Slowly but Surely

  1. Hey fellow hostages of Nazi Monitoring Nation:

    Five minutes ago I just got word that PNAP is releasing me to return to the ER. I can't tell you how much this means to me financially and mentally. Slowly but surely I'm starting to get my life in some semblance of order and normalcy. I also only have a couple months left to go in school and (next month) I'll be have under two years left. Time is doing its job. This wound is starting to show signs of healing. Hang in there all of you this trip to purgatory is way too long and way too harsh but it does end. Thank you all for your support thus far and the support you are sure to offer in the future.

    Happy Weekend,

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  3. by   Randomnurse3
    So happy for you!!
  4. by   rn1965
    Very happy for you, Spanked!

    It has been a long time coming and you deserve to get your life back on track!

    Have a joyous weekend, but, no celebrating, hahahaha!
  5. by   AloeBlox
  6. by   Oogie
    Our greatest strength is in our determination to reclaim our lives, Good Job Spanky, keep swinging the fight is yours!
  7. by   Oldmahubbard
    Good for you!
  8. by   Meq815
    Congrats! We're getting there...
  9. by   Indiana RN
    Congrats! So, I guess there is a light somewhere at the end of this crappy tunnel!
  10. by   SpankedInPittsburgh

    I am in shock. PNAP released me to the ER on Friday Afternoon. I heard from my ER Nurse manager (yesterday) that I was to report to the ER for work tomorrow. YAY!!!! I've been workin off and on for the government for parts of the last 5 decades since a kind old Judge gave me the choice of incarceration or the US Army. I've never seen anything move remotely that fast in government service that wasn't actively getting shot at. Oh happy day!!! I get to start paying my bills again
  11. by   rn1965
    So happy for you!!!
  12. by   Nurse8204
    Congratulations!! So happy for you!!
  13. by   Recovering_RN
    Wow!! Congratulations!

    So will you be switching from a 5 day a week desk job back to 3-12's in the ER? If so, let us know how it goes. I'm in an ER/Urgent Care right now, and I see mostly urgent care patients, very few true ER. It's getting me so frustrated, I see these patients who do NOT need to seek medical assistance for their runny nose or their ant bite. Jeez, how can people not take any responsibility for their own care? They have a fever, but haven't considered taking Tylenol or ibuprofen? I'm so sick of my patients right now! They're all just whiners!!

    However, it's a really easy job, lots of down time because I'm working night shift, frequently we have hours go by with no patients! I can read or watch Netflix for probably 50% of my shift at night! That's hard to walk away from. BUT I feel like I'd have a better attitude if I felt like my patients actually needed to be in the ER. So my dilemma is do I give up a cush job taking care of whiners and watching Netflix for a grueling 12 hour shift with no time for breaks, no time to sit, and lots of stress and people dying?

    I'd love to hear how you handle going from desk job to real ER nursing. As far as my position, I'm not going anywhere until my contract is up, but for my next job, I'm considering going back to a real ER but can't decide if I'll miss the easy job that I have now.
  14. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    We human we will always miss easy in a way. However, we also want to feel like we are doing some good. The human dilemma I guess