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I love the holidays. Is there anyone here who doesn't? Please share your most dreadful or most memorable holiday stories. :) Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and... Read More

  1. by   redhead_NURSE98!
    Quote from Ntheboat2
    Umm...nurses and doctors are compensated accordingly. If you make 7.50 an hour as a cashier then you're gonna make 7.50 an hour on Christmas day also.
    Glad you get holiday pay. I get no holiday pay (unless they decide at the last minute that everyone will get TWO EXTRA DOLLARS AN HOUR WOOOOOOO!) and prior to going PRN had no choice on working the holiday or not, they just automatically signed us up for whatever they felt like.
  2. by   RosieICU
    I love the holidays, always have.
    I agree with the others saying that Christmas has become so materialistic, and it's very sad. We have lost the true meaning of the holidays (both religious and not religious) but as others have said, it doesn't have to be like that for you.

    I love going out the weekend after Thanksgiving to pick out a tree, and arguing with my hubby about what size to get and where to put it. I love the smell it puts in the house, I love pine needles all over the living room. I enjoy listening to Christmas Music in the car, going to my daughters Christmas play at school, watching Home Alone/The Grinch/Charlie Browns Christmas, hot cocoa on a cold night, dinner at grandma's on Christmas Eve, watching my kids eyes light up as they open their packages from santa
    The little traditions make me very happy

    I enjoy buying presents for my family, and I do it because I want to. I don't buy excessively for my kids, nor do they get expensive electronics (Walmart toy section all the way!) I let them put money in the Salvation Army bucket whenever we go out and they pick out toys to donate to toys for tots every year. I want to teach them how blessed they are and that we should help those less fortunate whenever possible. My husband and I don't buy jewelry and electronics for one another. Just a few gifts from the heart that say "I love you"

    It make me sad to see retail establishments open on actual Thanksgiving night this year, instead of Friday. Its become ridiculous and excessive that society is this materialistic, and its the one part of the Holidays I refuse to participate in. Christmas WILL NOT become another retail driven holiday to me
  3. by   Ntheboat2
    Quote from lemur00
    Here is Canada. I had to get the provincial labour board involved in a dispute when I was working a non-union job as my employer tried to deny me stat pay because I worked a night (their argument being that I was "scheduled" for the day before the stat). Their answer was exactly what I said: our labour law states that EVERY non-unionized employee working from midnight to midnight on a stat is entitled time and a half. I have gotten stat pay at every single minimum wage job I have ever worked (including the disputed one after I let them know I had contacted Sask Labour, heh).

    If your law doesn't have such a stipulation, maybe that's what people should focus on changing.
    Canada explains it. They're light years ahead of the US on common sense and humanity. That's why there's no need to worry about the threats from Republicans to move to Canada since Obama won!
  4. by   FranEMTnurse
    I hate being a patient in the hospital for the holidays. And yes, I have spent every one as a patient in the hospital. In fact, a former physician of mine once asked me the stupidest question; "How come you pick holidays to spend in the hospital?"
  5. by   needshaldol
    I have always hated the holidays, always. Except I love Thanksgiving. I always spend tons of time, tons of $ getting the house cleaned and make a huge meal and have people over. This year, tomorrow, I invited people from work who have no family to go to, etc. It is going to be a great day. As for Christmas, well that holiday can go to the dogs. Everyone rushing around buying stuff. I don't get it. We do not exchange gifts. In our family, we gift when we feel like it; not because we are supposed to. My favorite Christmas was being in Mexico on a little island.
  6. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! , That's what's so cool about Nursing and the Holidays, you get to spend it with your friends...


    P.S. I am sooooooo thankful for my friends at!!!!!!!!
  7. by   jtmarcy12
    I love Thanksgiving but unfortunately I am unable to share with family. I live in northern California.
    I would like to share something that happened to me about 10 years ago that I will never forget. I worked at a hospital in Maryland as a travel nurse. One of the nurses there had a husband who was a preacher and we talked and she invited me to her church and I went. When thanksgiving came another nurse at work invited me to her family's Thanksgiving dinner. She said I knew you are here by yourself and I did not want you to be alone. I was overjoyed that she thought of me. She was married so obviously her thoughts did not center around a single woman around her husband.

    When I returned to work the nurse whose church I went to asked "well what did you do for Thanksgivings" I said Laura invited me to her family's home for dinner, she said " oh I did not know you two were "close"? I said we are not she just thought of me being alone and invited me to her home for Thanksgiving dinner. The preacher's wife nurse said " well I just did not think about you"; but she only invited me to church just to make herself look good.

    So this Thanksgiving think of someone who maybe alone with no where to go and invite them to a Thanksgiving's dinner, you will never know how much joy you will bring into that person's life!!! you may be saving their life!! Blessing's to you all
  8. by   CT Pixie
    My husband has a very close friend, who is closer to my mom's age than ours. He's your typical 'biker' kind of guy. Bald (by choice), tats everywhere, long unruly beard and moustache, black know that image most people think of when they think 'biker'. He is part of the family in a way. He 'hates' the holidays. He lives alone, (been married and divorced several times), his kids don't pay much attention to him and he typically spends holidays alone. If you asked him what he was doing for the holiday he'd gruff..."sitting at home watching tv, right where i want to be, I hate the holidays". We have asked him several times over the years to join us for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas and he's always taken us up on our offer. He always seems to enjoy himself, is very friendly and sweet to the rest of our family and helps cook or clean up. (funny seeing him help with 'women folk' clean or cook while the guys are watching tv)

    I finally realized he doesn't hate the holiday, he hates spending it alone. The last several years we haven't had dinners at our home (due to me working and the family going to other family dinners or we go to my family dinner) we;ve invited him to go with us but he's declined (both sides of our family know and really like him and asked us to extend the invite to him) so he hasn't been to any holiday dinners We asked him to come to dinner for tomorrow, he accepted. I'm thrilled he won't be alone and because we get to make his just a bit happier.

    So although I truly don't like the holidays for the reason i mentioned a previous one, I do love allowing another person to have the opportunity to celebrate and eat with us...someone who'd be all alone eating a tv dinner on those days.
  9. by   needshaldol
    I invited all the people from work who have no plans. I have no clue as to how many will show but it will be fun. JTMarcy if you live around me you are also welcome. I am on the peninsula in the Bay Area.
  10. by   GitanoRN
    Needless to say, I hate how commercialize the entire event has become. Having said that, I love the holidays, and the decorations etc. However, now a days the stores begin decorating for Christmas before Halloween and Thanksgiving, it's absurd... just saying Aloha~
  11. by   Dalzac
    I hate Christmas! my mother died on 12-23-85 and my Dad died on 12-28-2007 It is so hard to celebrate without them. I didn't get along with my stepmother on any holiday good or ba. She loved to embarrassed me at the dinner table with a couple dozen relatives mostly hers. About all my past sins.
    Now I spend it with my kids and my sisters I love thanksgiving espiecially with my kids
  12. by   jtmarcy12
    Quote from needshaldol
    I invited all the people from work who have no plans. I have no clue as to how many will show but it will be fun. JTMarcy if you live around me you are also welcome. I am on the peninsula in the Bay Area.

    Thank you so much for your kindness, I feel so much better knowing there is someone who cares!! But I am going to volunteer so that I won't be alone. I live in the Dublin area. Thanks so much again and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  13. by   blueyesue
    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    I love the holidays although I am bummed every year when Santa doesn't come.
    What I REALLY hate is a headline with a grammatical mistake. I believe it should read: "Anyone Here Who Hates the Holidays".
    I will now put my editor's red pencil back in the desk.
    What I really find funny is the irony in pointing out a grammatical mistake while making your own.

    You should have added a question mark on the end of the headline instead of a period.

    "Anyone Here Who Hates the Holidays?"

    For future reference, periods always go inside quotation marks.