anyway and you might be well on your way to recovery by the time they are ready for you. And, depending on the job, they might be willing to wait for you. I know we have waited a couple months for people to fulfill other obligations before starting. You could always mention when you schedule and interview that you are currently injured but still very interested if you want to be up front about it. The worst they can do is say no. Good luck!
  10. ORoxyO

    Pre-Charting Logbooks

    By logbook do you mean you are paper charting still?
  11. ORoxyO

    Circulating RNs with ACLS

    We were required to have it when I worked in a very small hospital due to limited resources. I've never seen it required at a large hospital though. And like you, my job will not pay for us to renew because they do not require it.
  12. ORoxyO

    CNOR book advice

    I'd get a copy of the AORN guidelines. Your facility probably has one you can borrow. I purchased a practice exam through CCI and saw the areas I was deficient in. Then I reviewed those sections of the guidlines. Also picked up a box of their flash cards and went through each question once. That was enough for me. Good luck!
  13. ORoxyO

    New to EPIC charting in Main OR

    I used cerner my entire career before moving to an epic facility 1.5 years ago. I used Cerner both at my main job and my side gig, and both had fairly different builds. I have to say, I like it as lot more than Cerner. Once you get used to it i think you'll like it too. Of course, it will depend on how your facility built it though.
  14. ORoxyO

    Tips for handling the stress of on-call

    I could never get used to the anxiety of not knowing if/ when they would call. I felt like i couldn't really do anything. I found a position that doesn't have call it it helps me to enjoy my time off.
  15. ORoxyO

    Who Did NOT Do a Year of Med Surg?

    I went straight to the OR and never looked back. It's what I wanted and I had a chance so it worked out great for me. (I did work as a nurse tech for 1.5 years while in school on a post surgical floor. ) I can truly say that had I done a year in med surg, I probably wouldn't be a nurse today. I want no part of it and I'm sure I would not have been able to handle it. I don't know how floor nurses do it.
  16. Ah, I did not realize it was his professional account. I can agree it was inappropriate.