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  1. ORoxyO

    Working in the OR during pregnancy

    We have had several women recently give birth and they were fine. Very tired and waddling toward the end but fine. Just know your limits and when you need to take a step back. Don't let anyone make you do things you are uncomfortable with- it's your body and your child.
  2. ORoxyO

    RN-BSN competitiveness? Look at prereq gpa only?

    If it makes you feel better, I got a 2.5 in orgo.
  3. ORoxyO

    Info on RN to BSN

    your best bet is to call them and ask. you don't have to give them your name etc just ask. Check out oakland, msu, UMD
  4. ORoxyO

    RN-BSN competitiveness? Look at prereq gpa only?

    I was just accepted to MSU's RN-BSN program. I good good grades for my ASN and recent prereqs but had a previous BS with a low gpa of 3.1. The first couple semesters of the BS were terrible but I pulled up the overall gpa before I graduated. It apparently didn't matter. I think they looked at the fact that I did well in nursing courses and have consistently improved from my previous bad grades.
  5. ORoxyO

    October grad- when do I start applying?

    I suppose I am just paranoid/nervous. Now that I think about it, when I was about to graduate college for my first career, I started applying like 6 months in advance...and it payed off well. I guess this whole "new career" thing has me second guessing everything. Thanks.
  6. ORoxyO

    October grad- when do I start applying?

    Yeah, I know. I worry that if I apply now, they will toss my app aside. Then it takes me out of the running for applying again later since they have my name in their heads as a "no". I guess it never hurts to try!
  7. Hi all, I will (fingers crossed) graduate this October. When should I start applying for jobs? I am inclined to start now but I don't know if they will take me seriously. The way I see it though is that these next 3 months will fly by pretty fast and I know it is rough out there! Thanks in advance for any input.